Gypsies are harming their newborns to get more handouts [Updated]

Thursday, September 3, 2009

According to sources, gypsy families induce oxygen deficiency in their newborns to make them mentally retarded; this is to get more child support payments. Government payments for retarded children are double of healthy ones.

Authorities are alarmed by the high number of mentally challenged babies born into gypsy families in Borsod and Szabolcs counties. Both counties have sizable gypsy population, most of them unemployed living off crime.

According to sources, the most widely practiced procedures making babies retarded include wrapping plastic bag over the newborns' head depriving it temporarily from oxygen. Through trial and error parents figured the amount of oxygen deprivation necessary to make babies just mildly retarded.

The other method include pounding the belly of pregnant women with meat tenderizer. Both techniques produce retarded babies. The idea is to make the baby mildly retarded that still can be house-trained.

Police are investigating the allegations.



What the agenda driven mainstream media kept quite about, the Mayor of Edelény confirmed in a television program; it is true that pregnant gypsy women intentionally harm their babies, in order to get more child support payments.

According to the mayor, gypsy women are also taking chemical substances while they are pregnant, in order to retard the development of the babies in their womb. The other technique includes, hammering their bellies with rubber hammer to make the baby born retarded.



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