Jobbik wants to give free textbooks to students

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dóra Dúró, the Head of the Educational and Cultural Committee of Jobbik

The beginning of the school year brings tons of extra expenses for parents; to ease the financial burden on families, Jobbik proposes a system where schools would lend textbooks to students for the entire school year; at the end of the term, students return the books to the school for reuse. A system like this would require regulating and standardizing textbook publishing. Also, textbook publishing should be nationalized to keep expenses down.

These solutions are already implemented in many Western European and Scandinavian countries: students use textbooks for free and return them at the end of the school year for next term students. They pay only for damages, if any. To be able to set this system up, textbook publishing should be regulated; in other words, making sure that the content of schoolbooks won't change needlessly. Practicality should replace profit considerations. In order to make the system workable, exercises should be presented in cheaper workbooks rather than including them in textbooks (standardized and large volume publishing more cost effective).

According to Jobbik, the steady demand of the educational market calls for the nationalization of textbook publishing, which is possible and desirable.

The parties in parliament are partly responsible for the rising school expenses that in this year, for a first grade pupil has reached the 100 thousand forint level; this could have happened because since 1992, officials have been allowing the prices of textbooks to rise, on the yearly basis.

In parliament, Jobbik will table proposals about the implementation of a system outlined above, in order to lift as much financial burden from the shoulders of families as possible.

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