Program of the Kyokushin World Tournament

Monday, September 28, 2009

September 30th, Wednesday

10:00–23:00 Check int o the Hotel Aréna

17:00–20:00 Registration of contestants, presentation of the medical certifi cates in the designated hotel room

18:00 Press Conference (in Szentes)

20:00 With the attendence of the leaders of the world organizations the inauguration of the Memorial Wall int he Sosai Memorial Park in Szentes, sanctified by shinto priests

October 1st, Thursday

10:00–13:00 Meeting of the referee II. in the Parlour of the Hotel Aréna

10:00–14:00 Registration of contestants, receiveing startnumbers, presentation of the medical certificates in the designated hotel room

10:00–18:00 Weighing in the designated hotel room

15:00–18:00 Boat tour and sight seeing for the leaders of world organizations

19.00–21:00 Welcome party in the Banquet Hall of the Hotel Aréna (approximately 1000 people attending)

October 2nd, Friday


10:00 Opening ceremony, the introduction of the attending world organizations, the contestants entry in suits per country

10:20 Oath in Japanese, English and Hungarian

10:30 Explanation of rules

10:45 Withdrawal of the contestants

11:00–20:00 Kumite qualifying in three arenas in men and women categories (in men category until the best 32, in women category until the best 16)

October 3rd, Saturday 10:00–14:00 Men and women kata qualifying (1st round, presentation of the obligatory standard exercise)


14:00–20:00 Continuing the kumite qualifying in three arenas, per weight groups, until the best 4

October 4th, Sunday


12:00 Announcement

12:05 Taiko display

12:15 Ceremonious opening: – Introduction of the leaders of the world organizations and VIP guests

– A politician’s and Kancho Royama’s complimentary and opening speech

– Original archive documentary about Sosai

– Fire-jugglers

– 5-7-year-old children take in the leaders of world organizations to the arena by and, introduction of each leader

– All of the leaders of the world organizations with a torch in their hands light the all kyokushin fire again

– Commemoration of Sosai Oyama, while a huge picture of him descends above the arena

– Sosai ceremony with shinto ritual with the leaders of the world organizations and the high–ranking memebers of the Kyokushin–kan

13:00 Entry of the contestants in karate–gi, the best 4 per category

13:05 Oath, explanation of rules

13:30 Devils and Angels

13:50 Kata 2nd round, display of the optional kata (best 8 in men and women categories)

14:15 The breaking performance of the best 4 contestants in all categories: seiken, shuto, higi, kakato

15:00 Childrens demonstration kyokushin-kan

15:30 Fights for the finals

17:30 Displays

18:30 Kumite finals

20:00 Announcement of the results, taking pictures, closing of the tournament, Taiko closing ceremony

22:00 Sayonara party at the Banquet Hall of the Hotel Aréna

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