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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jobbik released a compiled list of criminal cases where gypsies attacked, injured and killed innocent Hungarians. Most of the criminal offenses were unprovoked.

1) Sixteen year old Norbert Kiss was beaten to death in Kecskemét, on August 23, 1993 in broad daylight by three Gypsies with wooden posts planted for tree support. The criminals were sentenced to three and half year jail term.

2) Gypsy criminal Béla Zsolna of Nagydorog of Tolna County, mugged and beat to death one of his older acquaintance, on January 21, 2004.

3) In the Beirut Rock Cafe of Hódmezővásárhely, a 30 member criminal group, living off drug trafficking and prostitution, attacked Hungarian teenagers. One of the teeangers was stabbed, his jacket was pulled open to inflict the fatal injury.

4) Forty Gypsies assaulted two policemen who were investigating a Gypsy criminal wanted on a warrant, in Örkény on May 8, 2005.

5) The owner of a pub was attacked in Hajdúhadház, on June 7, 2005 by Gypsy criminals who are also assaulted the responding police officers.

6) On June 7, 2005 in Dunavecse, two teenage Gypsies stabbed the female attendant of a video store causing life-threatening injuries, because she didn't let them watch movies in the store.

7) Three Gypsy criminals got into fight with an individual in Balatonboglár on a train; then the victim was thrown off from the passing train at Balatonfenyves. The man suffered life-threatening head injuries.

8) In September 2005, fifty nine year old Mrs. Katalin Jakab Ördög of Ópályi was picking peas when she was assaulted and beaten to death from behind with an iron bar by two Gypsy criminals.

9) November 3, 2005, in the underpass in Western Square, 15 Gypsies picked on a patrolling security guard. Three assailants were put out of action by the guard's gas pistol, but once his weapon ran empty, the remaining members of the group tackled and seriously injured him.

10) In December 2005, three Gypsy teenagers tortured the 47 year old István A. in Pásztó to get hold of a large sum of money he had inherited. István A. died of his wounds. His body was dismembered with a chainsaw and the remains were thrown into a nearby sewage pit.

11) On March 11, 2006, in District XI, in Budapest, a fifteen year old Gypsy criminal stabbed a 17 year old Hungarian male in the streetcar stop, on Fehérvári Avenue. The victim was taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries.

12) On March 11, 2006, in the town of Inke, a 59 year old Hungarian man got into an argument with his Gypsy neighbor whose friends were cruising with their car causing public disturbance. The man pleaded with gypsies to stop it whereupon he was attacked. To defend himself the man used his Flober pistol hitting one of the Gypsy assailants on the face who was lifted to the hospital with injury requiring over eight days of recuperation. One of the Gypsies jumped into his car, drove into the courtyard of the Hungarian man and ran over him causing serious leg injuries.

13 On May 1, 2006, in the town of Olaszliszka, drunk Gypsy teenagers roughed up a man in his own courtyard. The teenagers attacked the man because he didn't give them money. The victim's wife called the police, but following their departure the criminals returned and continued beating the man with iron bars and wooden sticks resulting various arm and leg fractures. The police learned about the crime after the victim was taken to the hospital, because the couple did not dare to call the police again.

14) On July 20, 2006, in Makó, András Kurai, a 15 year old Gypsy criminal raped the 18 year old Henrietta Pénzes, then tied the girl to a tree-trunk and set her on fire. Within a few days, the Hungarian girl died.

15) On October 2006, four Gypsy criminals tortured a sixteen year old Hungarian teenager for days, in the Regional Youth Correctional Facility of Miskolc prison. The teenager had to fight with each Gypsy, then he was repeatedly raped. The Gypsy cell mates then made a rope from bed sheets and hanged him. The teenager survived because he was able to slip his hand between the rope and his neck. One of the cellmates who couldn't watch the suffering of the boy alerted the guards.

16) In the morning of October 7, 2006, in Tiszacsege, Gábor Farkas, the 22 year old resident of Jászberény was beaten to death by Gypsy criminals. Farkas was in town to winterize the family’s summer cottage. In the evening, he visited a local establishment with his friend and got in a conversation with a local girl. Some members of the well known Bari Gypsy crime-family picked on the Hungarians, who then attempted to settle the matter peacefully. A score of Gypsies followed them beat Farkas to death on the street.

17) On October 15, 2006, several dozens of Gypsy criminals lynched the 44 year old Lajos Szögi in plain view of his daughters.

18) On November 2006, in Orosháza, a 68 year old Hungarian farmer was attacked and seriously injured by Gypsy criminals breaking into his house.

19) In November 2006 in Kerekhegy, in the vicinity of Miskolc, Gypsy criminals murder a Hungarian man on his own property.

20) On December 2, 2006, in Eger, a Hungarian university student is beaten by Gypsy criminals for no reason causing serious injuries to him.

21) On April 8, 2007, in Easter Monday, a 19 year old Gypsy murders the 99 year old Piroska Lajos.

22) On May 17, 2007, Kisleta, in the Szabolcs County Elementary School the son of a Gypsy woman stabs one of his classmates. Apparently, prior to the altercation, the two children had a disagreement on the curricilum.

23) On June 18, 2007, in Tuzser of Szabolcs-Szatmar-Bereg county, in the early morning, a 12 year old Gypsy perpetrator sneaked into a 19 year old Hungarian female's home and stabbed her to death in her sleep, because the girl reprimanded him a day earlier for misbehavior.

24) On July 23, 2007, in Dunakeszi, a Gypsy woman asked cigarettes from an elderly Hungarian lady. Because she didn't get one, she robbed and stabbed the lady to death.

25) On August 16, 2007, in Kallo, in Nograd county Gypsies assaulted a Hungarian man with iron bars when caught them red handed stealing crops. The man was lifted to the hospital with life-threatening injuries; the crime hasn't been investigated yet.

26) On September 13, 2007, in Piricse, Szabolcs-Szatmar-Bereg county, three Gypsy criminals attack and bludgeon to death a local pub owner.

27) On September 16, 2007 in the XI district of Budapest, in the Black Dog Pub, two Gypsy criminals slashed the bar attendant with a samurai sword. The Hungarian man was taken to hospital with serious injuries.

28) On November 5, 2007, on the Ferenc Korut and Ulloi Avenue, a pregnant woman was attacked by a Gypsy. She was hit repeatedly and robbed.

29) On November 11, 2007, in Szalonna, a 15 year old Gypsy murdered and robed a 93 year old Hungarian woman. After a short time in custody, authorities set the murderer free unlike the young Hungarians of Szigetvar that were indefinitely incarcerated after a brawl. Racist discrimination!

30) On November 18, 2007, in Gadna, a Gypsy perpetrator raped and stabbed a 88 year old woman; he then gouged her eyes out, split her skull with a hammer and cut her legs off. In terms of brutality, this case is unprecedented even by Gypsy standards.

(to be continued)


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