How to Tell Lies Like a World Champion Liar

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ferenc Gyurcsany, the one time Prime Minister of Hungary, was outraged because the opposition Fidesz dared to question his contribution to the country's “economic success story”. The Fidesz suggested that the new government will have to implement a strategy similar to the post-war reconstruction.

In his blog, Mr. Gyurcsany questions the validity of the claim because in his mind the country is successful. The new bridges, the new apartment buildings and the growth of internet use are the proof of that.

In the blog, he talks about Leonard Cohen, Esterházy, Nádas, Spiró, Závada, Parti-Nagy and Darvasi; this is to show that the country is a bustling cultural scene attracting big names from all over the world.

The blog becomes quite surreal at the point when Mr. Gyurcsany begins fantasizing about the Hungarian paradise full of sailboats and internet addicted children chatting and posting messages in cyberspace. He concludes by suggesting that the prosperity is already reality and he and his party are the assurances that it will linger. The recovery plan of the Fidesz is nonsensical. In a surprising move, he said “those who don't appreciate their own accomplishments won't be respected by others”.

His narration of events resembles to the account of a Colombian drug lord, showing his guests around in his fortified living quarters where the distinguished members of the crime syndicate are chit-chatting about idle things, oblivious of the misery of the rest of the population.

Understandably, Mr. Gyurcsany doesn't talk about unemployment and the tens of thousands of people that are loosing their homes and livelihood on a daily basis. Neither, do we hear about the hundreds of thousands of people that are living in fear and terror from gypsy criminals, tacitly supported by the complicit government. How about the crippled medicare, the bankrupted school system and the impaired transportation system, Mr Gyurcsany? Why don't you talk about corruption that is rotting the very foundations of our social institutions?

It is an insult that a man like the psychopathic ex-Prime Minister is still in the position where he can continue lying and deceiving.

Mr. Gyurcsany was the inspiration behind the atrocious human rights violations committed by the corrupt police force, in 2006, against protesters celebrating the anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. More about this here.

When it comes to summing up the meaning of Mr. Gyurcsany's discourse, one can luckily call upon the most authentic source, the man himself that concluded his own contribution to Hungarian politics in his remarkable speech in Balatonőszöd:''We lied in the morning, we lied in the evening...We did everything to keep that secret to the end of the electoral campaign...We screwed up, big time... No country in Europe has been so blatant. We obviously lied through the past one and a half to two years. And meanwhile, we didn't do a thing for four years -- nothing.''



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