HVIM commemoration service is underway

Friday, October 23, 2009

Riot police surrounded the Petőfi Square where the HVIM is holding its commemoration service. Among the speakers, Edda Budaházy, the sister of György Budaházy, said today police could snatch anyone on the suspicion of terrorism. She said we celebrate the anniversary of the 1956 revolution but by today we already have our own martyrs. She said on October 30 there will be a demonstration demanding the release of the political prisoners.

Lászlo Toroczkai and Gyula Zagyva drew a parallel between the Rakosi era and the present day political situation. One of the associates of the szentkorona radio news portal was snatched by police, as she left home. Since then, she is in custody and no one knows with what she is accused of.

Raffael Gimenez representing the Democracia Nacional said General Franco was the only western leader wanting to aid the Hungarian Uprising in 1956.

Despite police provocation, the gathering ended peacefully and the crowed left for the Deak Square to join to Jobbik's commemorations service.

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