Eduardo Rózsa Flores and Árpád Magyarosi are the two Hungarians killed in Bolivia [UPDATED]

Friday, April 17, 2009

According to news reports the two Hungarians killed by Bolivian security forces in the Santa Cruz, on Thursday were Eduardo Rózsa Flores and Árpád Magyarosi. An Irish national, Michael Martin Dwyer, was also killed. The third Hungarian, Előd Tóásó was arrested withMario Francisco Fardig Astorga, a Bolivian citizen.

There are conflicting reports what really happened during the shootout. According to Bolivian police sources, officers found C-4 plastic explosives and Uzi sub-machine gun in Eduardo Rózsa Flores' hotel room. According to the Bolivian opposition, the official story about the shootout and the killing of Eduardo Rózsa Flores was a fabrication.

Eduardo Rózsa Flores is a Hungarian, Croatian and Bolivian citizen. He is a known filmmaker, writer and poet. He fought in the Croatian War of Independence after the break up of Yugoslavia; for his service, he got the Croatian citizenship.

Eduardo Rózsa Flores, was a Hungarian patriot. In his last blog entry, he spoke up against the imprisonment of five Hungarian boys in Serbia.

According to Zoltán Bolek, a friend, Eduardo Rózsa Flores left Hungary 9 months ago. "I have some business to do abroad" he said. But he didn't say anything about his mission. According to Mr. Bolek, Eduardo Rózsa Flores wrote his last will, a few days ago. "I will sue those who will call him a terrorist" said Mr. Bolek. He was a passionate man fighting for the freedom of Hungarians and Croatians, not only in words but in deeds too, though he was also a poet, said Mr. Bolek.

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Zoltán Brády is the editor of the Kapu magazine where Eduardo Rózsa Flores was a contributor. He kept in touch with Eduardo and talked to him two days before he was killed.

According to Mr. Brády, it is out of question that the group wanted to assassinate Evo Morales, in fact they were assassinated by the Bolivian security forces.

Eduardo was fed up with the Hungarian political situation and left for Bolivia where a civil war has been going on for some time. Eduardo's birth place, the city of Santa Cruz, has been fighting for separation.

"Eduardo was a guerrilla fighter and was living in the Bolivian jungle for some time, having guerrilla activities everyday with thousands of his fellow fighters. But it is not true that he wanted to assassinate the president or anyone else. He was a soldier and a guerrilla" said his fellow journalist Zoltán Brády.

It was the Kapu magazine where Eduardo regularly published his articles and essays; the same magazine published some of his books including his poetry. "...the main motifs of his poems were love, freedom and struggle" said the editor of the Kapu magazine.

Not so long ago, he sent a lengthy interview where he revealed the capture and the last days ofChe Guevara. "We know from this interview, how different was the real story from what the media reported about it" said the editor of the Kapu magazine. "His sense of justice that motivated him. We called him the modern "Petőfi" (Petőfi was the martyr poet of the Hungarians); once, I told him you would fell at Segesvár (Segesvár is the town where Petőfi fell) too. But I would have never thought that he falls in Bolivia" said the editor of the Kapu magazine.

Árpad Magyarosi killed alongside Eduardo Rózsa Flores

Árpád Magyarosi was the other Hungarian killed alongside Eduardo Rózsa Flores. He was born on February 4, 1981 in Marosvásárhely, Romania. He attended elementary school in Szovata and continued his studies in Budapest. He changed high schools and universities a few times. He liked music since he was little. He founded his first band in high school, in 1991.

"He was an all smile boy" said Zsuzsanna B., one of his classmate when he attended a school in Debrecen. "When somebody was sad he took his guitar and started singing to him to cheer him up. It is impossible that Árpád was a terrorist" said the girl. "He was a patriot but nothing indicated that he had foreign contacts" said his classmate.

Árpád received a teaching degree from the Kölcsey College in Debrecen and already registered to the liberal studies department of the University of Debrecen.

It turned out that Árpád was not only a true patriot but a good song writer and musician as well. Here, he sings his last song. "Piros szív, fehér hó, zöld levél" (Red heart, white snow, green leaf).

The third Hungarian, Előd Tóásó was captured.

Előd Tóásó, the third Hungarian who was captured by Bolivian security forces, was born in Marosvásárhely, Romania. He attended elementary school in Szovata, just as Árpád Magyarosi. He studied at the Berzsenyi Dániel College and the Zrínyi Miklós Military Academy in Hungary at the engineering department.

According to Lajos Szelestey, Bolivian authorities have already questioned Előd Tóásó. Hungarian authorities hired a lawyer, who was also present during the questioning period.


Michael Martin Dwyer, an Irish national, is the third victim killed alongside Flores and Magyarosi.


A brief biography of Eduardo Rózsa Flores

Eduardo Rózsa Flores was born on March 31, 1960 in the city of Santa Cruz, Bolivia from a Hungarian father and a Spanish mother. His father, György Rózsa was an artist and his mother, Nelly Flores Arias, a schoolteacher.

The family had lived in Bolivia, until 1972, then moved to Chile. After Pinochet coming to power the family went to Sweden as political refugees. They had lived in Sweden between 1973-1975 then moved to Hungary.

Eduardo attended the Szent László High School getting his high school certificate in 1979. After finishing high school, he enrolled into the Kossuth Lajos Military Academy but quit after 3 years. In 1984, he admitted into the Eötvös Loránd University studying liberal arts.

Since 1984, he had been working for various news agencies, among others for the La Vanguardia Spanish paper. He reported from the war in Croatia during the break up of Yugoslavia.

He joined to the Croatian National Guard where he organized and became the commander of the first international brigade. He injured three times during the fighting. When the war ended, Franjo Tudjman, the president of Croatia bestowed a Croatian citizenship on him and he became a major in the Croatian army. He retired from the army as a colonel.

After the war, he returned to Hungary working as a writer and poet. Until his death, he was one of the editors of the Kapu magazine. Since 1994, he has published seven books of poetry.



Anonymous said...

im from bolivia, i know árpád, i feel so bad, that is not justice, the police were so wrong

Anonymous said...

This is an atrocity! I have known Arpad for many years and he was a great person and uncapable of what he was accused of.

Justice for Fiuka!!!

anna said...

THIS is a murderer?...something has to be done.
RIP. You will not be forgotten.

Anonymous said...

deny that in my country (Bolivia), the guerrillas have no such salve gerrillas .

Anonymous said...

i saw árpád today dead! it was so horrible! i know him when he arrives scz .. i cant believe he was so awesome! he help a lot with a lot of things we were in love... JUSTICE !!!

Anonymous said...

Hum, if he was so nice and inocent... why he was accompanied by this angel (Rózsa) at the hotel, and why there were found so many weapons and explosives in their room?

He may have been a good guy, maybe too inocent, and he was cheated by a schizofrenic mercenary named Eduardo Rózsa Flores, who made him think they were going to 'free' a contry from a nonexistent dictatorship.

We'll find out soon.

Anonymous said...

As a Croatian, I am shocked and saddened to this tragic news. Chico was a hero.

Anonymous said...

We don't have a civil war going on in Bolivia. That part of your report is not accurate.

Anonymous said...

Croatia remembers you!!

Anonymous said...

Why did you remove the pic of Rozsa surrounded with weapons, originally posted on this web? Trying to make look harmless maybe? Good try!

Anonymous said...

They were set up and innocent :( Arpad was a good hearted guy. He was teaching kids, playing his guitar. He had no evil bone in his body :(((( so sad......... Justice for Fiuka!

Anonymous said...

soy de santa cruz bolivia, y la verdad el gobierno de evo morales los mató a esto señores los acribillaron sin darles chance de defenderse.

Anonymous said...

die motherfucker, die!!
they were terrorists trained by CIA to destabilize Bolivia!

Anonymous said...

Had the CIA trained them they would be alive

Anonymous said...

They were nazi-anticommunist terrorist, connected with hungarian neo-nazi party called "Jobbik"- translated "The right one". Hungarian people are really sorry about our nationalists. Long live the bolivian democracy, long live Evo Morales!

-hungarian people

Anonymous said...

you guys can see here some pictures of "angel" Árpád Magyarosi:

Anonymous said...

there is no dictartorship now, but those people in power, are using representative democracy to turn our country into a totalitarian regime.
they are liars and zealots, cubans and venezuelans are writing the scripts of all this sad tragedy
maybe Rosza and friends were stupid enough to believe in guerrilla, there is none now
and they were murdered

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Que angelitos estos!!!!,realmente son unos símbolos de la PAZ (???), regando odio, racismo, armados hasta los dientes, despilfarrando fondos de las "Cooperativas" de los Cruceños para imponer el terror en Bolivia, de que guerra civil hablan??, de que dictadura?, si en Bolivia le dicen lo que les da la gana al presidente Evo, entonces estos SANTITOS, murieron como debían a "bala", porque eso eran TERRORISTAS, QUE BUSCABAN SEMBRAR la violencia y el separatismo en Bolivia como fue en la antigua Yugoslavia, y los genocidios que ocurrieron alli trataron de llevar a Boivia.

Anonymous said...

Don.t try to show them as if they were artist, nice people and innocents, they were really artist of war!!!, artist of separatism, artist of killing innocent people, so they died in their terrorists.

Bolivia is now in a change of political situation, in a change of justice instead of racism and corruption, President Evo is doing his best to fight all this unbelievable kind of thinkness in this XXI century, people who hate indians, who makes difference between black and white, in people who do not belong to the Bolivian Society, now in Boivia there is a President who loves his Country and works for it!!!!, so all those that will try to desestabilize the governmente will not succeed, for sure!!! Tks.

Anonymous said...

what innocent people did they kill? HOW MANY PEOPLE DID THEY KILL AND WHERE AND WHEN IN BOLIVIA? please, do provide evidence and facts for your claims and baseless accusations.

president evo should investigate human rights abuses by his forces and institutions, and actually any human rights violations coming from whatever side and prosecute them in a fair and impartial court of law.

genocide in yugoslavia (in bosina that is - in srebrenica) was perpetrated by forces eduardo was fighting against. i sincerely hope evo morales is nothing like slobodan milosevic for the sake of everyone living in bolivia.

claims that eduardo (surely arpad and michael had nothing to do with yugoslavia) was involved in any kind of ethnic cleansing or warcrimes are not based on any evidence or facts, but on articles by journalists who are unable or unwilling to distinguish between investigative journalism based on facts and greaterserbian propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

you cannot kill nobody. not even terrorists.

Anonymous said...

why does ur government do something about it? i'm from bolivia and i feel so shame for this situation ,,, why dont u do something? or does nobody care?
SANTA CRUZ DE LA SIERRA will still be fighting for its autonomy,, and the whole world would see that, what's happening with my city is unfair

Anonymous said...

it is a fact that the bolivian government killed them cold blooded.
They killed thme because the government can now invent and create the story. If they were caught alive the government would be limited to the truth, now the story changes and all political oponents are accused of terrorism, of plotting to kill Morales the angel president. the government is using this story to persecute oponents and put them in prison.
The morales government is the worst government Bolivia has had in the last 30 years. the country is even poorer and becoming an international pariah. we are friends of the fantastic venezuela and Iran, ...what kind of fantastci friends to hand around....huuummm!

I only wish we as a country coudl one day go back to were we were 10 years ago, decocracy adn respect for others people opinions, not like now. THE GOVERMENT ASSASINATED ROZSA FLORES and the others.

Anonymous said...

As a Bolivian I can tell you there are so many things wrong with Morales' government, I wouldn't know where to start. They manipulate public (both local and international) opinion very well. They have a great propaganda machine.
They have been, I'm saddened to say, much cleverer and have had more success in achieving their political goals (concentrating power, in their case) than the opposition. Real Machiavellians.

As for Rosza, I won't go as far as to say he was an angel or he was free of all guilt, but let me tell you the official story, the one presented by government officials and the police is full of holes. It just doesn't add up.

They were killed in cold blood when they could have been arrested (there are reports they had knowledge of their whereabouts and movements for at least a couple of months before the killings). The police claims there was a shootout that went on for hours, but very few shot were fired, the security cameras in the hotel they were staying were 'misteriously' disconnected and the bodies of the so called 'terrorists' showed very precise concentrated fire wounds, almost execution like.

The whole terrorist claim, as far as I know, is based just on 'intelligence reports' and a police report that says they found the same explosive in their posession as the one that was used in a 'terrorist attack' against a priest (one particularily disliked by the government, which doesn't make sense either) where luckily noone was hurt (the explosive device just made a hole in a garage door ...come on! pretty lame for supposed guerrilla-warfare experts).

...Man, I could go on for hours ...wherever you look at, there are holes. It really enrages me, not because I liked Rozsa, since I never met him or heard about him before he was killed, but rather because they expect me to belive all that nonsense, and because they have used all this killings to their advantage, harassing political opponents and inspiring fear in those who refuse to submit to their will.


Anonymous said...

A lua legatura cu Guvernul bolivian şi a adus în Bolivia pentru a se angaja adversarii de guvernul său şi a face pe oameni să cred că a vrut să-l omoare. Apoi, atunci când acestea nu se folosesc în scopuri lor ucişi în cazul în care vorbesc. Acum, ei sunt trimiterea videoclipuri de politisti care nu sunt de acord cu Evo. Rozsa Există scrisori între el şi Vice President sunt de acord. Guvernul este spunând că a vrut să fugă au fost executaţi. Fugind într-o etajul 4 şi, în lenjerie lui?

Anonymous said...

kudos to the bolivians for doing their job.

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