Hack writers are guilty of spreading lies

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

While hack writers, in the mainstream media, accuse ordinary Hungarians of harboring racist attitude towards gypsies, reality refutes this outrageous lie on a daily basis. These writers picture gypsies as victims yet, wittingly forgetting the real victims of gypsy crime--the ordinary people. The real victims are the working people and the retirees that have been residing in gypsy infected regions living in constant fear never knowing when they get robbed or killed by criminals tacitly supported by the complicit government and the corrupt police.

This kind of media coverage is probably not new for readers living in the eastern part of Europe or in countries with sizable gypsy population, like Italy, Spain or England.

Today, the Debrecen county court sentenced two gypsies to 29 years for killing an 80 years old woman, in her own home.

The culprits entered into the house of the woman by breaking in the door. The woman had no chance to escape; she was kicked to death.

After, the criminals took a gas container, two bottles of bleach, a washing machine, some washing detergent and a pack of tea bags. The inhumanity of the attack and the items stolen indicates the nature of gypsy crime. The gypsy is coward by nature. This is why gypsy criminals always attack in groups and with unnecessary violence, even when assaulting old, defenseless people.

The lifeless body of the women has been found by his son.

This brutal crime is just one case that happens on the daily regularity throughout Hungary and probably, in other parts of gypsy infected Europe as well. Hack writers, in the mainstream media, keep quiet about these violent crimes, meanwhile, accusing the victims of gypsy crime with racism.

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