Trianon memorial was unveiled in Erdőtelek

Sunday, September 13, 2009

On a church property, in Erdőtelek, Sándor Rácz, representing the World Federation of Hungarians, unveiled a Trianon memorial. In his speech, he said the Freemasons that had decided on the fate of Hungary after the First World War and the Trianon treaty itself was only a formality. The organization had an agent in Hungary, called Mihály Károlyi and the Entente sent Bela Kun to organize a communist party in Hungary, similar to Lenin that was sent to Saint Petersburg to take over the Tsar.

Gábor Vona and members of the New Hungarian Guard were also present during the ceremony. In his speech, Vona called Trianon the biggest tragedy of the nation. The treaty divided families, including gypsy families, and its impact is still with us. The aftermath of the tragedy manifests itself, in the fact that Hungary joined to the EU on the most disadvantageous terms and that the current regime persecutes the Hungarian Guard.

József Tóthpál, the chief of Jobbik's Erdőtelek chapter said that Hungary was still on a downhill, in a spiritual, intellectual and moral sense. He called Trianon the Hungarian holocaust; he said that nobody had the right to question its reality or challenge the wishes of the people to grieve for it.

The memorial was blessed by József Molnár Roman Catholic priest.



Anonymous said...

After French shameful defeats, in Sedan on 1870, on 1914 and 1940, France is doing whatever it takes to kip down Germany and Austria-Hungary. Since then, France, in a fierce struggle for existence, is denying the right of Germans, Austrian, Hungarian, Croatian, Bosnian, and Bulgarian to exist. The Trianon treaty turned the nationalities of Eastern Europe, who had always lived in coexistence, into sworn enemies.
French are enough ignorant not to understand that:
The Red Army, with 360 divisions, equipped with prestigious artillery, supported by armor, and decent air force, would invade them and stop at the Biscay Bay. They ignore the Anglo Americans efforts, and their ultimate sacrifices to save them. What goes around comes around. One day they will get what are looking for, but this day will be the last day of Europe too.

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