Police raid Toroczkai's wedding party

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

In an outrageous move, the Hungarian police stormed László Toroczkai's wedding party for the request of the Romanian police. Police officers entered into the Motel where the guests slept and took some of them into custody, including Toroczkai himself.

Among those who have been taken into custody were the lead singer of the Hungarica rock band Balázs Sziva, Gyula Zagyva the president of HVIM and members of the Budaházy family.

It turned out that someone removed the Romanian and Serbian emblems from the Trianon obelisk located at the Hungarian-Romanian-Serbian border that triggered the raid.

Those who have been taken into custody handcuffed and photographed by police said László Toroczkai in a statement sent to the press.

According to Toroczkai, it was obvious that police have been monitoring the party and the movements of the guests invited.

The damaged obelisk



Anonymous said...

Toroczkai was deeply saddened by the vandalism, and strongly rejected the claim that he has anything to do with vandalism or other illegal activities. He said that he has always been a peaceful and law abiding citizen observing the letter and the spirit of the law :-)

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