Krisztina Morvai and Csanád Szegedi in the Hungarian Parliament [Video in Hungarian]

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Jobbik members of EP, Krisztina Morvai and Csanád Szegedi, addressed to the Hungarian Parliament in the budget debate. In her speech Krisztina Morvai summed up Jobbik's position on the budget by rejecting the Socialist plan and calling it the continuation of previous strategies favoring international corporations at the expense of local businesses. She finished her speech with the usual greetings of the Hungarian Guard: God give us better future.

Csanád Szegedi called the budget anti-Hungarian and likened it to the destructive policy of Nicolae Ceauşescu, the now dead Romanian dictator wanting to destroy Hungarian villages in Erdély.

Socialist politicians and the governing crime syndicate left the chamber during the speeches. In a witty remark, Csanád Szegedi said let's hope they will never come back.

After the speeches, Gabor Kuncze, the infamous Hungarian hater and the distinguished stooge who makes a good living out of treason called Csanád Szegedi fascist.

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Anonymous said...

How interesting... the report iis accedentally missing a minor point of why the speech is considered to be neo-fascist, the bit about the israeli president.

The infamous Hungarian hater :-) :-).
Well balanced, once again, congratulations.

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