Hungarian police: incompetence or something more sinister

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Details surrounding the murder of Marian Cozma, the handball player of the MKB Veszprém handball club, getting murkier by each passing day. Today, the discredited chief of the Hungarian police force, József Bencze, apologized to the Veszprem county court for blaming the delay of the arrest warrant on the judges of the court. Police issued an arrest warrant for the murder of Marian Cozma more than 12 hours after the crime was committed attributing the delay to the unavailability of judges authorizing the warrant. The next day, the Veszprém county court judge found the statement amusing by saying that judges were available but the first police contact came in at 7.20 pm.
But there are more to this story. On February 8, police spokesman reported that Austrian police arrested the two accused at 8.50 pm. following up on the international arrest warrant issued by the Hungarian police. However, it turned out that the arrest warrant was issued only after the Austrian police arrested the criminals.

The number of suspects are also keep changing as the days go by. First, two suspects were charged, Iván Sztojka and Sandor Raffael. But before the arrest warrant was issued the third suspect, Győző N., traveling with Sandor Raffael had been also arrested in Austria. Hm. Then police clearly stated that the other, approximately 25 gang members couldn't be charged because they did nothing wrong only watched the three accused murdering Marian Cozma. (What a statement)

One week later, on February 16, police introduced a new twist into the story by arresting the fourth suspects, Gábor P., and hinting that more arrests will follow.

Wait and see what the next installment of the story will bring us; I am sure, it will hold plenty of surprises.