Moral decay: the rituals of transparency

Thursday, September 24, 2009

While police regularly harassing peaceful citizens expressing their constitutional rights during demonstrations, they do nothing to persecute people openly defy the law. The latter case is clearly manifest itself in a photo session, you can see in the video, where a whore exposes herself in public on the busiest streets of Budapest, offending citizens and children happen to be in the area.

Police brushed off citizens complains about the indecent exposure by saying, they could do nothing against public nudity.



Anonymous said...

I dont agree with it, but she is friggin Hot chick :-) No wonder the tourists come.

James Marko said...

I can attest to a couple things. 1) The police are pretty much helpless for just about all minor offenses. 2) It isn't just because she was a hot chic. I'm not in the best shape but I frequently go for nude walks. I've passed police before and they don't bat an eyelash. They may give me a look but then just continue on their way.

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