Sólyom the chicken lies about the patriotic movement

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

László Sólyom, the President of Hungary has proved once again that he was not only a coward but a liar too. A few weeks ago, the President stopped at the Slovakian border when authorities in Pozsony threatened him with dire consequences if crossing to Komárom to unveil the statue of St. István, the first Christian king of Hungary.

Today in Berlin, Sólyom has accised Jobbik and the entire patriotic movement with extremism and anti-gypsy activities. He has accused the patriotic movement of exploiting the hardship of the population suffering from economic troubles and gypsy crime.

In his is speech, the president has recited the same old mantra, we hear on a regular basis from treasonous politicians. The shameless stooge accused the Hungarian Guard of causing anti-gypsy sentiments; but so far, he haven't apologized to the countless victims of gypsy crime.

The patriotic movement has no program other than fear mongering, continued the President. He was understandably coy about Jobbik's program that is so solid that even the opposition Fidesz has stolen parts of it.

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President is a traitor!

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