The Economist: "Laszlo Kovacs has left no trace of his passage through Brussels"

Monday, September 28, 2009

The prestigious English magazine, The Economist, published a commission report card about 27 commissioners of the EU, as they ended their five year term in Brussels.

Among those that got a good grade were, Siim Kallas (administration) from Estonia, Malta’s Joe Borg (fisheries), Mariann Fischer Boel (agriculture) from Denmark and Ireland’s Charlie McCreevy (internal market).

Among "the not-so-good guys" we find  Franco Frattini (justice),
Germany’s Günter Verheugen (industry), Viviane Reding (information society) and Austria’s Benita Ferrero-Waldner (external relations).

At the end of the list, we find our very own Laszlo Kovacs (tax) whose activities the magazine summed up in one short sentence, he "has left no trace of his passage through Brussels".

Are you surprised? If yes, you should be very naive. Because, this is exactly what we have expected from the ex-apparatchik and the quintessential parasite.

What do you think, what grades will Kinga Goncz and the other freeloaders, sitting in the EU parliament, get at the end of their terms?

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