Budaházy was arrested 100 days ago

Thursday, September 24, 2009

It was, exactly, 100 days ago when the regime ordered the arrest of the innocent patriot falsely accusing him of terrorism. Police have never produced any evidence about the case; in fact, they withdrew the original fairy tale that linked him to the imaginary Magyarok Nyilai terrorist organization and came up with new charges; this time accusing him of being the founder of the Hunnia organization.

He has been held in the Vác city jail with other patriots. The regime keeps him in isolation; not even his wife allowed to see him.

Krisztina Morvai said today, she intend to put pressure on the justice system by requesting explanation about the charges and the evidence on which the patriot is being held. As a human rights activist and as a member of the European Parliament, she also wants to visit him in jail.

There is a donation drive for helping the families of the imprisoned patriots. Those who would like to help can do so through paypal, on the site. Click on the donate button, write "hazafiak" in the entry field and proceed as usual.



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