The end of a nightmare: Ferenc Gyurcsany quits as prime minister and party leader

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ferenc Gyurcsany, the most corrupt and nefarious prime minister ever, quit both as prime minister and as the leader of the Socialist Party. He was such a detrimental figure in Hungarian politics that no other politician in recent Hungarian history could measure up to him.

He devastated the economy and the social environment of the country by privatizing the most strategic industries, selling the hospitals, ruining the school system, and tacitly encouraging gypsy crime. He indebted the country in such an extent that not even the future generations can hope to repay it. The man was an extremely cunning character; as an ex-apparatchik he became a millionaire by the help of his comrades from the communist era.

Gyurcsany, the son of a small time bicycle thief married to the grand daughter of one of the communist butchers of the Kadar era, Antal Apro, whose family transformed itself, following the good old opportunist habit, into a capitalist enterprise after the collapse of communism. The Greek philosophers would conclude: "like attract like."

Now is the time to bring charges against the man and his fellow crooks for high treason and corruption.

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The beheaded European Union is about to collapse

Friday, March 27, 2009

The resignation of the government of the Czech Republic has shocked the whole European Union because the nation currently presides over the organization. Nevertheless, the political changes in the chairing state are not going to be a disaster for the European Union. When Denmark was a chairing EU state in 1993, Social Democrat Paul Rasmussen replaced Conservative Prime Minister Paul Schluter and became the EU chairman. The political change did not have any influence on the work of the European Union. Another incident took place in 1996 in Italy, during the country’s EU chairmanship too, and had no consequences either.

The European Commission and the European Parliament were aware of the probability for the Czech government to step down. Nevertheless, they risked to let the country take the chairing position. The Czech chairmanship expires in three months, but there are definitely no chances for the country to elect the new government during this period.

Czech President Vaclav Klaus could replace Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek as the head of the EU Council. Klaus has a successful experience of running radical reforms, when the Czech Republic made a step from socialism to capitalism during the 1990s. However, Klaus is the only EU leader, who refuses to ratify the Lisbon Treaty, which is supposed to replace the Constitution of the European Union. Klaus says that the Treaty infringes upon the sovereignty of the Czech Republic. The leaders of other European countries preferred not to entrust the EU chairmanship to such a skeptic politician. It just so happens that the EU has been left without the leader during the time of the world crisis. interviewed Alexander Rahr, a German scientist of politics, about the events taking place inside the European Union.

“Will the current power crisis in the Czech Republic affect the relations inside the EU?”

“It will, in the worst manner possible. The EU can lose the leader at a very bad moment. As it is known, the Czech Republic is supposed to chair the EU until the middle of the current year. The European Union has found itself in a very complicated situation. I mean the world financial crisis, which will probably be the most serious test that the EU has to take in its entire history.

“As a matter of fact, Europe’s entire political system is tumbling down. Demonstrations and actions of protest take place in very other country of the Union. No one knows how the situation is going to unfold in the future. The situation with the Czech Republic is quite complicated indeed. A lot of time will be lost before a new person comes to power there.”

“How will these events affect the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty?”

“The state of affairs with the Lisbon Treaty is rather difficult too. It is not about the Czech Republic alone. Ireland will have to vote for the treaty again; Poland has not ratified the document either. It is not known what is going to happen to the treaty next, especially if financial institutes fail to handle the economic situation well."

“Who is going to chair the EU during the upcoming three months?”

“For the time being, Topolanek will continue to chair the organization despite his resignation.”

“The Czech Republic has virtually failed its chairmanship at the EU. Would you say that the expansion of the European Union with the help of the former socialist states was hasteful?”

“This thought occurs to those who granted the EU membership to Poland and the Czech Republic. They do not say it out loud not to add more fuel to the fire. Maybe it was a premature decision to make, but what was Europe left to do? They would have been accepted sooner or later anyway, taking into consideration Russia’s growing influence and the concerns of the West.

Sergei Balmasov
Vadim Trukhachev

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The gypsy crime dossier: March 26

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Police are looking for this gypsy woman who works as a fortuneteller, in the city of Győr. She is deceiving people by promising to lift curse upon them. She demands cash, silver or gold jewelry for her services.

Authorities are asking victims to come forward or call the police.


Police were called when twenty-five gang members entered into a training facility located at the corner of the Üllői street and the Vas Gereben steet, with samurai swords, knives, iron bars and chains, in order to settle a dispute.

The person, they were looking for haven't been in the facility; the gypsies, then, beaten up the employees of the facility and damaged the equipments of the center.

The police started proceedings against 15 gang members without arresting any of them.



In the Mándok elementary school gypsy girls are beating up a Hungarian girl.

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Professor Igor Panarin: When America fell to pieces the shouting was outrageous

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

As early as autumn 2009 the economic crisis may lead to a civil war in the USA and then to its division into parts. Igor Panarin, doctor of political science, dean of the foreign affairs department at the Diplomacy Academy of the Russian Foreign Ministry, presented this forecast ten years ago. At that time his forecasts seemed unrealistic, but now many of them are coming true.

We present a new version of the event’s development through the eyes of the scientist, even though it may seem disputable and even scandalous.

In his interview with , professor Panarin shares his opinion on the following issues: why the United States decided on monetary reform; who Obama is working for; and why it is better for Russia to be friends with China.

Question: Mr. Panarin, where did this idea of the breakup of the US come from back in 1998, when this country was prospering and when it was an unconditional world leader?

Answer: In September 1998 an international conference called the Informational War was held in Austria. I presented my analytical research there. 150 out of 400 participants were from the USA. There was outrageous shouting in the audience when I was talking about the division of America in my presentation. However my reasons were well-grounded. Back then it was obvious that finance and economy would be the main destructive power for the USA. The dollar was not secured by anything. The external debt of the country was growing like an avalanche in spite of the fact that it was non-existent at the beginning of the 1980s. In 1998, when I was making my forecast, it had reached 2 trillion dollars. Today it’s more than 11 trillion. This is a pyramid which is bound to collapse.

Q: Will the entire American economy collapse?

A: It is collapsing now. Three out of the five largest and oldest banks on Wall Street ceased to exist because of the financial crisis; and the other two are on the verge of surviving. Their losses are the largest in history. Now we are talking about replacing the regulation system in the world: America will no longer be the world regulator.

Q: Which country will replace it?

A: Two countries are making a claim for this role: China with its large reserves, and Russia as a country which could play the role of a regulator on the Eurasian territory. A rather remarkable event took place at the G20 summit which has just taken place in Washington. Participants put forward the new architectonics of the international affairs where a key role would belong to the International Monetary Fund. But the International Monetary Fund needs funds. Thus the participants addressed China and Japan with a request to provide money. The gold reserves of China come to more than 2 trillion dollars. It is the largest creditor to the USA. Now it will definitely affect the policy of the fund. By the way, it is not accidental that Mr. Hu Jintao met two leaders at the summit: the Russian President and the leader of the UK. There are plans to hold the spring G20 meeting in England. And the meeting with Russia as a country which is putting forward the basic principles of reconstructing the world financial system also clearly fits the vision of the Chinese reformation process.

“Skeleton which keeps the USA together is fragile”

Q: We are clear about the world leaders. But let’s go back to the USA. What makes you believe in the possible division of the country?

A: There are a number of reasons. First, the financial problems of the USA will increase. Millions of citizens have already lost their savings. Prices and unemployment keep growing. General Motors and Ford are on the verge of collapse which means that entire towns will end up unemployed. The governors are now harshly demanding money from the federal center. Complaints are growing. They’ve been restrained so far by the presidential election and by hope that Obama could perform a miracle. However, by spring it will become clear that a miracle will not happen.

The second factor is the vulnerability of the political mechanism in the USA. There is no uniform legislation on the territory of the country. There aren’t even general uniform traffic rules. The skeleton which keeps the USA together is fragile. Even the armed forces in Iraq are represented by the non-citizens of the United States to a large extent. They fight for the promise of American citizenship. Thus the army, as a melting pot has stopped fulfilling a consolidating function for the American state. And finally, the split of the elite has made itself especially clear under the conditions of the crisis.

“Hundred dollar notes may get frozen”

Q: How will the country be divided? Mexico is obviously in the south. What else?

A: There are six parts altogether. The first one is the Pacific Ocean coast of the USA. I can give you an example: 53% of San Francisco’s population is Chinese. The Governor of Washington state was an ethnic Chinese; its capital, Seattle, is called the gate of the Chinese emigration to the USA. It is obvious that the Pacific Ocean coast has been gradually influenced by China. The second part in the south is definitely the Mexicans. In some areas, Spanish has become the official language already. Then comes Texas which has been openly fighting for independence. The Atlantic coast has a totally different ethnos and mentality. It could be split into two parts as well. And we are left with two central depressive areas. May I remind you that five central states where the Indians live had announced their independence. It was perceived as a joke or a kind of a political show. But the fact remains the same. Canada is making a strong influence in the North. By the way, Russia may require returning Alaska, as it had been rented out…

Q: What will happen to the dollar then?

A: In 2006 a secret agreement was made between Canada, Mexico and the USA on preparing to implement the Amero as a new currency unit. This may mean replacement of the dollar. At the same time 100-dollar notes which have flooded the world may just get “frozen”. An excuse may be used, for example, that terrorists have made false notes which need to be checked.

"Confrontation between the clans has become open”

Q: Could you tell us about the division of the elite. Are these the democrats and the republicans?

A: No, that is not right. There are two groups in the US authorities. The first one may be called the globalists, or the Trotskyites. Leon Trotsky had already formulated their idea in the past: it’s not Russia that we need, but a world revolution. Soviet Russia was viewed by them as a base for control over the world. The second group is the statists which want prosperity for their country. Representatives of these two clans are present in both Democratic and Republican Parties. Take voting for the anti-crisis plan of Paulson, which was suggested by the Republican administration, for example. It was voted down in the Congress by the Republicans first of all.

Q: Who is in charge of the clans?

A: The key persons of the globalists are Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Vice President Dick Cheney. The key persons of the statists are Robert Gates, Defense Secretary; Michael Hayden, CIA Director; and Admiral Mike McConnell, director of national intelligence. Globalists are mainly the financial elite, and statists are the armed forces, special services and military and industrial complex. Recently the confrontation between these two clans has become open. In December last year the statists presented a report which completely denied the existence of the nuclear program in Iran. It directly contradicted conclusions made by Condoleezza Rice and Dick Cheney. The second important event took place at the hearings of the US Congress concerning the 5-day war in the Caucasus. The globalists represented by Condoleezza Rice insisted that Russia had started the war and that it would be punished for it. Georgia was the project of Condoleezza. And representatives of the intelligence community presented a diametrically opposite statement: that Georgia had started the war. We see an open confrontation between very outstanding political figures.

Q: And who’s Obama’s company?

A: The statists with Gates in charge were the key players who had enabled Obama to win. They are demanding that he change the general line in return. In this light, a very interesting factor is that Gates the Republican is viewed as the most important candidate as to whether he remains the US Defense Secretary or becomes the Secretary of State. This is the influence of the statists on the President. By the way, the first session which Obama held was with the American intelligence community.

“We have to cut the ropes tying us to Titanic.”

Q: What does the victory of the statists mean for Russia?

A: It’s a rather good chance for us, as they acted on our side in the conflict in the Caucasus. According to President Medvedev’s visit to the USA we see that he was not subject to any obstruction in relation to the events in the Caucasus. The atmosphere in Washington was rather calm and friendly.

Q: What should Russia do in order to avoid shocks in relation to a possible economic collapse of the United States?

A: It should develop the rouble as the regional currency. It should form an efficient petroleum exchange which would sell oil for roubles. Several days ago an agreement was signed between Russia and Belarus on transferring payments for oil and gas to roubles. This is the beginning of establishing the ruble as the regional currency as well. We’ve been receiving our currency from Kazakhstan and Belarus for electricity already. Now our task is to try to make as many rouble contracts as possible for the year 2009 before the end of this year. In this case Russia will be able to escape the growing global crisis. We have to cut the ropes tying us to the financial “Titanic” which, in my opinion, will drown in the nearest future.

Courtesy of daily.
Translated by RT.

Russia Today

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A fairy tale about Lajos Bokros and the University of Panama

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

József Bognár was the principal of the Lónyay protestant high school and knew the father of Lajos Bokros, the notorious minister of finance in the Horn administration. According to József Bognár, his friend that was an economist and had a civilian position in the protestant church, regularly informed him about his son's academic advancement.

According to the father's account, Lajos Bokros drafted into the Hungarian Armed Forces, in 1972. After serving a year in the army, he went to the Soviet Union to study finance in the college of Rostov. This was the same institution where Gyula Horn, the first post-communist prime minister of Hungary has also received his certificate. Mr. Bokros stayed in Rostov for 3 years and received his certificate in finance in 1976 or 1977.

The interesting thing is that in his parliamentary almanac, Mr. Bokros kept quiet about his time in the Soviet Union; he claimed, he had studied economics at the Karl Marx University, in Budapest, between 1973 and 1978. In addition, he had completed his post-graduate studies in economics, at the University of Panama, in 1979.

According to József Bognár, the father of Lajos Bokros has never mentioned that his son studied at the Karl Marx University. When inquired at the Karl Marx University about Mr. Bokros' academic records, university officials couldn't find any trace of it. Lajos Bokros then came up with a new explanation; he said he had received his doctorate degree in Panama.

An inquiry was made at the University of Panama, but university officials couldn't find records about Mr. Bokros's attendance. In fact, the university flatly denied that a person like Mr. Bokros has ever received a doctorate degree in the institution. The confirmation letter of the University can be seen below (click the picture to enlarge).

When Mr. Bokros has been asked to explain the contradiction, he blamed the University of Panama for losing his academic records. Also, Mr. Bokros has never accounted for his Spanish language background.

Soon after this information came to light, Edit Keri filed a lawsuit against Mr. Bokros for misleading the Parliament and the public about his academic records. Later, Ms. Keri received an official notice from the court telling her that the case was transferred to a different district court for processing. And that was the last time, Ms. Keri heard about the lawsuit.

Mr. Bokros has never responded to Ms. Keri's lawsuit; neither, he counter-sued her for false allegations.

Many years after "getting his doctorate degree in Panama", Mr. Bokros went to work for the IMF. Apparently, the IMF wasn't that fussy about his academic records. And obviously, the fact that the IMF is "having financial difficulties", has nothing to do with Mr. Bokros expertly contribution to the banking business. However, the economic situation in Hungary can tell you what happens with countries managed by experts, like Lajos Bokros.


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Timea Szabó's fighting demo with two alternate opponents [Video]

Monday, March 23, 2009

Timea Szabó is one of the talented members of the Hungarian Kyokushin karate national team. In the following demo, she shows her skills in a 9 minutes fight with two alternate opponents. She is a tactical and disciplined fighter with lots of potential.

The fight took place in the Stefanovics Dojo, in Martfű.

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The one time European champion needs help

Sunday, March 22, 2009

According to the Hungarian martial arts news portal,, Ferenc Somodi, the one time super-heavy weight European champion is in a big trouble. He has nothing to eat. He is on disability insurance living off 45 000 forints a month.

Ferenc Somodi won the European championship in super-heavy weight in 1985, in Budapest. According to experts, he was one of the most skilled heavy weight boxers Hungary ever had. His punches were so fast that equaled to the speed of lower weight category boxers.

However, he lived in those tumultuous times when politics and sport intermingled too much. He never managed to get out to the Olympic games because Hungary, as a member of the communist block, boycotted the Los Angeles games.

He finished his active career in 1986 and fell out of sight completely. He bought a truck and became self-employed. For 11 years his business went very well; but the company, he was transported materials for, more than a decade, went out of business. Ever since, he can't find steady employment. He lives off his disability insurance and he takes casual jobs whenever he finds them.

Now, he lives with his second wife in a small house, he bought by loan. After paying off the monthly installment on the mortgage, he doesn't have any money left for food. The one time tough guy, now bitter and disappointed. He said that if he could start again he wouldn't choose boxing but other occupation that he could make money out of.

The portal calls upon all sport loving Hungarians that chip in and help Ferenc Somodi in these hard times; he brought honor and recognition to the country when it was his turn. Whoever wants to help, either with money of with employment offer call the editors of the by dialing the following number 70/3953-267.

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Krisztina Morvai and Laszlo Bogar call upon Hungarians to demand early elections[UPDATED]

Saturday, March 21, 2009

MEP Krisztina Morvai and Laszlo Bogar economist call upon Hungarians to go to the streets and demand early elections. This is the time when Hungarians have to act.

According to Laszlo Bogar, the resignation of Mr. Gyurcsany is a trick. Events are unfolding according to a well-scripted plan and the situation is dangerous. The global elite wants to entrench its power and put together a new coalition government that will continue the present course under different guise.

Mr. Gyurcsany has become too unpopular to carry on. The global entity is worrying to loose its influence under the detested Gyurcsany regime and looking for a new prime minister that will enforce the interests of the elite. In order to accomplish this, they are promoting a coalition government that would include the Socialists, the Hungarian Democratic Forum and the Liberal party. A coalition like this would be good enough to fool the dumb down population into believing that something fundamental is going to happen for the benefits of the people, said Mr. Bogar.


Socialist politicians started leaking information about possible scenarios that could follow the resignation of Ferenc Gyurcsany. Ferenc Baja, a top socialist official said that after a short negotiation process a new prime minister emerge who would lead the government with the support of the Hungarian Democratic Forum and the Liberal party. He also mentioned that Lajos Bokros, a remote-controlled puppet of the financial elite, who introduced the most brutal austerity measure during the Horn administration, would also be part of the new government, probably as a minister of finance. This is exactly what Laszlo Bogar predicted earlier. This shows once again that the resignation of Mr. Gyurcsany was a surprise only for outsiders but in reality, the ploy had been decided long ago and now, it has been unfolding according to the well-designed script.


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A quick comment on the resignation of Ferenc Gyurcsany

The most corrupt Hungarian Prime Minister ever has resigned. However, Ferenc Gyurcsany the son of a small time bicycle thief won't disappear completely from politics as he remains the president of the Socialist party, which is the gathering place of ex-communists that have shipwrecked the county since coming to power, in 2002.

Many people are enthusiastic about the news. However, we have to remind ourselves that there is a good chance that we are facing here with ruse, as the mentally unstable and psychopathic man tries to save himself from a decimating defeat in the upcoming EP elections, in the summer. Also possible, that his global masters, found him as an obstacle in the way of furthering their plans.

Whatever is the case, the proverbial liar won't go away and for sure, will continue his treacherous work of furthering the division of society.

Some experts are suggesting that the disappearance of Mr. Gyurcsany will re-energize the slipping support behind the Socialist Party. It remains to be seen that this cunning move can mitigate the damages that the man and his fellow crooks inflicted upon the people. The maturity of the Hungarian voters are going to be put to the tested in the summer, during the EP elections. We are going to see that voters will pass the exam, or fell victim, once again to the scam that this con man pulled off and continue supporting the Socialist candidates.

We also have to wait and see how the opposition party, Fidesz, will react to the news. Gabor Vona, the president of Jobbik, already suggested putting pressure on the Socialists by organizing mass demonstrations that would force the government into an early election. Many experts also suggested this possibility as a desirable way out of the economic crisis. However, we have to expect that the Socialist crooks will hold out until the very end; nonetheless, the idea is worth to give a try.

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An interview with one heck of a brave girl

Friday, March 20, 2009

Her name is Hilda Szilvia Bacsa, the founder and the president of Nógrádmegyer's branch of Jobbik. She is a university student and the mother of two children. Since March 15, she is also a proud member of the Hungarian Guard.

Since a few weeks " invisible forces" have been spreading rumors among the illiterate gypsies about the arrival of the Hungarian Guard into Nógrádmegyer. As a result, gypsies are threatening her and the Catholic priest of the town. Nógrádmegyer has some prominent gypsy residents, like the father of "Győzike" a reality show idol.

The interview below has been posted on the website and this is the translation of it. As a woman, how have you become the president of the local branch of Jobbik? Couldn't the party find a man for the position?
Hilda Szilvia Bacsa: I got into politics, three years ago when enrolled into the Budapest University, as a law student. I thought that only a radical intervention can prevent the country from collapsing. I realized that only one party, Jobbik, represented the interests of the Hungarian people. Jobbik, took up issues that are really important for Hungarians not only on the discursive level but in reality, as well.. I spoke with local residents about the present political situation and many of them thought that the future best represented by Jobbik. This was the inspiration behind founding Jobbik's local branch. Members nominated me as president, probably because I organized the local forums and was a law student; they were influenced by my personality as well.

b.: Now, you have a become member of the Hungarian Guard as well.
H.Sz.B: The swearing in ceremony was the greatest experience of my life. Swearing in, in front of the Holly Crown made my convictions stronger. It was a wonderful feeling, when I uttered the words of the oath and realized that from now on, until the end of my life, I will serve my nation. It was fantastic to feel the love of the people, as older ladies touched and caressed us with tears in their eyes and said praising words. This was the greatest day in my life.

b.: Two days ago, you didn't have these magnificent feelings. What exactly happened.
H.Sz.B: Yes, shocking things had happened in the afternoon on March 13. Unfounded rumors started circulating in the town about the coming of the Hungarian Guard. According to these rumors, three hundred members of Hungarian Guard come to town when the mass was over. This gossip had started by invisible forces that didn't like the fact that a local branch of Jobbik has been founded in the town; neither, that I became the member of the Hungarian Guard. This is how gypsies turned against us. Certain rich gypsies (the father of Győzike) and other leaders of the local Minority Council tried to force me to quit exercising my constitutional rights, dissolve the local branch of Jobbik and quit the Hungarian Guard. They threatened me with the liquidation of my family.

Thursday morning, Gyula Rácz, one of the members of the local minority council scolded me because of my association with Jobbik and the Hungarian Guard. I told him that the local branch of Jobbik was founded and I would swear in as a member of the Hungarian Guard on Sunday. He tried to convince me to stop doing this; he was still polite and told me that the local gypsy community wouldn't accept my decision. We agreed we would hold a meeting with Szilárd Palotai, the regional president of Jobbik and with members of the local gypsy community, on March 29. But the gypsies got more agitated as the hours went by and they gathered in front of my house, on Friday morning and said, they would kill my 8 year old son; they said "We have to finish off the smallest member of the Hungarian Guard."

Around noon, we talked to Gyula Rácz, once again and he told me to stop being involved with Jobbik and with the Hungarian Guard, otherwise they will make my life hell. As soon as I told him that I would not dissolve the local branch of Jobbik, neither would I withdraw my candidacy from the Hungarian Guard, I started getting life threatening messages. I asked police to record my telephone conversations, but they refused. After, I had to evacuate my 8 year old twins into a safe place. A few hours later the mother of "Győzike" called me trying to convince me to give in to the demand of the gypsy community. But I didn't budge. During the conversation, they said, they would force my family to move out of town and they threatened the lives of my children. I cannot tell you more about this. I filed a legal complaint with the police. Because, I have to prove all accusations, I cannot tell you more details. I don't want to be a target of lawsuits.

The truth about this tragic situation has been summed up by the priest Attila Kovács. I don't want to comment on that. Everything, he wrote in that letter is true.

I learned from my heartbroken family that the gypsies insulted the priest as well; I was stunned. They told me that about 500 to 600 hundred gypsies, in a lynching mood, have been gathering in front of the church and asking me to go there and change my position on Jobbik and on the Hungarian Guard. Then I told them, OK take me there, I will stand in front of them and tell them that don't expect me to quit my constitutional rights. A few minutes later police arrived. Until 10 pm., gypsies demonstrated in front of my house. They came with expensive cars and had been cruising in front of my house all day, waiting for police to leave. But police remained until morning. I thank them for that.

As a side note, I would like to say that poor gypsies know about my affiliation with Jobbik since 2008. I got threats, sometimes from drunkards but other than that nothing. Ordinary gypsies know me better because my sons go into the same school as theirs. Everybody says hello, no one complains, and they don't afraid of me.

b.: Why do rich gypsies, like Győző Gáspár oppose your activities?
H.Sz.B: I have no clue. Wealthy gypsies completely isolated from the poor ones; their children don't go to the local school or kindergarten. Why? They found out about my membership in Jobbik, on March 12, and on the next day, things already took this tragic turn.

b.: What is the situation, now in Nógrádmegyer
H.Sz.B: We had a community forum on March 17, where we tried to come to terms with the recent events. I and Szilárd Palotai represented Jobbik, the local minority council and the wealthy gypsy families represented the gypsy community; the mayor of the town and representatives of the regional police force were also there. There were some other people, but Hungarians were the minority. Now, it seems things cooled down somewhat but the atrocities against my family have been continuing. My mother works for the local school as a cook, and the gypsies accused her of trying to poison the gypsy children. They started petitioning against her and took their children out of school for two days.

The parishioners, who stood up for father Attila Kovács, are also harassed. Today, (on March 18) I have been attacked two times. In front of the local post office, a group of gypsies, about 8 to 10 started shouting obscenities to me. And a man shouted "knock her out". A bit later, a gypsy with criminal record, shouted abusive words and approached towards my car. I am insecure; I fear that police won't be able to protect me and my family from the gypsies.

Translated from Hungarian by poppyseed

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Romanian reporters found stunning details about the murder of Marian Cozma

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Gypsies are having good time on the beach

While Hungarians are still waiting for the police to provide information about the murder of Marian Cozma, the reporters of the Romanian newspaper, Libertatea, investigated and found remarkable details that might throw new light on the case still unresolved.

They found that the mysterious girl, Helga T., previously thought to be the cause of the brawl, became herself a victim of the gypsy mafia. The gypsies threw her name into the game, in order to suggest that the brawl is caused by Cozma when assaulted Helga T..

However, the girl refused to cooperate with the gypsies. Now, she fears for her life. Not even her mother, who works at the police, can protect her.

The reporters had personal experiences about the fearful Helga T.. They approached her on March 9, next to the Veszprem sport arena as she was preparing to give an interview to a television crew. When the Romanian reporters approached, she started fleeing thinking that the strangers working for the gypsy mafia.

According to the Romanian reporters "Hungarians live in fear and terror and their police doesn't seem to do anything to protect them."

During their investigation, the reporters came across one more stunning bit of news. They suggested that the double murder that took place a few weeks after the murder of Marian Cozma was carried out by the same crime family that was behind the murder of Marian Cozma. (On February 24, in the small town of Tatárszentgyörgy, unknown assailant(s) threw a Molotov cocktail on a house owned by a gypsy family. As the family members escaped from the burning house, the father and his 5 year old son was gunned down. Then the government, the police and the complicit media suggested, without having evidence, that the murder might have been carried out by nationalists).

According to Romanian reporters the gypsy mafia sacrificed two of its own, in order to arise sympathy toward gypsies and ease the pressure on the police to find the culprits.

The investigative report shows the breath of corruption of the Hungarian government and the complicit police. Within 7 years, the Prime Minister and his fellow gangsters turned the country into a criminal state resembling to Colombia ruled by the drug cartel.

( - bariká

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Detainees are subjected to humiliating interrogation techniques

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Many protesters are subjected to humiliating treatments in the various police stations, after taken into custody during the National Holiday. According to the detainees, they are forced to stand naked facing to the wall; they had to squat time to time and they are subjected to humiliating body search, which included searching their anuses.

One detainee, Zsolt Hernády, a historian, was snatched from the Jobbik rally for doing nothing other than listening to the speakers of the rally. On the police station, he was ordered to undress. When he objected the officer told him that he would be forcefully undressed by officers if disobeys.

Other detainees reported that they had to stand at the wall naked and were ordered to hold their groins, ruffle their hair and open their mouths.

This clearly shows the level of corruption and lawlessness within the Hungarian police force. This is not at all surprising in an organization where police chiefs and high ranking officers are taking outlandish bonuses from corrupt government officials.

But regardless of the rewards, high ranking officers rarely show up on the ground to coordinate police operations, they rather remote-control the riot police from comfortable offices. This is how the "Tettrekész" police trade union summed up the situation when criticizing police conduct during the Holiday.

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Krisztina Morvai sues Ferenc Gyurcsany and Tibor Draskovics

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Krisztina Morvai is considering a lawsuit against Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany and the Minister responsible for police and law enforcement Tibor Draskovics, for complicity in the crime of approving a sneaky attack on the official EP candidate of Jobbik.

"They attacked me to intimidate those who stand up for human rights, freedom of assembly and freedom of speech. They wanted to prove that they could do whatever they want. But I tell them that they couldn't intimidate me... I will always stand up for human rights, human dignity and truth, either as an EP delegate, a professor of law or human rights activist. The outrageous and cowardly attack made me stronger. And of course, I am going to file a lawsuit for violation of the rights of assembly and assault by the police. I am also going to sue Ferenc Gyurcsany and Tibor Draskovics as accomplices in the crime; after all without their approval this outrages violation of the law couldn't have happened. I am also going to inform the president of the European Parliament that as an EP candidate, I was assaulted on the street, in broad daylight by the party-controlled police. I will attach a video clip that proves the assault...I call upon all legal experts, the press, all political and civic movements, artists, rock musicians, actors and actresses to stand up for human rights, with all possible means demand the restoration of the rights of assembly and free speech. We need a general mobilization to demand the restoration of human dignity and human rights that include civic, political, economic, social and cultural rights, as well...I call upon all political parties, the press and the media not to cooperate with the dictator in the process of abolishing human rights. But by all means help Hungarians clearly understanding the importance of the freedom of assembly and free speech in the restoration of democracy. " said Ms. Morvai.


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Jobbik is condemning the police assault on its EP candidate, Krisztina Morvai

Monday, March 16, 2009

In a statement Jobbik is condemning the police attack on its EP candidate, Krisztina Morvai and other peacefully demonstrating citizens. Ms. Morvai and Tamás Gaudi-Nagy, another human right activist, escorted a group of protesters from the Deák Square when riot police charged them. Ms. Morvai was pushed around and sprayed with teargas. The only reason, she didn't suffer serious injury because her colleagues shielded her from further assault. In the gas attack many people became sick, including police officers.


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Continually updated news on the Hungarian National Holiday

Sunday, March 15, 2009

According to sources on the ground, the National Holiday resembles to the darkest communist era of Matyas Rakosi. Cops are everywhere, conducting random identity checks and body searches on virtually everyone they find "suspicious" with the obvious purpose of intimidation.


Gyorgy Budahazy, the well-known patriot was arrested.


More than 70 lawyers of The Foundation for Legal Defense of Hungarians’ Rights are monitoring the streets of Budapest to register police brutality and unlawful conduct during the Holiday. The lawyers are also providing legal service to arrested citizens. At the time of this writing police arrested four citizens.


The, a patriotic news portal, where Gyorgy Budahazy has a radio program, is under hacker attack. Currently, the portal is running on a temporary server.


The Hungarian Guard finished its swore in ceremony on the Heroes Square, in an orderly fashion; during the ceremony 650 new members were added to the force.


Thousands of supporters listened to Viktor Orban, the leader of opposition Fidesz, speaking in the Castle district. In his speech, Viktor Orban drew a parallel between present day Hungary and the Hungary of 1848. He said that the current economic crisis was the sign of a deeper structural change that has been happening in the world. He also stated that the crisis in Hungary was first and foremost political, as the ruling socialists were unable to admit that they had failed the nation.


The ex-Maoist mayor of Budapest, the quintessential jerk, Gabor Demszky was heckled as he delivered a speech at the statue of the great Hungarian poet, Sandor Petofi.


Thousands of supporters gathered at the Jobbik rally to listen to the speakers of prominent Hungarians such as, Gabor Vona, Krisztina Morvai, Miklós Patrubány and Lorant Hegedus

On the rally, Jobbik launched the EP election campaign nominating Krisztina Morvai, a professor of law and human rights activist as its EP candidate.

Before the speeches the Hungarica rock band entertained the crowd.

In his speech, Gabor Vona said "On June 7, 2009 during the night of the EP elections, it will be evident for everyone that Jobbik will emerge as a new force in Hungarian politics. With Krisztina Morvai, a new team will go to Brussels to fight for the Hungarian nation. A new era is about to start. Those who say that new times demand new politics are right".


Laszlo Toroczkai, the president of the Sixty-four Counties Youth Association was picked up by the police. He is accused of an Orwellian charge, "preparation for assaulting authorities".


At the March 15 Square, cops used teargas to disperse protesters.


Police used teargas and cordoned off the Deak Square area preventing protesters to leave the location. Many people got sick, including officers from breathing in teargas. Cops are doing identity checks and body searches even on press workers. Krisztina Morvai and Tamas Gaudi-Nagy are on the ground negotiating with the police to secure a route for people wanting to leave the location.


Krisztina Morvai, the EP candidate of Jobbik was assaulted by the cops.


On an ad hoc press conference, Krisztina Morvai said that practically, there was martial law in Hungary.

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Obama to reform NATO to replace UN as defective organization

Friday, March 13, 2009

The USA will set forth a concept to reform NATO during the upcoming summit of the alliance. In accordance with the concept, the alliance will be expanded with the help of the countries of not only the Euro-Atlantic region, but of Asia too, for instance, Australia, Japan and South Korea. The renewed alliance may even replace the United Nations, The Kommersant newspaper wrote.

Ivo Daalder, one of the most renowned US experts on the alliance, was appointed the new US Ambassador to NATO Thursday. Daalder is an old-time champion of the revolutionary idea to create a league of democracies. The concept was originally suggested by Senator John McCain. The theory stipulates the creation of a new international organization that will virtually replace the United Nations.

McCain and Daalder, as well as their associates said on many occasions that the United Nations was a defective organization, because the political regimes of many of its members were based on dictatorship. Therefore, they believe, the organization is incapable of handing its mission to prevent wars and conflicts in the world. A club of democratic states must be created instead the UN to deal with the solution of international issues. It was Ivo Daalder, who said that NATO must become such an organization.

Daalder offered to discuss the issue in 2006 at the NATO summit in Riga, Latvia. He acknowledged, though, that it would take time for a new set of world leaders to implement the initiative. The previous leaders, such as George Bush, Tony Blair and Jacques Chirac, were not ready for such a reform, Daalder believed.

The official added that the United States was forced to use military force abroad. The USA used military force in foreign countries eight times from 1989 to 2001. The Republican Party initiated the interventions four times; the Democratic Party did the same, Daalder said.

The US-led wars in Iraq and Afghanistan showed that military operations abroad must not be conducted without the international approval. The UN Security Council could not be a regulator for the foreign intervention: the council neither prevented nor solved any crisis of the recent decade – Rwanda, Kosovo, Darfur, Iraq and North Korea. Ivo Daalder believes that it became possible due to the opposition between non-democratic countries represented at the Security Council, particularly Russia and China.

Daalder believes that NATO and its global democratic partners must be involved in the decision-making process regarding the use of force in foreign countries.

The NATO summit will take place on April 2 in France and Germany. Ivo Daalder and the new US administration will have a chance to unveil the new NATO expansion concept at the summit. It will be a ‘family event’ in which only NATO members will participate.

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The Alliance of Hungarians rally on the Heroes Square

A new grassroots movement, The Alliance of Hungarians, kicks off its official rally on March 21, 10 am on the Heroes Square. Organizers are inviting everyone who wants to do something for national unity to come to the rally. They say, this might be the beginning of the rebirth of a nation; there is no left or right, only one nation.

The Alliance is a patriotic movement based on Hungarian cultural and social tradition. Some of its goals include:
establishing a new constitution based on the principle of the Holly Crown.
the reunification of the nation.
establish a new, two chambers Parliament
examining the possibilities of re-nationalizing the national assets
creating an independent Hungarian foreign policy
inaugurate a Hungarian National Bank
the re-examination of the national debt
the re-organization of the arm forces.
draw up a new media policy
develop a new education system based on Hungarian tradition
protect the national symbols
found a new system of medicare
support families and communities
support research and development
support organic and green economy

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The president of Hungary was advised to stay away from Romania and celebrate at home [UPDATED]

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

In a letter to the Hungarian Ambassador in Romania, authorities "gently" advised to the Hungarian president to postpone his visit to Erdély for celebrating the upcoming anniversary of the 1848 revolution. The Hungarian Ambassador didn't comment on the letter voicing diplomatic reasons.

A few days ago, László Sólyom, the president of Hungary said that he intended to celebrate the anniversary of the revolution in Erdély. Romanian-Hungarian politicians are condemning the letter.

This is not the first time that authorities in the neighboring countries openly humiliating Hungarian politicians since the spineless and psychopathic man, Ferenc Gyurcsany and his gang govern the country.



More confusing statements surfaced up in relation to László Sólyom Romanian visit. It turned out that Romanian authorities knew nothing about the alleged letter sent to the Hungarian embassy advising the President of Hungary to stay away from Erdély.

The Manna news portal investigated the report by asking the spokesman of the Romanian Presidential Office about the letter; but the spokesman knew nothing about it. He suggested that someone might have misled the RMDSZ (the Hungarian ethnic party of Romania) that first reported the news. The Hungarian presidential office also stated that the office learned about the letter from the Internet.

The Hungarian Embassy in Romania denied any knowledge of the letter. When the news portal asked the spokesman of the RMDSZ, Hunor Kelemen, about the content of the letter, he didn't answer straightforwardly; neither, he answered the question about the meaning of the "Romanian authorities" that according to the report wrote the letter; rather, he pointed out that the reporter should inquire at the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. And the news portal did just that, but the spokesman of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs denied any knowledge of the letter. He suggested that the "authority" might have been the local authority of Hargita county. But when asked, the local authority denied any knowledge of the letter.

Conclusion: "All's well that ends well"


It turned out that not "all's well..." regarding László Sólyom Romanian visit. It has been reported that Romanian authorities refused landing permit to the presidential plane. It is hard to believe that the refusal came out of the blue. Despite of the lies the Hungarian presidential office should have known this earlier. Now, the Hungarian president will travel by car, one day earlier than originally planned.

In this story you can find all the essential ingredients of the sad state of affairs characterizes world politics today; the brazen lies of authorities and the total moral break down of the system that is evident in every political statement we hear or read about, in countries that mistakenly called democracy.

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Russia and Hungary build gas-holding facilities in Hungary reported that "Russia and Hungary singed a package of documents in Moscow about the construction of the Hungarian section of the South Stream gas pipeline, as well as about the construction of gas-holding facilities in Hungary".

"The head of Russia’s Gazprom Aleksei Miller and the President of the Hungarian Development Bank Janos Eros signed the basic agreement on cooperation, the construction of the pipeline and the transit of the natural gas via Hungary. The document stipulates the establishment of a joint venture".

"The underground gas-holding facility, which Russia’s Gazprom will build in cooperation with Hungary’s Mol, will be capable of storing over one billion cubic meters of natural gas.'This is a large amount that will guarantee the energy security and stability of the entire energy industry of Hungary,' Putin said ".

"The storage facility is to be put into operation by 2012-2013, whereas the construction of Hungary’s section of the South Stream pipeline is to be complete before 2015. Hungary officially joined the project at the end of February 2009".


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Gábor Vona: how we have become subhumans and how we can be humans again

Monday, March 9, 2009

The current economic crisis is not an ongoing financial contingency, but the end of an era. How long the agony will last we don't know; what we know is that the current world order is imploding. The system that in the negative sense of the word, made subhumans out of human beings is destined to die. But how we ended up in this predicament.

The capitalist mode of production is based on the maximization on profit and on the exploitation of the work force. The market economy is the same thing under different guise; it works until the interests of the capital demands it. When the Soviet Union was still a functioning system, western societies had to demonstrate their superiority by developing high living standards. But since 1990, western prosperity has been systematically dismantled under various pretexts. A new strategy was put into use--globalization. This approach aimed at developing a global network of financial solutions around planet. It's worth to look at the various stages of its development. In my view, globalization was realized in four steps.

The first obstacle the background power had to overcome was the resistance of the nation state. There is no nation in the world that voluntarily gives up on its sovereignty. The state protects its citizens against external and internal hazards, develops an environment that is favorable for procreation, physical and intellectual development of the population and intervenes in the economy if need be. To advance globalization, its players, first had to invent the concept of the "night-watch" state that they popularized as a modern idea with the help of local puppets. Do you still remember the slogan that the "state is a bad caretaker"? The dismantling of the Hungarian state was accomplished through this process. It was robbed from its assets by privatization and was crippled by deregulation.

But dismantling the state didn't go smoothly, after all democracy offers some tools for society to intervene when things go against the peoples' will. The next obstacle was the constitutional order. The global players couldn't outright shut down democracy, instead, bankrupted it; then invented liberal democracy, which despite its well-sounding name was nothing less than the dictatorship of global capital where in principle, everything is allowed, but only in principle. In practice, decision making went into the hands of the multinational corporations. The state ceased to exist and democracy became a mere stage performance.

But these steps haven't completed the process yet because the system was still based on principles. The masters of globalization run into the problem of universal human rights. It takes time to force liberal democracy upon Christian civilizations; to be able to do this, first, they had to invent the neo-liberal ideology. Neo-liberalism sounds good as the idea is based on freedom, but under its veneer lies slavery, a characteristics that people didn't recognize. Further confusion was created by education and media disinformation that came under the control of the global power (Why do the SZDSZ come to my mind?). The capacity of being homosexual, drug addict and in general, rootless became trendy conditions.

Global players needed one more step to complete their road map. Despite all the disinformation, individuals, in a certain extent, could remaine free of manipulation because communities protected them. The masters of globalization found the organic human communities, but first and foremost the family unit, as the final obstacles to be dismantled, in order to be able to complete their agenda. The stakes were too high to stop. The idea of consumer society came to the rescue; a system that appealed to the basest instincts of human beings--to the mindless consumption. The strategy succeeded. The lost and fragmented human being escaped into hamburger eating and entertainment and no more protected by family, friends and the community; human beings became the slaves of globalization. This is the point when we turned into subhumans; beings that are using nuclear energy and producing tools of production but having no heart and spirit. All these happened, in the same extent as required by global interests. We can still shop in the department store, turn on the television set, but we don't recognize any longer our own slavery wrapped into the package of freedom.

The road to this dead end street led through the night-watch state, liberal democracy, neo-liberal ideology and consumer society. But the masters of globalization made some miscalculations along the way. They bit off more than they could chew. The millennia long human traditions, the genetically coded human behavior and the ecosystem of the planet couldn't be wiped out as they hoped. Those who try to do this will break in the process. This is what has happened with the background power. Now, they want to take us down to the precipice. But we don't have to detour from the road rather continue on it, but backwards.

We have to replace the fragmented consumer society with our own self-sustaining networks of eco-communities. In the place of neo-liberal ideology, we have to reestablish the priorities of human norms. After shoring up the moral foundations of society, we need to reestablish the constitutional order and finally, the active and proactive functions of the state.

This will take lots of work to accomplish, because we have to rebuild from scratch. One thing is for sure, a Hungarian owned bank is needed. But about that, I will write in the next week.

Translated by poppySeed


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Portrait: Joni Mitchell

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Joni Mitchell, CC (born Roberta Joan Anderson on November 7, 1943) is a Canadian musician, songwriter, poet and painter. Mitchell grew up in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Mitchell's singing, over several decades, began in small nightclubs and busking on the streets of Toronto and in her native Western Canada. She subsequently became associated with the burgeoning folk music scene of the mid-1960s in New York City. Mitchell achieved fame in the late 1960s and was considered a key part of the Southern California folk rock scene. Throughout the 1970s, she explored and combined the pop and jazz genres. Mitchell has amassed a body of work that is highly respected, both by critics (in 2002, Rolling Stone magazine called her "one of the greatest songwriters ever")[1] and by fellow musicians. Retrospective appraisals of Mitchell's work have labeled her the "female Bob Dylan,"[2][3] but Mitchell has sometimes objected to the way her legacy is described by critics, singling out in particular the "female Bob Dylan" moniker: "Being female creates a new category in some people's minds. No one would say that Dylan is the 'male Joni Mitchell.'"

Mitchell is also an accomplished visual artist. She has, through photography or painting, created the artwork for each of her albums and has described herself as a "painter derailed by circumstance." A blunt critic of the music industry, Mitchell had stopped recording over the last several years, focusing mainly on her visual art, but recently, she announced that she is working on material for a new album.


Come to the Sunshine
by Joni Mitchell

Now comes the morning
Wet with the kiss of midnight
Shadows stayed sulking in the way
Sunshine for dreaming
Blackest magic to believe in

Spectrums and rainbows and days
I never saw a sky so free
Never so blue
Morning with mystic pageantry
Unveils a time for sharing love with you

Come to the sunshine
Share in the quiet of knowing
No need for telling you sometimes
When all the answers are
So plainly showing

Teach me to tell you
All the feelings I've been learning
Tell me to teach you my heart
New words are crazy
Old love words keep returning
All words seem wrong from the start
So I will tell with my eyes
Say it with a kiss
Silence that asks and looks so wise
And needs no answer on a day like this

Come to the sunshine
Share in the quiet of knowing
No need for telling you sometimes
When all the answers are
So plainly showing

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Creativity is the best way for small enterprises to weather the crisis

Thursday, March 5, 2009

As the economic crisis is closing in on the country, small businesses are getting more creative in handling the rough times. In many regions, local farmers and small stores are forming alliances, in order to sell local products.

Recently, in Bekes county local stores agreed to set aside sections of their stores for locally grown products. Buying crops from local farmers cost less and the quality of the product is superior to the merchandise of big outlets.

In the town of Gyula, a similar initiative is taking shape. One farmer said that he had 13 pigs ready to be processed. "If I sell them for whole sale, I hardly get any money for them" he said. Small farmers prefer processing and selling their own crops because that way, the return on the investment is significantly higher.

Organizers are also put together direct sale campaigns, in order to eliminate the middle man from the transactions. Several such deals already took place with great success. They are planning to make the ad hoc sale promotions a permanent feature of the town's business proceedings.

City officials of Gyula are planning a unique initiative as well; they intend to issue food coupons for welfare recipients. The coupons, in turn, could be exchanged for food in designated local stores. However, the coupons couldn't be exchanged for alcohol and tobacco products.

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Gyurcsany getting more popular with cartoonists

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ferenc Gyurcsany, the mentally unstable Hungarian Prime Minister has been touring the European capitals begging for handouts. Most recently, he went to London lobbying for funds for the entire Eastern European region; this all the more curious because no politician in the region asked him to do so. It is obvious that he has mismanaged the Hungarian economy and rather than admitting his responsibility in the crisis, he has been hiding behind the smokescreen of fund raising.

The man turned out to be a loose cannon and became an embarrassment for the entire region. Some politicians, like the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic and Poland, have already dissociated themselves from Mr. Gyurcsany. In a joint statement released by the Czech, Polish, Romanian, Bulgarian and Slovakian financial bodies left Hungary off the group statement. Later on the Hungarian agency also signed the document but this clearly shows the dissatisfaction of the regional governments with the activities of the Gyurcsany regime. However, there is a silver lining to all these embarrassments, the Prime Minister is getting more popular with caricaturists.

Experts from the neighboring countries continually assessing the risks Gyurcsany poses for the region. According to Slovakian experts, if he bankrupts Hungary, he might take the entire region with him.

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Gerald Celente: The Greatest Depression Under Way

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

KINGSTON, NY, 2, March 2009 - "The Greatest Depression" that The Trends Research Institute forecast, well before Wall Street or Washington would acknowledge recession, is upon us.

The global financial markets are collapsing.

All the pundit's cautious predictions and business media's hopeful expectations at the New Year for an economic turn around and imminent market bottom were dead wrong. There will be no turn around in the second quarter of 2009 or 2010 or 2011 America and much of the world has entered "The Greatest Depression."

The global financial system, built on endless supplies of cheap money, rampant speculation, fraud, greed, and delusion is terminally ill and will not be coaxed into remission by stimulus packages nor restored to health by government buyouts and bailouts.

Today, the MSCI World Index of stocks in 23 developed nations fell 4.9 percent to 713.75, the lowest closing level since March 2003, and its Emerging Markets Index slid 5 percent. The Dow followed, plunging 300 points, closing below 7,000 for the first time since 1997.

There is no stock market bottom in sight. The only figure that can be forecast with confidence is that the Dow won't reach zero!

As the crisis worsens, governments will take draconian measures to prevent total economic collapse and public panic. We have cautioned the likelihood of such measures before. But the rapidity and severity of the economic unraveling now demands immediate attention.

Expect massive bank failures, runs on banks, and bank holidays. Even if deposits are FDIC insured, quick access to money is by no means assured. At minimum, have reserves on hand for emergencies.

Trendpost: When the ship is sinking there are very few options: Life boats, life rafts, life preservers and for the late to act, possibly a few pieces of floating debris to cling to.

We are trend forecasters, not certified financial advisors legally empowered to provide such advice. Although gold prices declined today some $15 to $925 per ounce, we forecast that gold will be one of the few life saving investments that will continue to increase in value, reaching $2,000 per ounce and beyond.

The Trends Research Institute
845.331.3500 Ext. 1


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Kyokushin karate: the Hungarian success story [Video]

Monday, March 2, 2009

Picture: Veronika Szövetes, world champion is in action

Hungary is a small country but when it comes to Kyokushin karate it is a great power; both in the male and female categories. The sport has produced several European and world champions like Veronika Szövetes, Edit Abraham, Lilla Herczeg, Júlia Bartók, Gábor Rózsa...and so on.

The trailer, made by Gina Kapus, explores the sport from the women point of view. The film is in Hungarian but even if you don't understand the dialogs, it is worth to take a look at it because it has great imagery.

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