Tóásó is sick and lost weight

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Előd Tóásó is sick and doing his best to survive in the dreadful San Pedro prison. He got flu and some kind of stomach infection due to poor quality prison food. He also lost weight.

He has been kept in an isolated section of the jail reserved for political prisoners. This gives him a relative protection against common criminals making up the majority of the prison population.

The temperature is 10-15 Celsius during the day and around zero during the night. He gets visited by an appointed consul and a local Hungarian woman, on the weekly basis.

He spends his time by carving "Székelykapu" and learning Spanish.

There is a major effort underway aiming at sending 100 thousand signatures to Bolivian authorities in support of the Tóásó. For more info visit the Előd Tóásó website.



Anonymous said...

Poor guy.. hold on ! I hope you get out from that hell as soon as possible. I am with you, I pray for you.

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