Happy New Year and Good Luck Hungary

Thursday, December 31, 2009

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Gábor Vona's New Year's message

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

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Cancer mum recovers after using mistletoe instead of chemotherapy

Monday, December 28, 2009

Dec 28 2009 By Stephen White

A MUM is recovering from cancer after she turned down chemotherapy and used mistletoe (Notes: If you don’t know what mistletoe is, read this) instead.

Joan van Holsteijn, 53, was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma after tumours were discovered in her leg.

But she opted not to have conventional treatment after hearing injections of medicine from the Christmas kiss plant had healing properties.

After 18 months, the tumours have gone and Joan is clear of the disease.

She said: "I owe my life to mistletoe. I feel so grateful and well and healthy.

"I have never had it in the house before but this year I've got a sprig of mistletoe at my front door."

Joan went to her doctor after a painful lump the size of an egg developed on her leg.

Doctors recommended chemotherapy for special needs therapist Joan, who lives with her husband Simon, 48, and daughter Lisa, 14, in Milltimber, Aberdeenshire.

Joan said: "I was very scared, scared of the cancer and scared of chemo because you can become so ill from it.

"Usua l l y pat ient s t r y chemotherapy then mistletoe but I didn't want to do that."

Joan went to Park Attwood Clinic in Birmingham where she was given injections of medicine refined from mistletoe berries.

It k ickstarts the immune system so the body can fight back against the cancer.

Within six months, the lump on Joan's leg had shrunk and after 18 months, all the tumours had gone.

She said: "All that's left behind is scar tissue. I feel absolutely fantastic."

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Murder on Saturday

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The house of the murdered farmer

Bálint Borbély, an 80 year old farmer was found savagely murdered in his house, on Saturday, in Ráckeve. The old farmer lived alone and was still active making a living out of producing and selling crops.

Police are close-lipped and the mainstream media is dead silent about the case (Note: these facts, might tell you right away, who the murderers could have been).

There were no signs of brake in into the fortified house, which indicated that the farmer knew the culprits and let them in.

He was bludgeoned to death with a bland object and his house was ransacked; the pillows and the blanket were ripped open, obviously the murderers looking for money. According to locals the farmer, when he was younger, made business with gypsy “customers” as well.

Ráckeve is a heavily gypsy infested region of the country. A year ago, a woman was murdered and her body was dumped in the garbage container. There is no suspect for that murder either, and not surprisingly, police and the mainstream media keep quiet about the incident, ever since.

( -

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Picture of the day: Gyurcsány cloning Mesterházy

Saturday, December 26, 2009

The magical act of cloning Mesterházy

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IMF boosts bottom line

While millions of people have been loosing their jobs and homes world wide, the International Monetary Found made record profit once again, reported AFP.

WASHINGTON - THE IMF said on Wednesday that its profit for the current fiscal year would be better than expected at US$688 million (S$963 million), lifted by crisis lending and favourable exchange rates.

The International Monetary Fund, which had been losing money before the global economic crisis, increased its forecast for the fiscal year to April 30 from a projection in June of US$453 million in net income.

The Fund's midyear review said income from lending would be about US$180 million more than anticipated as a result of the vast expansion of its lending during the global crisis.

The IMF said its financial position also was helped by the lower value of the dollar against the IMF unit known as a Special Drawing Right, based on a basket of currencies. Because IMF business is conducted in SDRs, its administrative expenses would be lower than anticipated because of the weaker dollar.

The IMF said gold sales authorised this year to help diversify the fund's asset base have yielded profits so far of around US$4.7 billion. Some 212 metric tonnes were sold in October and November of a total of 403.3 metric tonnes authorised for sale.

The IMF has been investing these profits in an endowment 'to generate income on a sustainable long-term basis,' according to the IMF statement. The international organisation said it expects to earn a total of US$150 million in the current fiscal year from its investments. In the prior fiscal year the IMF closed its books with a profit of US$126 million, compared with a loss of US$89 million a year earlier. -- AFP

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The Society for Hare Krishna Consciousness food handouts at Blaha Lujza Square

During a three day period of time about four thousand Christmas meal have been distributed just by this organization alone. The pictures talk for themselves. It shows the extent of damage socialist criminals inflicted on society during their eight years in power.

( -

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Christmas Eve news-brief: Gypsies attacked a family in Ráckeve

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Gypsies broke into the house of a family, in Ráckeve; as a result, a mother and her three children suffered injuries and have been taken to hospital. According to sources the cause of the dispute is usury.

The family requested help from police but the request was rejected due to “lack of resources”; then, the New Hungarian Guard was called. Right after an army of police invaded the town.

The Hungarian Guard is at the scene, with regular units ready to defend the family. Police, too, arrived with paddywagons and rather than dealing with gypsy criminals, they are harassing the members of the New Hungarian Guard. Obviously, police have been following the order of the gypsy-crime-sponsoring regime.

Gypsies are bragging about their connections with higher level government agencies.

According to sources on the ground, there were shootings in the area but police still preoccupied with the presence of the Guard. Robert Kiss, the captain of the New Hungarian Guard said special emergency units have been sent into the area that are invisible to police to defend the Hungarian population of Ráckeve, if necessary.

Not surprisingly, the liberal mainstream media keeps quiet about the incident.

( –

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Katalin Kovács and Natasa Janics finished second and the third behind Katinka Hosszú this year, Best Athlete of the Year award ceremonies. The two paddlers are not only teammates but real life girlfriends, as well. The two world class athletes didn't mind at all that this time, they got silver and bronze; gold or not, they enjoyed the party, immensely.

Natasa Janics

Katalin Kovács and Natasa Janics

( –

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István Jelenczki: War againist the nation/Háború a nemzet ellen, DVD

Four-part documentary about the sellout of Hungary. A must see movie for every Hungarian who cares about his country, regardless where s/he lives; now available on DVD from the MAGYAR MENEDÉK KÖNYVESHÁZ. Great Christmas present for Hungarians living in the diaspora.

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Opera 10.5 pre-alpha for Labs

Today we are releasing Opera 10.5 pre-alpha for Labs. This pre-alpha is based on the Evenes branch and includes Windows and Mac builds, with an UNIX/Linux version coming later.

As you may know, we don’t typically open to user-testing this early in the development cycle. However, we are really excited about what the Desktop team is cooking up and want your feedback.

Many of you have been asking for a glimpse of Carakan, or new ECMAScript/JavaScript engine, and today you’ll be able to play with it and a few other new technologies that will hopefully be part of our next major release.

Some disclaimers: What you’re downloading today is a feature-incomplete and likely unstable development build. Please handle with care, backup your data before you install and do not run in hydroelectric power plants.

What’s new



Carakan is our new JavaScript engine. It’s fast, more than 7x faster in SunSpider than Opera 10.10 with Futhark on Windows (Mac optimization is not as far along). You can read more gritty details regarding register-based bytecode, automatic object classification and native code generation in the Opera Core blog.

Presto 2.5

We are now using Presto 2.5, which contains a huge numbers of improvements. It also includes support for CSS3 transitions and transforms, and more HTML5 features like persistent storage.


Vega is our new graphics library. It’s currently software based and displays everything you see on-screen. Vega can be hardware accelerated, but as you can see from the complex graphics benchmark in Peacekeeper, we don’t seem to need it yet. (Note that Futuremarks Peacekeeper test does no include the results of their complex graphics tests in the overall score. We believe this is wrong in 2009 and will simply be silly if not changed in 2010.)


Platform integration
On Windows 7/Vista, you will notice a lot of visual changes and use of APIs which allow the UI to display the Aero Glass effect. For Windows 7, we also added Aero Peek and Jump List support to easily access your Speed Dials, Tabs, etc. from the Taskbar.
For Mac, a complete rewrite in Cocoa brings an Unified Toolbar, native buttons and scrollbars, multi-touch gestures (try 3-Finger Swipe Left/Right or Pinch to zoom) and a bunch of other small details. We also added Growl notification support.

“Private tab” and “Private window”
You can open a new Private tab or Private window that forgets everything that happened on it once closed.

Non-modal dialogs
Dialog boxes (JavaScript alerts, HTTP authentication, etc.) are now non-modal and are displayed as a page overlay. This allows you to switch tabs or windows while the dialog is still displayed. Similarly, the Password Manager dialog is now anchored at the top of the page won’t block any content as it loads a new page.

Address field and Search field improvements
Both fields have been upgraded in looks and functionality. They can now remember searches, support removing items from history and show results in a better layout.


To try it out, you can download the latest Labs build here:

Windows MSI
Mac OS X (Intel)

Again, please remember that this is an unstable development build. There are known bugs, unimplemented UI elements and surprise crashes.

Some specific known issues:

High memory usage
No JIT (slow performance) on old processors without SSE2
No printing for Mac build

What’s next

We are very excited with this release, and we hope that with this sneak peek, you are too. From all of us at Opera we wish you a happy holiday and a great new year. We’ll be back soon with more exciting news.

Feel free to join the discussion at the My Opera community or visit the Desktop Team Blog for news and to leave a comment.

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Mesterházy afraid of Gábor Vona

Monday, December 21, 2009

Attila Mesterházy, the unappealing Gyurcsány clone, chickened out of a debate with Gábor Vona. The Origo news portal approached both Fidesz and the Socialist party officials to ask their opinion about the possibility of debating with Gábor Vona.

Fidesz spokesman, Péter Szijjártó said the question was meaningless, while Attila Mesterházy rejected the idea in a long rant accusing Vona and Jobbik with the usual platitudes, we've heard a million times before. This shows that the minion is truly afraid of debating with Vona. He knows that the chairman of Jobbik will decimate him if such debate will ever take place.

The magical act of cloning Mesterházy

It is still too early for an all candidates debate, but it seems that both Fidesz and the Socialists are positioning themselves for possibilities allowing them later to back out of the debate. None of the available options are good for these parties. If they shy away from the debate, they will have to take the stigma of cowardice; if they accept the challenge, they will have to face with a confident Gábor Vona that has grew into a formidable debater throughout the years. In addition, he is helped by the fact that he believes what he is saying, unlike the other party leaders that are pursueing fraudulent issues that are against national interests.

Mesterházy is already sweating and the campaign haven't even started yet. This is definitely a good sign for all those working hard to put the socialist crime network out of business.

(Origo –

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Summit in Copenhagen failed--photo essay

The spirit of Copenhagen. There is reason to be continued.

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A New World War for a New World Order The Origins of World War III

by Andrew Gavin Marshall

Part 3


In Parts 1 and 2 of this series, I have analyzed US and NATO geopolitical strategy since the fall of the Soviet Union, in expanding the American empire and preventing the rise of new powers, containing Russia and China. This Part examines the implications of this strategy in recent years; following the emergence of a New Cold War, as well as analyzing the war in Georgia, the attempts and methods of regime change in Iran, the coup in Honduras, the expansion of the Afghan-Pakistan war theatre, and spread of conflict in Central Africa. These processes of a New Cold War and major regional wars and conflicts take the world closer to a New World War. Peace is only be possible if the tools and engines of empires are dismantled. Read the rest here

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Jobbik holds candlelight protest against double standard

In the afternoon, Jobbik will hold a candlelight protest against double standards, in front of the Budapest Courthouse (V., Markó u. 27.). In the mean time, protesters remember Roland Mészáros, the 18 year old student that was assaulted and killed by his gypsy classmate a year ago.

The murderer received one year suspended sentence and his accomplices haven't even charged.

The protest is a stand against judicial double standards applied in the criminal cases of privileged groups, like bankers, gypsies and foreigners.

( –

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István Jelenczki: War against the nation

Four-part documentary about the sellout of Hungary. This is a must see movie for everybody interested in the socio-economic changes took place, in the past twenty years leading up to the total colonization of the country.

For the time being, only, the Urania movie theatre has been screening the film but other cities have already showed interest in distribution.

I hope, soon, it will be available on DVD so that expats and people in the diaspora can watch it.

( –

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Lajos Bokros' challenges Gábor Vona for an open debate

The Soviet trained “economist” and the fraudulent agent of global interests, Lajos Bokros accused Gábor Vona and Jobbik with anti-Hungarian economic policy. Read more about Bokros' background HERE.
Bokros challenged Vona for one and half hour debate to discuss Jobbik's economic policy.

Bokros said supporting Hungarian small businesses as opposed to multinational corporations would lead the country into economic disaster.

In an ingenious reply, Vona accepted the challenge, though, he indicated that his main opponents were the Socialists and the Fidesz, rather than failed politicians like Lajos Bokros representing the most bizarre party of the Hungarian political palette, the Hungarian Democratic Forum.

Vona said, before the debate, the party, Mr. Bokros represents had to prove it had enough support, without employing fraudulent strategies, to qualify for the national election; in the last municipal election, in Ferencvaros the Hungarian Democratic Forum was disqualified for handing in fake election slips.

( –

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Christmas party for the children of political prisoners

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The HVIM, Jobbik, Szentkoronaradio, Szkitia Kézművesbolt and other patriotic organizations held a Christmas party for the children and family members of political prisoner on Sunday. The regime still holds 11 political prisoners on false charges. Yesterday, one of them (a girl) was released and placed under house arrest.

In the bitter cold, about 200 supporters of the imprisoned patriots gathered on the Nyugati square to remind ordinary citizens of the plight of those spending their Christmas in jail. Many of them fathers with small children. Among the speakers were Edda Budaházy, the sister of the imprisoned György Budaházy, himself the father of 3 small children, Gyula Zagyva, the president of HVIM and László Gonda.

After the speeches, participants left for the Church of “Hazatérés” where they threw a Christmas party for the children with the participation of distinguished quests, like Balázs Sziva the lead singer of the Hungarica rock band, and Imre Mazula representing the Magozott Cseresznye rock band.

Children were also entertained by puppeteers, singers and there was a handcraft workshop. At the end, they received presents and the program ended with a praying session held by pastor Lórant Hegedűs.

( –

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