Tactical combat training for Hungarian youth

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The "Farkasok Egysége" (Wolves Alliance) training camp sponsored by the Sixty-four County Youth Movement (HVIM) and Betyársereg is a brand new project. The goal of the initiative is to expand the community, revive the Hungarian nation's healthy instinct for self-defense and instruct next generation warriors but not only in physical sense, but spiritually as well.

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Picture of the day: Edina Kulcsár wins this year's Miss Hungary Beauty Contest

23-year-old Edina Kulcsár won this year's Miss Hungary Beauty Pageant held in Budapest on Sunday.


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Jobbik organizes peace rally against Israel's aggression in Palestine

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Jobbik organizes a peace rally against the Zionist aggression in Palestine on July 24, 7 pm at the Israeli embassy in Budapest where Jobbik President Gábor Vona address to the people. The rally continues at the Palestinian embassy where Palestinian Ambassador Marie Antoinette Sedin will join the protest.

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Privacy Badger beta released. Install it on Firefox and Chrome

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has announced the release of Privacy Badger beta. This comes roughly three months after the alpha version was released.

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U.S. expert: Ukrainian soldiers shot down the airliner over Donetsk

U.S. satellite images show that Ukrainian soldiers shot down the Malaysian airliner. The news has been announced by known American investigative journalist Robert Parry (read his article here).

According to the awarded winning journalist, American intelligence agencies have satellite images proving that Ukrainian soldiers brought down the Malaysian airliner.


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MH17 Show & Tell: It’s the West’s Turn – Russian Satellites and Radars Contradict West’s Baseless Claims

Monday, July 21, 2014

By Tony Cartalucci

Russia has now shown its satellite pictures and radar information from the Donetsk, Ukraine region during the July 17, 2014 Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crash.

The Wall Street Journal reported in its article, “Russia Presents Its Account of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 Crash,” that:

Russia’s Defense Ministry on Monday presented its first detailed account of the final moments of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, saying Russian radar had spotted a second aircraft in the vicinity shortly before the crash and that satellite imagery showed Ukraine had moved missile systems into the area before the incident.

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Hungary dominated the 2014 Kassai Horseback Archery World Cup

Lajos Kassai / MTI Photo by George Varga

One of the most significant competitions in the history of modern horseback archery took place in Hungary in the Kassai Valley on July 4-5, 2014. Lajos Kassai laid down the foundations of modern horseback archery at the end of the '80s and organized the first competition in 1994.

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The inauguration ceremony of the German Occupation Monument has been canceled

Responding to a question Minister of Prime Minister's Office János Lázár confirmed that taking into account the social debates of the last few weeks and the grief of the complainers based on misunderstanding the government has decided to cancel the inauguration ceremony of the Freedom Square monument in Budapest.

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Government puts final touches on the German Occupation Monument under the cover of the night, extremist Atlanticists desecrated it

Sunday, July 20, 2014

The intimidated government put final touches on the German Occupation Monument under the cover of the night. The memorial was conceived to commemorate all victims of the war. However, there are groups that believe they are the only ones deserve memorial for being victims of war.

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Hunocha international horseback archery competition was held in Verőce

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Hunocha international horseback archery competition was held in Verőce, Losi Valley on July 8 to 12 as part of Hungarians for Europe, Europe for Hungary event.

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Public seance in Kiev in support of Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko

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The first time this year Hungary took part in Turkey organized combat search and rescue drill called ISIK ("Light")

Friday, July 18, 2014

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PM Viktor Orbán's cell phone was stolen at his daughter's wedding

Hvg.hu received confidential information from police sources confirming that the the prime minister's cell phone was stolen at her daughter's wedding last September. The prime minister's press chief Bertalan Havasi did not comment on the incident, other government sources, however, confirmed that the information was indeed true.

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Spanish dispatcher: Kiev authorities announced the crash of the Malaysian airliner too soon

© Photo: REUTERS / Maxim Zmeyev

A few minutes before the Malaysian Boeing plane crashed in Ukraine, Ukrainian military jets were noticed close to the Malaysian airliner writes a Spanish dispatcher, who closely monitored the flight route of the Malaysian plane, on Twitter.

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The first Székely sealing postage stamp has been introduced to the public

The Székelyudvarhely Foundation sponsored sealing postage stamp depicting Virgin Mary of Csíksomlyó and the Székely coat of arms has been designed by graphic artist Barnabás Baticz.

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