Another savage lynching murder in Pesterzsébet

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A 53 year old man was lynched by two gypsies a few days ago, in Pesterzsébet. The man was about to buy cigarette in a grocery store when saw two gypsies beating a customer in front of the store. The man called on the gypsies to stop the assault when they turned on him kicking twenty times. By the time the ambulance arrived, he was dead.

It turned out that the gypsies insulted the shop-assistant because the store didn't have the booze they wanted. The customer defended the shop-assistant that started the attack.

According to the son of the victim, the murder of his father will cause financial difficulties for the family; this is, in addition to the sense of loss, since he was the only breadwinner of the household.

According to police spokesperson, officers are investigating the case. Knowing the previous records of the complicit police, one has to take this statement with a grain of salt, especially when it comes from a corrupt institution like the Hungarian Police Force.



Anonymous said...

F**king Gypsies

Anonymous said...

people have free-will and are responsible individually for what they do, and should be punished individually for it, it is not true that every Gypsy is a murderer

Anonymous said...

The real problem is not even the gypsies but the corrupt government that has been tacitly supporting the gypsy criminals; and its backers that are running the show from the background.

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