Jobbik captured 10 percent of the popular vote

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Jobbik candidate Gábor Fogarasi captured 10 percent of the popular vote in the municipal elections, in the city of Pécs, which has been considered a Socialist stronghold up until today. Gábor Fogarasi, a political science expert managed to win an impressive number of votes despite of the fact that Jobbik has been boycotted by the mainstream media making difficult getting messages to voters.

Zsolt Páva, the opposition Fidesz candidate won the election by a great margin. The Socialist candidate, Katalin Szili, suffered a catastrophic defeat.

According to experts, this vote was more than just a municipal election but it was a vote on the Socialist government's policy of the eight devastating years. The result might foreshadow the outcome of the upcoming general election in the coming year. Experts agree that if the general election would be held today, the opposition Fidesz would win and only Jobbik would have a chance to get elected into the Parliament. The other parties, the Liberals and the MDF, have virtually disappeared from the political palette.

For these small, opportunist parties, it was a bad strategic move to tie their fate to the Socialists that have become the most hated political organization in the country.

Jobbik spokesperson said this election had proved that Jobbik was the third force in the county. It has also confirmed that there is no lost vote, as the opposition Fidesz claimed trying to scare people away from voting for Jobbik. Exactly the opposite is true, Jobbik as a patriotic political formation, strengthening rather than weakening national unity.

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