The official kanji of the Kyokushin World Tournament has been revealed

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Three more days and the biggest Kyokushin World Tournament, up to date, will open its doors in Budapest, in the Papp László Sport Arena. Today, the organizers of the event revealed the official kanji of the tournament designed by the preeminent Japanese calligraphy artist, Matsumura Kyuukaku.

The meaning of the kanji is--the strongest of the world, sekai saikyo (in Hungarian: a világ legerősebbje). The slogan was the brainchild of sensei Sándor Brezovai; the design of the artwork incorporates angular and circular elements in a masterfully unified way by Matsumura Kyuukaku.

Kanji painter, Matsumura Kyuukaku was born in Japan, in 1972. He has received his master degree in calligraphy, after studying 2 years and 11 months, in his first calligraphy school. He participated in many competitions and received several awards for his artworks; currently, he is the Head of the Kyuukaku calligraphy school. The Imperial family is also among his customers.



Anonymous said...

Hi the editor is keen on the Kyokushin Karate, have you heard of BARANTA Hungarian martial arts?

PoppySeed said...

Of course, I've heard about Baranta. I write about karate more because, I myself practiced this sport and am familiar with the rules and vocabulary of the competition. Every sport has its own specific expressions that make it difficult to write about, especially for those not familiar with that particular style. I am familiar with karate and perhaps football; I know little about other sports in terms of rules and competition.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the great work on spreading the news about Hungary, also Edit Ábrahám goes to my Gym she is a fit girl.

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