The Alliance of Hungarians rally on the Heroes Square

Friday, March 13, 2009

A new grassroots movement, The Alliance of Hungarians, kicks off its official rally on March 21, 10 am on the Heroes Square. Organizers are inviting everyone who wants to do something for national unity to come to the rally. They say, this might be the beginning of the rebirth of a nation; there is no left or right, only one nation.

The Alliance is a patriotic movement based on Hungarian cultural and social tradition. Some of its goals include:
establishing a new constitution based on the principle of the Holly Crown.
the reunification of the nation.
establish a new, two chambers Parliament
examining the possibilities of re-nationalizing the national assets
creating an independent Hungarian foreign policy
inaugurate a Hungarian National Bank
the re-examination of the national debt
the re-organization of the arm forces.
draw up a new media policy
develop a new education system based on Hungarian tradition
protect the national symbols
found a new system of medicare
support families and communities
support research and development
support organic and green economy


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