Pictures of police brutality in Hungary

Thursday, September 3, 2009

While the European Union is eager to condemn countries like Iran, Iraq, Burma for human rights violation, it remains silent about police brutality in Hungary--a member of the European Union.

At the opening session of the EU parliament, the assembly condemned third world countries for human rights violations, but remained silent when Krisztina Morvai called the assembly's attention to the atrocities that the criminal Gyurcsany regime has been committing against its own people on the ongoing basis.

Furthermore, this very same assembly promoted Kinga Goncz the bloody handed ex-Minister of Foreign Affairs into the position of vice-chairwoman of the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs.

The images below give you an idea what happened during the 2006 unrest, when the regime ordered police to shoot protesters indiscriminately.

There is no doubt that the Gyurcsany regime is guilty of crimes against humanity and the EU should investigate the 2006 unrest before worrying about human rights violation in other countries, otherwise, it looses its credibility completely.


Anonymous said...

EU is protecting these criminals ruling Hungary.

Anonymous said...

La Unión Europea se urga las narices y se rasca las bolas ,mientras un gobierno corrupto de sinvergüenzas,usa a la policía (descerebrada) ,para golpear y maltratar ciudadanos.

Bran Culture said...

I like the last picture a lot. Great makeup.

Anonymous said...

its not a make up.

Anonymous said...

what the hell is wrong in hungary or better said, in the whole fcuking world? Ha?

Humans are idiots! Can´t they all live together? You all make me sick!

Anonymous said...

the Jobbik party claims to be anti-semitic, it is not. Quite the opposite, they are Zionists representing the interest of Israel whilst they are driving Hungary's economy further into bankruptcy. The Zionists opened Pandora's Box of racism. Why? Because people started to question 9-11, the governments in USA and in Europe and of course the economy. They started to rebel. Therefore, blaming the Gypsies will give the people someone to hate whilst making sure anti-semitism stops and the Roma people are intimidated. Enforcing their slave status within society, will have no rights, no education, no property, no land, which will provide a slave labor for the market. It will also bring peace to society, because the working class and uneducated will not rebel, they will be busy hating and blaming the Gypsies. See more information on Slavery and how it is enforced today:

Anonymous said...

Jobbik doesn't claim to be anti-semitic. It's what opposing parties say when they run out of their lies they call "reason" and "arguments". They don't blame the gypsies but point to the problem - there's a huge ethnic problem where the gypsies make children to get support/aid from the government so instead of working the run a business solely based on making children. Also Hungary's countriside lives in terror as these gypsies are running around with samurai swords, guns in their BMWs while the government, tax authorities don't care about how the hell can they afford these things while they clearly don't work. Many generations of gypsies never seen a job and they haven't even tried. But the gypsies are just puppets and used against hungarians so when the people die, flee (leave the country and move abroad) zionists can bring in their own kind. And not just Jobbik can see this but many many hungarians too..

Anonymous said...

The Hungarian people is not to be considered amongst the other peoples of Europe. Because of the preservation of their nobility and values.

The zionists and corrupted men who rule EU know that, and they are giving a special treatment on Hungarians because they are afraid of them.

The state of Hungary is afraid of the brave people of Hungary, and it is the corrupted rulers' hearts' desire to crash that people with any form of violence.

Europe will rise again, the peoples have spoken.
Long live the indigenous noble peoples of Europe!

Anonymous said...

Pick your leaders from the "bottom up". Choose them yourselves in meetings of small groups and work up from there.
If you let the media pick your leaders they will place a crypto Jew as your leader.
The Hungarian Guard should choose their leaders at their own meetings. Place these picked leaders as Jobbik politicians and everyone back them... then you will have your country back!

Csaba Jakab said...

Double standards and hipocricy all over western civilization.You can expect from the Eu only to put the knife in your back.

Anonymous said...

Hungarian Brothers you had great suffering -"police states" I hope with Victor Orban is better for you ,maybe you hawe what is very important human hope ! Greetings from Poland ,Janusz Stankiewicz

Anonymous said...

eu should bomb greece and hungary totaly out of the world map

Anonymous said...

Rage and fear are two of the most powerful instruments in the field of social engineering. For centuries, political leaders have gained power by inflaming rage and fear against one cultural group or another. It is an effective tactic that Machiavelli wrote about 500 years ago, and is still being used to justify irrational hatred, cruelty and abuses even today. Unfortunately, it is usually the innocent who suffer the most. The women and children. With it's centuries-old history of bloody ethnic and cultural conflicts, Central Europe has ancient wounds that may never completely heal. Still, it is unfortunate to see Hungarian authorities abusing citizens in light of the abuses that Hungarians have suffered in places such as Romania. I have come to believe that humans are hard-wired for brutality. From an evolutionary standpoint it is a useful adaptation that helps ensure the survival and dominance of our race or tribe. But at the end of the day, are we ultimately any better than the marauding baboon or chimpanzee? Maybe "civilization" is simply a matter of perspective.

Anonymous said...

Get rid of Zionists in both countries and open the way for Europe to do the same.Golden Dawn and Jobbik are the hope of the World,the World is watching

Thomas said...

Do NOT ally with Muslims. No Muslim should be allowed to set foot in any European or Western nation.

Anonymous said...

The Jew haters are all over, even where there are no Jews. Bad economies are blamed on the Jews, like Poland blamed it on them during an economic conference - even though not a single Jew was in power to influence the economy of Poland. Jew hate is a mental disorder based in envy and resentment of a superior people and culture who have given, and continue to give the world more than any other. They are harder working, more ethical, talented, smarter and more productive than many others, and that is why other superior cultures, Chinese and Koreans today, Indians yesterday, emulate them:

The most beautiful woman of her time, Jewish and proud of it, invented the fundamental technology behind radar, sonar, GPS, mobile phone, satellite communications, WiFi and Bluetooth. The Jews, a great people, have a great deal to be proud of!
Meanwhile the antisemites have nothing to show for their miserable lives except a hate that rots their souls.


I rest my case.

salvagesam said...

"The Jew haters are all over, even where there are no Jews"

Please Mr Jew stop with the lies. Once again a Jew is 'projecting' onto others the crimes that he himself do. The Jew kill 100+ million Eastern Europeans under Zionist Jew-created Communism but falsely claim that 6 million Jews were gassed in WWII - yes, this is called 'projecting' Jewish crimes onto others to cover up his own insane Jew crime.

I am very pleased to be informed that you praise Chinese & Koreans with whom Jews seem to have very cordial relations with. I am so glad to know. Now could you please inform me when the Jew will be moving to China & Korea to be with his brothers as I want to organize big party to celebrate this momentous occasion when White man is at last free from Zionist Jew.

I bring to your attention fact that White European in USA put Man on Moon. No Jew involved I assure you. White man technology only. But if Jew want to go to the moon then he gonna find great Jew prospects there on moon. I sure Jew gonna find most precious resource & treasures there on moon. Of course, I talk about Nazis hiding from Jew on moon. I'm sure there are lotsa Nazi on moon for Jew to discover so please go & don't bother us no more. Please Jews stay in China, Korea and Moon and don't ever come back here. Thank you very much. The cooperation of the Jew will be very much appreciated

Oddjob said...

according to jewish lore non jews, the Goyim as they call them don't have souls. that post illustrates the delusion of jews and the fantasy world they live in, one of self worship.A self worship based on make believe history and monopolising god for themselves.

the world sees them exactly the opposite as the way that was described. Only school children believe their fantasy. And only foolish leftists beleive the jewish vision for the world will be a utopia for everyone.

Adults that look and see cannot believe what they find out about the jew - they are left either in shell shock or with stockholm syndrome as the truth is too damaging to the psyche to accept. Look at the western world in 2017 where the jew presides as ruler instead of the wasp and compare to asia. But like american blacks say, it is all whiteys' fault. From leading the world, to complete ruin and demographically collapsing and being consumed by the third world after believing in the fantasy stories of the jews. The evidence is mountanous and overwhelmingly against them, hence the new right renaissance. If it was widley known and understood by the nations from the bottom to the political level what they have done the entire world would come after them in revenge. fleeing to israekl would not be enough they would have to flee to pluto. (see marcus ravage boasting of their guilt)

we do not need you you need us... to vampirically feed off.

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