More than a thousand Brazilian university students chose Hungary to pursue their higher education each year

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hungary is an attractive destination for Brazilian students.

Science Without Borders Scholarship program has attracted 1,500 Brazilian students in our country so far.

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Sonja Kobrehel - rovas signature

Sonja Kobrehel uses Szekely-Hungarian Rovas in her artwork as intellectual heritage from her grand-grandfather. The strength of the cultural roots.

Sonja Kobrehel - from Vajdaság (Vojvodina) to Canada

Rovás Infó opened a section to the articles dealing with the relation of Rovas culture and arts. There, not only the rich Rovás related art of the 20-th century is introduced but attention is paid to the articrafts of the contemporary artists as well. Rovas Info asked the Hungarian origin Canadian paintor, Sonja Kobrehel:

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PM Viktor Orbán met the head of Gazprom in parliament

Monday, September 22, 2014

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán held talks with Gazprom's chief executive director Alexei Miller Monday afternoon in Budapest confirmed the Prime Minister's Press Secretary Bertalan Havasi to MTI.

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According to Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev, the West won't regain its share in the Russian market

Sanctions won't last forever said Medvedev to Rossiya 24 TV station. "These silly sanctions shall pass away and international relations continue as before, and the foreign exchange market will open again" he added.

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Hungarian journalist writes open letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin

Hungarian journalist István Lovas wrote an open letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin asking the president to help to launch Russia Today Hungarian language service to counteract biased liberal reporting on world politics in Hungary.

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The American fleet is no longer sufficient to maintain a unipolar world

Sunday, September 21, 2014

The United States Navy Submarine Forces Atlantic Commander, Admiral Michael Connor issued a warning, the Chinese and Russian navy built up capabilities allowing them to strike the United States.

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PM Viktor Orbán nominated Péter Szijjártó as Hungary's new minister of foreign affairs

Friday, September 19, 2014

This morning, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Tibor Navracsics notified President János Áder and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán that he wished to step down due to his preparation for the hearing in front of the European Parliament on the 1st of October. He was appointed to be EU commissioner for education, culture, youth and citizenship.

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Almost half of Russians believe that the world is controlled by a small scheming group

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Almost half of Russians believe that the world is controlled by a small group of oligarchs - Americans, Jews and Freemasons - according to a new survey released by VCIOM, the largest Russian public opinion research institute on Thursday.

Forty-five percent of Russians surveyed agree with the statement that there is a small clique that controls several governments around the world.

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Székely Hungarians supporting Scottish independence

Close to 25-30 people held flashmobs Tuesday night in several cities across Erdély - Marosvásárhely, Csíkszereda, Gyergyószentmiklós and Sepsiszentgyörgy - in support of Scottish independence organized by the Hungarian National Council of Transylvania (EMNT).

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Jobbik MEPs voted against the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement in the European Parliament

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

MEP Krisztina Morvai has claimed that the European Union signed an Association Agreement with a government that disregards the rights of two hundred thousand Hungarians.

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Clashes broke out between police and Right Sector activists at the Kiev Parliament on Tuesday

Close to thirty Right Sector activists tried to prevent the adoption of a law that grants wide-spread autonomy to the eastern counties of the country. The activists stormed the parliament building but the National Guard stopped them at the entrance; then, the mob pelted police officers with eggs and set tires on fire.

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Ukrainian President Petro Porosenko sacked the governor of Transcarpathia Valery Lunchenko

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Ukrainian President Petro Porosenko sacked the president of Transcarpathia Regional State Administrative Office Valery Lunchenko, native of Huszt and appointed Vasil Hubal as the temporary head of the office.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin demonstrates once again that he sticks out from the hysterical crowd

Monday, September 15, 2014

Russian president Vladimir Putin said the other day that Russia will not immediately respond to Western sanctions; our counter-measures should be analyzed first by experts and only if the measures serve the interest of the Russian economy should be implemented. Currently, the government is assessing the situation and weighing how to respond - he added.

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

By Mátyás Szabolcs

Theoretical introduction

It is a really sensitive issue to talk about gypsy crime nowadays because on the one hand officially it does not exist in Hungary, which is clearly stated by several minority leaders, politicians and researchers, on the other hand a lot of people avoid using even the word gypsy and use Romany instead. However, it is obvious for both the broader public and the laymen that gypsy crime does not mean that the whole gypsy population of Hungary leads a criminal way of life (while mentioning Italian maffia we do not relate to all Italian people as maffia people) it simply means, which has been pointed out by several researchers, that a criminal layer, who commit crimes as a way of life, can be sharply separated from the gypsy population (Tonhauser,L. 1999, Póczik, Sz. 1999).

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Globalist controlled NGOs demonstrate in Budapest against the alleged harassment of their donors by the government

Close to a thousand members of various globalist controlled NGOs attended a rally in Budapest to express their outrage over the alleged harassment of their Norwegian donor by the government.

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