Daniel Gyurta Surprises Field, Wins 200 Breast Finale

Friday, July 31, 2009

ROME, Italy, July 31. HUNGARY's Daniel Gyurta, who has been a prodigy in the making for so long but always in the shadow of the likes of Kosuke Kitajima and Brendan Hansen, touched out Eric Shanteau for a surprising men's 200 breast world title at the FINA World Championships.

In the fastest field in the history of the event, Gyurta edged Shanteau by the slimmest of margins, 2:07.64 to 2:07.65. Meanwhile, Lithuania's Giedrius Titenis and Australia's Christian Sprenger tied for bronze with matching 2:07.80s.

However, Sprenger's semifinal world record of 2:07.31 withstood the charge by the top four swimmers.

Australia's Brenton Rickard took fifth overall in 2:08.23, while Italy's Edoardo Giorgetti finished sixth in 2:08.86.

Brazil's Henrique Barbosa (2:09.35) and Italy's Loris Facci (2:10.26) completed the finale.

(Sport Híradó)

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Zita Zatykó World cup winner

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Small but a determined team represented Hungary at the Kyokushin Rengokai World Cup, on June 28, in Osaka, Japan. The tournament was organized by the International Karate Organization Kyokushinkaikan All Japan Kyokushin Union.

115 men and women fighters from 28 countries participated in the three days event. Hungarians showed up with two women fighters of the Ichiro Dojo, which included Zita Zatykó in heavyweight and Zsuzsanna Flórián in middleweight, both training under the direction of Sensei Imre Kardos.

Zita Zatykó stepped on the tatami as an experienced fighter, and marched into the final overcoming Australian, Chinese and Japanese opponents. She won all of her matches in the first round with hands down. In the final, she had a Japanese opponent but Zita won again and she became the World Cup winner in her category.

Zsuzsanna Flórián also won against Australian and Japanese fighters and got into the semifinal.

In the qualifying match for the final, she had a Dutch opponent who unfortunately proved to be better so the Dutch fighter got into the final.

For the 3rd place, Zsuzsanna fought with a Japanese opponent and was defeated after several extra time; she finished in the 4th place.

The championship was an excellently organized competition. Fights were hard but fair, and referees were determined but correct. The World Cup finished with a fantastic sayonara party.

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Contest for the memory of Eduardo Rózsa Flores

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Just before his death, Eduardo Rózsa Flores sent a message to his colleagues at where he was a regular contributor. The message came in a form of a picture (see it below) and in a short and somewhat cryptic sentence, “Néma nép: Üres Falak” (Silent Nation: Empty Walls).

Inspired by this message, the and the news portals launched a contest for the memory of Eduardo Rózsa Flores. Contestants should incorporate verbal or visual messages, in the spirit of Eduardo, into the social environment that could follow similar strategy intrinsic in the philosophy of graffiti arts. Everyone can participate, young or old, under a nickname.

The best artworks will be published in each months on the and the websites.

All artworks will be evaluated on the scale of 1 to 10. The most important evaluation criteria are: visibility, visual appearance and size.

The winners will receive Eduardo posters and stickers, in each month.

The most creative contestants will receive a T-shirt that originally made for Eduardo, in every three months. The T-shirt has a Hungary statue in the front, which is also the logo of the portal and a quote from the Hungarian martyr poet Sándor Petőfi on the back; the quote goes like this,

"Ha nem születtem volna is magyarnak,
e néphez állanék ezennel én.
Mert elhagyott, mert a legelhagyottabb
Minden népek közt e föld kerekén"

The main prize is a thee day trip to Szentlászló, Croatia, that was the headquarters of Eduardo during the Croatian War of Independence. The winner will be accompanied by Eduardo's comrades and will meet with war veterans fought alongside Eduardo.

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Festival International Nuits D'Afrique: a photo essay

Monday, July 27, 2009

Montreal is the city of festivals. The world famous jazz festival ended a week ago and the Festival International Nuits D'Afrique just started. Montreal is a multi-ethnic city with inhabitants from all over the world; it has a sizable immigrant population from French speaking Africa and from the Caribbean islands that makes the Montreal cultural scene one of the the most colorful in Canada.

The Festival International Nuits D'Afrique is a regular feature of the city and the event has an unmistakable African atmosphere incorporating stage performances and an African craft market where all sorts of art and crafts products are sold from Africa and from the Caribbean Islands.

Below are some of the images, I made about the shows just to give you a feel for the place that despite the bad weather, might turn out to be one of the most successful cultural events in this years.

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Vaccinations: Deadly Immunity

Friday, July 24, 2009

By Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

In June 2000, a group of top government scientists and health officials gathered for a meeting at the isolated Simpsonwood conference center in Norcross, Georgia. Convened by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the meeting was held at this Methodist retreat center, nestled in wooded farmland next to the Chattahoochee River, to ensure complete secrecy. The agency had issued no public announcement of the session -- only private invitations to fifty-two attendees. There were high-level officials from the CDC and the Food and Drug Administration, the top vaccine specialist from the World Health Organization in Geneva and representatives of every major vaccine manufacturer, including GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, Wyeth and Aventis Pasteur. All of the scientific data under discussion, CDC officials repeatedly reminded the participants, was strictly "embargoed." There would be no making photocopies of documents, no taking papers with them when they left.

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Gypsy palaces in the village of Banffyhunyad [VIDEO]

Thursday, July 23, 2009

While the Hungarian bashing mainstream media lying day and night about the oppressed gypsies, reality shows an entirely different picture.

As Hungarians are loosing their jobs, houses and businesses in record numbers, due to the disastrous policy of the Gyurcsany regime, the "poor and discriminated gypsies" are prospering as never before in history. While the tax department persecutes Hungarian restaurant owners for not reporting the origin of the parsley in the soup, until no one dares to bother asking the gypsies about the origin of the money needed to finance the houses shown in the video.

You draw the conclusion.

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A sneak peak of Firefox 3.7

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Initial Windows Theme Mockups for Firefox 3.7

Initial Mockups for the Windows theme revamp.


1. Embracing Glass: Toolbar and Tabs using Glass. Buttons translucent and slightly glossy to meld with the toolbar. Raised 3D lookachieve tactile "feel".
2. Page Button: Connect the Page button to the left side of the tab area. Directly connected to the Page.
3. Tools/Bookmark Bar: Connecting the Tools button to the side of the Window to emphasize the fact that it is used for customizing and changing the UI. Adding a button next to that to toggle the Bookmarks Bar which is turned off by default.


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Magdi Rúzsa's citizenship application is in the hands of László Sólyom

Magdi Rúzsa can be a Hungarian citizen in a matter of weeks. Her citizenship application is in the hands of László Sólyom, the President of Hungary who is expected to sign the form within days. Magdi's application was rejected a couple of month ago, because of missing information on the form that since, she has corrected.

Magdi was born in Serbia from Hungarian parents.

She represented Hungary in the Eurovision Song Contest and was the winner of the Megastar.

Her entry, the "Unsubstantial blues" got the Eurovision Song Contest's author prize award.

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Russia and China Hold Peace Mission Drills to Show USA Its Place

Monday, July 20, 2009

Russia and China will hold their joint military exercise on July 22-27 on the territories of the two countries. About 3,000 military men, 300 units of military hardware, over 40 planes and helicopters will take part in Peace Mission-2009 drills.

About 1,500 servicemen, T-80 tanks, BMP-1 and BTR-70 armored vehicles, 22 aircraft, including two Il-76 cargo planes, five Su-24, five Su-25, five Su-27 fighters and five Mi-8 helicopters will represent Russia in the drills.

The event will start in Russia’s Khabarovsk with political consultations between the military chiefs of the two countries. The maneuvers will begin on July 23 in China.

Peace Mission-2009 is the third military exercise between Russia and China. The previous two events took place in 2005 and 2007.

Alexander Khramchikhin, the Director of the Institute for Political and Military Analysis, said that all military drills, which different nations hold today, were associated with counter-terrorist activities.

“There is a political motive there too. We want to show it to the USA that Russia has a strategic partner – China – and that Russia will not be following the USA’s directions. Moreover, Russia is ready to demonstrate that it is following a different political course,” the specialist said.

“However, one should bear in mind the fact that China intends to study Russia’s strong and weak points during the drills in case Russia becomes its adversary in the future,” Mr. Khramchikhin added.

For the time being, Russia and China share common political objectives. The leaders of the two countries believe that the world order should not be based on the dictatorship of one single state only.

Sergey Balmasov

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Krisztina Morvai's letter to Kinga Göncz

Kinga Göncz attacked Csanád Szegedi for wearing the uniform of the Hungarian Guard during the openings session of the European Parlament. Krisztina Morvai responded to the accusations, in a short but to the point letter.

Dear Kinga Göncz,

I've heard that you don't like the clothing style of the EP members of Jobbik. I would like to tell you, that we don't need your advice in fashion or aesthetic matters, now or never. Let voters decide that Csanád Szegedi or your appearance will bring more disgrace to the country.

Krisztina Morvai

Kinga Göncz is the ex-Minister of Foreign Affairs, currently the member of the European Parliament representing the Socialist Party. She is the daughter of the ex-President of Hungary, Árpád Göncz. She is an incompetent and docile politician without the tiniest traces of charisma. Her sloppy and unattractive appearance is legendary. Once, a Slovakian politician called her “mop-head”. She attacked Csanád Szegedi for wearing the uniform of the Hungarian Guard during the opening session of the European Parliament. Csanád Szegedi wore the uniform to express his solidarity with the Guard that was dissolved by a politically motivated court decision.

Kinga Göncz

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The gypsy chief is charged with fraud

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Photo: gypsy chief Orbán Kolompár is in a meditative mood

The court laid charges against the beloved gypsy chief of the liberal media, Orbán Kolompár; he is accused of fraud and embezzlement. Orbán Kolompár is charged with misappropriating 5 million forints from the gypsy minority fund. The gypsy chief has a criminal background; he is a repeat offender.

Two of his associates are also charged with lesser offenses.

In a separate case, he is also charged of misappropriating government funds.

The first trial is expected to be held in November.

A member of the gypsy minority council, in Heves county, also accusing the gypsy chief with voting irregularities. According to the accusations, he offered thirty thousands forints for each citizen supporting his candidate, in a by-election.

The two con-artists, current Prime Minister Gordon Bajnai and the gypsy chief Orbán Kolompár.

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A tiny bit of news from the everyday life of a town

Saturday, July 18, 2009

In Mosonmagyaróvár, police captured a 55 year old gypsy woman who slipped into a funeral home and stolen a gold earring from the casket of a nine year old accident victim. Police are charging the gypsy with desecration.

According to locals, the situation in the town is so bad that caskets in the funeral homes have to be kept closed at all times to prevent thieves from stealing from the bodies. Cemetery employees are advising to mourners not to bring expensive flowers to the funerals because the gypsies are stealing them, usually the next day.

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On the arrest of György Budaházy[UPDATED]

Friday, July 17, 2009

The arrest of György Budaházy might come as a surprise for many; but looking at the broader picture the arrest nicely fits into the regime's plan to silence its critics.

The broader story leading to the arrest can be traced back to the collapse of communism but for an arbitrary start, let's jump ahead in time, into the year 2002 when the current government took power. Since then, the country has been spiraling into an economic catastrophe unprecedented in the recent history of the nation.

The global elite needed someone that was willing to privatize state assets and sell out the entire National Wealth of the nation for pennies.

Ferenc Gyurcsany was picked for this job. He is an ex-apparatchik and a full blown psychopath, the kind of character the elite needed for the locality called Hungary. Ferenc Gyurcsany had been socialized during the communist era and was ready to serve his new masters faithfully. He spoke the language of the masses, especially the retirees and indeed, the dumb down masses voted his party into power two times.

Today, as a result of the disastrous policy of the Socialist-Liberal coalition, the country is on the edge of bankruptcy. People are indebted, loosing their jobs and homes in an alarming rate. The loss of living standards and the ever increasing gypsy crime (which is by the way tacitly supported by the very same government by using double standards) are upsetting an increasing number of people; this policy of the government is testing the patience even the staunchest supporters of the socialist party. As a result, the masses are awakening. The awakening clearly showed in the shift in voters' behavior during the EP election.

The EP election brought unprecedented breakthrough for Jobbik, the only party having a real cure for the ills of the nation; it managed to win three seats in the European Parliament.

In order to save its skins, the fearful regime took a page from the book of international terrorism and dreamt up a fake terrorist organization, called Magyarok Nyilai. A few months ago, police arrested four alleged members of the group.

As the ground work has been laid down government needed a false flag operation to advance its agenda and create a full fledged criminal case out of this fake event, a case that could be used in the upcoming national election to hijack the program of the opposition.

A few days ago, “artists” placed body parts into the beak of the statue of Turul, which is a falcon, a mythical bird, highly respected by Hungarians.

Police didn't have to wait long for the expected reaction that indeed came quickly. As a response, the following day, “someone” stuffed the shoe sculpture commemorating to the Jewish victims of the war with pig-feet.(Probably, both incidents were the work of the secrete service).

When all the props were in place, police arrested György Budaházy. György Budaházy is well-known in patriotic circles and in general, among the wider population. This could be one of the reasons that he, rather than someone else, has been chosen for the boogie man role. He is accused of being the organizing force behind the fake Magyarok Nyilai terrorist organization.

At this point the story comes into a full circle and if everything goes according to plans this manufactured crisis will save the regime from collapsing in the next election.

However, the plan will not work because the current government lost its credibility long time ago; it has no program, its only weapon is intimidation. The regime denouncing everyone who is not on its side, labelling it with fascism, antisemitism and the likes; but the terms are so overused that people don't even hear them anymore.

Even in advertisement, images have to be replaced from time to time, otherwise, the message doesn't get through due to ad fatigue.

These events, on the other hand are foreshadowing an early election. Authorities have to act now, because waiting until the next spring, the carefully built story can loose its impact. People will get used to it and the intended bang effect won't materialize.


The other likely scenario is that won't be early election and the government will finish its mandate. Police might schedule a trial for the spring, in order to divert attention from the economic problems of the country by hammering the dangers of terrorism.

The hope is that by the help of the agenda driven mainstream media, people can be confused and manipulated enough to vote for the Socialists.

If this scenario wins out at the end, the result will be the exact opposite what the regime is hoping for. This strategy will drive more people into the arms of the opposition, the same way as the crackdown on the Hungarian Guard boosted the popularity of Jobbik.

You cannot fool people for ever.

The above scenario is likely because the puppet regime still has obligations towards its global masters. There are still state assets to be sold out.

A few days ago the court extended Budaházy's arrest, until October 15. This also indicates that the regime is planning a spring trial, or some other spectacle that has the potential of hijacking the election issues.

It is also possible that the detainees will be released without charges after the election. We already witnessed similar scenarios played out in England, Canada and other countries. There too, police arrested “terrorist suspects” with fanfare and a couple of months later released them without charges, far from the attention of the media.

It is evident that the regime is panicking; the day, when they have to account for their crimes is approaching.

The new leader of the now, defunct extremist liberal party already apologized to the Hungarian people for the wrongdoings of the past twenty years. These are signs that the process of redressing the injustice of the past has already started. But until the corrupt police and justice system haven't cleaned up, the system cannot be reformed.


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Krisztina rocks [Video]

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Video about the speeches delivered by Jobbik EP members in the EU parliament. Finally, someone is speaking up for the interests of the nation rather than for the interests of the global corporations. This hasn't happened in the past few years. It's time to celebrate. It's been a long time coming and as a saying goes, “Good things come to those who wait because everything comes gradually and its appointed hour.”

Her folk costume is beautiful too.


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Three more members of the MNY have been arrested

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Today, police have arrested three more members of the nonexistent Magyarok Nyilai terrorist organization; one of the detainees is a female. The group is accused of attacking socialist politicians said Géza Fazekas the spokesperson of the corrupt court.

He said the Magyarok Nyilai organization had been founded by György Budaházy, in 2007.

According to the fairy tale, the alleged members attacked the properties of socialist politicians in order to intimidate them and influence their political decisions in the legislature.

One of those arrested has been active in the organization since 2007. He helped training the group that threw a Molotov cocktail on the house of János Kóka said the spokesperson to the Nepszabadsag.

(I cracked up laughing several times while reading the original Hungarian press release; it sounded so unreal, so fake, so hilarious that it could get even a depressed person smiling.

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The Montreal Jazz Festival: a photo essay

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Montreal Jazz festival is the greatest musical event in North America. It is a regular feature of the city of Montreal and is, usually, held in the first week of July. The timing is probably due to the fact that the weather is the most agreeable at this time of the year. Unfortunately, this year this wasn't the case. Rain has been falling almost unceasingly, since June.

I was planning to go to the festival every day and make hundreds of pictures; but I almost missed the entire event due to bad weather. But at the final day, God had mercy on us, and the sun started shining. I managed to shoot around 150 pictures. Here is a random selection.

Stage from a birds aye view

Early birds

Waiting for the next performance


My favorite band of the evening from Mexico

She was awesome

Pure ecstasy

Stand up bass player

Mexican beauty

What's next

Reading while waiting for the next show

The best combination ever: beer and music

My favorite T-shirt of the evening

The loneliest man of the evening

All benches are taken

This might develop into a relationship

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