Jobbik wants the revision of the Finno-Ugric narrative

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Jobbik is calling for the revision of the Finno-Ugric linguistic theory based on fraudulent reasonings and politically motivated arguments. In a letter to the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Jobbik challenges members of the institution to reexamine traditionally held views on the origin of Hungarians that had been part of the national consciousness before the Finno-Ugric theory was introduced into national awareness by the Habsburgs.

The Habsburgs, by all means, wanted to eradicate the commonly held view of national origin. In order to do that they commissioned foreign linguists to construct a fake narrative that was alien to the native notion of history; the goal was to break national resistance by depriving the nation of its traditional views of history that posed an obstacles to Habsburg colonization.

The Finno-Ugric language theory and the fraudulent arguments about the origin of Hungarians concocted by German linguists a century ago. Before, Hungarians had an altogether different view about their own origin. They held that they were the descendants of Hun-Scythian ancestors.

The story of Hun-Scythian origin has survived in oral and written forms and are supported by Greek, Arabic, Iranian and Chinese historical documents.

Genetic research that has been conducted, recently, in the regions once belonged to the Soviet empire, shows that Hungarians have no genetic relationship with the Finno-Ugric people. These new findings have already reflected in the Finnish school textbooks. Finns are already distancing themselves from the Finno-Ugric fairy tale.

In order to survive globalization people have to know their true history, otherwise lose their identities as the global elite has been conducting a clandestine war on national cultures. The aim is to uproot human beings from their social environments that provide protective surroundings for them. The displaced masses can be manipulated and used as mindless consumers--an ultimate goal of those who rule the world. The global landscape is already full of socially engineered human beings (“experts without spirit, sensualist without heart” --Goethe); these are the people that make up the bulk of consumer societies. They function as tools rather than spiritual beings in the hands of the global elite.

What Jobbik wants is a healthy debate about all aspects of Hungarian history. It is not the intention of Jobbik to interfere with scientific research or by any means restrict scientific freedom, but rather, inspire scientists to examine the contradictions inherent in the Finno-Ugric narrative.

In the spirit of this outlook, Jobbik supports the establishment of new university departments and other civic workshops devoted to the research of the history and the origin of Hungarians. It calls for the establishment of a new institution dedicated solely to the research of the ancient history of Hungarians. Jobbik also calls for the revision of textbooks of the elementary and high schools, in order to let children and young people getting acquainted with the true history of their ancestors, as early as possible.


Anonymous said...

This will be a major turning point for Hungary, in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

I agree.

Anonymous said...

This is BS. We sound like nazi's trying to "create" a great history when we must look into the future. Let's face it: we are a small nation...

Anonymous said...

> Finns are already distancing themselves from the Finno-Ugric fairy tale.

No, they do not. This "fairy tale" is a well-studied theory with no real alternatives, it only gets occasionally challenged by uneducated nationalists akin to Jobbik.

> inspire scientists

Science is only good for as long as it doesn't get convoluted by attempts of defending something in spite of existing solid proofs. Inspiration from, once again, uneducated nationalists is the last thing science might need.

Hungary is a country with a great history and an important place in modern Europe, it doesn't need ridiculous fringe theories like Sumerian links to prove that.

Anonymous said...

A recent research on the subject of the origin of Hungarians conducted by anthropologist Zsolt András Biró decimates the commissioned German linguists' (who didn't even speak proper Hungarian) fairy tale about the origin of Hungarians.

Anonymous said...

Hungarian language has a common ancestral language with Finnish and other Uralic languages.

However, what the Magyar nationalists dont realize is that language does not equal genetics. No one is claiming the Hungarians and Finns are genetically related to each other just because they speak a language from the same family.

That's like saying Icelandics and Indians must be genetically related because they both speak indo-european language.

Anonymous said...

Fake, fantasy origins of people is made-up by those, whose purpose it can serve.
Two people. Two bullshit theories of origin. Both are unable to stand rigorous multi-discipline scrutiny.

One is to belittle and degrade (Hungarians).

The other is to elevate and to give right of ownership to lands which was NEVER theirs. (Ashkenazi Jews). Last (2012) December release of the DNA findings HAS conclusively proven A. Koestler's (a Jew himself) theory: The Ashkenazi are really Khazars and are NOT Semites.
In their case there is not even a tenuous language link; Yiddish has no connection with Hebrew or Aramaic.

The Finn-Hungarian language analysis is fraught with FRAUD; just one example: Szab (like cut, shear, carve out) es szablya (like a curved SWORD). According to the finnugric "experts" one is finnugric, the other is Turcic origin. Yeah, right...
If you believe this, I have some stuff for you to sell - cheap - like a bridge in New York city...

Jaska said...

For non-linguists this may require some mental effort, but there is no question that Hungarian is a Uralic language, quite closely related to Mansi.

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