Hedvig Karakas: the best junior judoka of the year

Monday, November 30, 2009

In Düsseldorf at the EJU Congress Gala Dinner awards were given for the best senior judoka, and for the junior judoka.

In the senior category, Ivan Nifontov (RUS) and Morgane Ribout (FRA) have won the honour to become EJU Best Judoka of the year.

Both judoka were chosen by the EJU Sports Commission because of their fantastic year based on championships all over the world, not making a difference between European or World Wide events. 

In the junior category, the Sports Commission decided to award the honours to Lukas Krpalek (CZE) in the men’s division and Hedvig Karakas (HUN) in the women’s division.

Both fighters had an outstanding year. Krpalek extended his world junior title recently in Paris and Hedvig Karakas won bronze at the Senior World Championships and won the U20 World and European title.


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Mesterházy promises undemocratic campaign

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Reports leaked to Magyar Hirlap indicate that the socialist will pursue an undemocratic election campaign during the the next few months leading up to a spring election in April. Mesterházy, the small calibre stooge has already shaved his beard showing that he was ready to start the campaign that according to Vona, will be the dirtiest ever.

Mesterházy, the protégé of ex-Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány who is still pulling the string of the puppet, said he would consider Fidesz as an opponent and Jobbik as enemy.

The two criminals—Gyurcsany and Mesterhazy—has already testified in a fraud trial in the case of János Zuchlak, a small fish that was used to syphon money out of state funds under the watchful eyes of Ferenc Gyurcsány; both denied his involvement in the fraud and there is a good chance that the crooks won't get charged because, in all probability they destroyed the evidence of their engagement in the crime and are laying the blame of the fraud on the small fish already enjoying the hospitality of a correctional institution.

There are signs that the socialists, by now, are in a pre-election campaign mood. The party controlled police have stepped up their intimidation campaign against patriotic organizations, in all over the country.

Police are banning residential forums, harassing citizens and putting pressure on municipalities to ban Jobbik election gatherings, exactly as it was promised by Mesterházy in the leaked document.

Today, riot police have invaded Kiskunlacháza where patriotic organizations planned a commemoration service to remember the innocent victims of crime. Police banned the service and the event was called off, yet cops showed up in the town with overwhelming force to intimidate residents; according to locals, police cars and paddy wagons were everywhere and the town looked like a surreal montage out of a Peter Greenaway movie where police officers running around on empty streets looking for ghosts to arrest. This shows how desperate the regime is; the criminals are borrowing scare tactics form the Rákosi era that people thought was over once and for all, but communist scare tactics made their appearances once again thanks to the Socialist-Liberal administration.

The goal is to ban Jobbik, the only force in the country that still has credibility and a clear vision of getting the country back on its feet. This is what Gábor Vona talked about in a recent press conference.

We can safely say though that the strategy of the regime won't work; it is too late to stop the awakening of the country, as people are demanding radical changes in every segment of society. In fact, the socialists have no good choices left to pursue because whatever strategy they deciding on (persecute Jobbik or try to ignore it, as the mainstream media does), in either case, they will boost the popularity of the party and the agenda of the patriotic movement.


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A real Hungaricum: “Egri Csillagok” has been re-published by using ancient runic typefaces.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The book cover design

As part of the Hungarian cultural renewal, the popular story “Egri Csillagok” has been re-written in Hungarian runic alphabet, known as “Rovásirás”. As part of the cultural awakening, workshops are popping up everywhere in the country and people are rushing to learn the ancient Hungarian alphabet that was the writing system of our ancestors during the period of “Honfoglalás”.

The publication of the story might turn out to be an educational milestone in the renewal of the nation that has already been happening on many levels.

The book cover is beautifully designed to complement to the high quality printing job. It costs 2200 forints (about USD 12), plus shipping and handling.

The hardcover and 336 page book can be purchased at the news-portal. More information about the orders available at

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Climategate spells end to the false science of climate change

Friday, November 27, 2009

By Anthony Gucciardi

With the release of over 60 megabytes worth of incriminating emails, and the world getting a glimpse into the world of fanatical pseudo-science, there is little that can be done by the professors who are now on intellectual trial. Whether the emails were leaked or hacked, the people responsible for getting the information out have helped uncover the truth about “climate change” like no news story before it. While there have been piles of evidence to expose the global warming fraud in the past, a written exchange in their very own words is the ultimate proof.

Lord Monckton on the Alex Jones Show, November 27, 2009. Hear the rest of the interview.

With Lord Christopher Monckton making an appearance on the Alex Jones show on Friday to discuss the Climategate story, it is evident that even top political figures are speaking out against phony “climate change”. The very premise that carbon dioxide is bad for the environment goes against the basic fundamentals of science. While it is absurd to think the public would fall for something so outlandish as to say that one of the building blocks of life is a poison, you must remember that many agreed to ban water under it’s scientific name dihydrogen monoxide.

One would believe that the day the groundbreaking emails surfaced would be the last for global warming propagandists, yet the professors still attempt to lie their way out of the issue. Some so-called environmentalists even went into a state of hysteria upon finding out about the leaked emails. The professors can dance around on television all day, but the truth cannot be silenced by a thousand lies.

When looking at the history of the climate change scandal, you will find that the alarmist terminology shifts repeatedly. First they warned against global cooling, warning of a new ice age. Shortly after the warning of a new ice age, global warming was toted as the new killer. The mainstream media picked up global warming as the story of the generation, claiming it was the inevitable killer of humanity. As more and more evidence surfaces, they are now forced to admit that we are entering a cooling trend. As more and more saw this repetitious cycle for what it is, phony scientists toting global warming were forced to change their wording. “Climate change” emerged as the new word used in order to accommodate any environmental change.

The ludicrous claims made by pushers of the global warming scam have been thoroughly debunked, and those in charge of creating false numbers have been exposed. It is time to inform everyone you know about these recent findings. Don’t let false science dictate the actions that you make in your life.

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The price of garlic quadrupled in China

Thursday, November 26, 2009

According to Chinese folk tradition the flu virus can be effectively treated with garlic. Some Chinese schools are buying garlic, 2 tons at a time and pressuring students to eat the herb every day. Currently, investing in garlic in China is more profitable than investing in gold.

According to Chinese media, the other reason behind the price increase of garlic is the manipulation of stock prices by coal mine owners. There are parts in China where the price of garlic forty times higher than it was at the beginning of the year.

According to Chinese tradition, garlic helps preventing heart and blood vessel related diseases, as well. The healing power of garlic resides in its two main components--allicin and amino acids; they are also responsible for the unique smell of the garlic. Allicin is an organosulfur compound and when it combines with red blood cells, it relaxes the blood vessels helping blood circulation and dropping blood pressure.

The regular intake of garlic is known to be very beneficial for human health, unlike the artificial garlic compounds that are causing side effects. People with high garlic consumption diet---countries in the Mediterranean region--known to have far less heart related health issues than those don't include this beneficial herb in their diet.

(lifenetwork – -

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Gypsy youngsters raped a 10 year old girl with a broomstick

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

In the Egerbakta Elementary School, six gypsy youngsters grabbed a ten year old girl, undressed her and raped her with a broomstick. The girl was in an empty classroom waiting for the next class to start when the gypsies violated her.

The girl suffered light injuries and as a result of the assault, she was taken out of the school.

The youngsters cannot be prosecuted because all are minors, under 14 years of age.

They also made a video about the rape that police have already recovered.

(Note: It is not uncommon that gypsy youngsters suffering from arrested development, due to inbreeding and the abusive lifestyle of parents, still attend grade 3 or 4, at the age of 13 or 14. The age difference between regular students and retarded ones can be quite substantial. It is not clear that in this incident this was the case because authorities and police don't release information when gypsies are involved in criminal activities, in order to cover up gypsy crime. But the nature of the assault and the fact that the gypsies were way older than the victim suggesting that in this incident too, indeed, retards might have been involved.)

( -

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The Eduardo Rózsa Flores Foundation has been registered by a Hungarian court

The goal of the foundation is to honor Flores' memory and preserve his artistic and intellectual legacy.

The address of the Foundation is his Szurdokpüspöki house:
3064-Szurdokpüspöki, Szabadság út 237.

The Foundation is asking everyone who agrees with the ideals of this undertaking to contribute to the Foundation to help maintaining the project.

Bank Account No:CIB Bank: 10700079-49500109-51100005


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GlaxoSmithKline pulls swine flu vaccines in Canada


LONDON — Pharmaceuticals company GlaxoSmithKline PLC said Tuesday it has advised medical staff in Canada to not use one batch of swine flu vaccines in case they trigger life-threatening allergies.

Company spokeswoman Gwenan White said that they issued the advice after reports that one batch of the swine flu vaccine might have caused more allergic reactions than normal.

"We have advised health care professionals not to use that batch while health authorities and GlaxoSmithKline investigate," she said.

White said the batch at issue, which has been distributed across Canada, contains 172,000 doses of the vaccine. She declined to say how many doses had been administered before the advice to stop using them was given.

White said U.K.-based GlaxoSmithKline wrote to Canadian health care professionals advising them to stop using the batch on Nov. 18. She says a total of 7.5 million doses of the vaccine have been distributed in Canada.

GlaxoSmithKline is the world's second largest drug maker by revenue. Its shares were down 0.08 percent on the London stock exchange at 1,276.50p ($21.16)

Copyright © 2009 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

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Socialists have chosen a young gigolo as their new PM candidate for the next year national election

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

His name is Attila Mesterházy. Despite his relatively young age, he is already a seasoned crook; he has been involved in a multi-million forint embezzlement scheme resulted the arrest of János Zuschlag, a small fish, through which the socialist crime syndicate led by Ferenc Gyurcsány, syphoned taxpayers money out of state funds and gave it to business associates.

The criminal investigation of the Zuchlak case is still ongoing; Mesterházy and his boss Ferenc Gyurcsány were already summoned to testify as witnesses in the case.


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Abigél Joó, European champion in the 70 kg category

In the European U23 Judo Championship Antalya, Abigél Joó won the gold medal in the 70 kg category. The Hungarian team won 5 medals and finished in the fifth place overall.

1) Russia (3,1,4)
2) France (2,1,2)
3) Germany (2,0,1)
4) Italy (2,0,0)
5) Hungary (1,2,2)


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Easy Breezy Beautiful GNOME Shell

Monday, November 23, 2009

Marina Zhurakhinskaya introduces GNOME Shell and its design goals.

GNOME Shell is the new face of GNOME. The goal of the project is to create a better design for the look and feel of the desktop and the key functions the desktop provides. These functions include enabling the user to find and open applications and documents, switch between various activities, and view incoming information such as chat messages or stock price updates. Many of these capabilities are already provided by the separate modules of the current GNOME desktop, but GNOME Shell integrates them in an overall comprehensive design.

I have been working on GNOME Shell since its conception at the GNOME UI Hackfest, which was held the week before Boston Summit in October 2008. My work includes writing code, weighing in on the design plans, and making sure that our wiki is up-to-date with all the information necessary to try out GNOME Shell or get started contributing to the project. I am part of the team of software developers and designers at Red Hat guiding the project. We actively work with the developers of the technologies GNOME Shell is based on (such as Clutter, Mutter, and GObject Introspection) and with many community members who contribute to the project. There are preview packages of GNOME Shell in many Linux distributions already and it is slated to be the default look of GNOME 3.0, which will be released in September 2010.

Our motivation in designing GNOME Shell is to provide a consistent, self-teaching user interface based around the day-to-day tasks of the user. Over time, the user should be able to grow in their use of the desktop, easily discovering the more advanced features and ways to personalize the desktop to reflect their work patterns and individual taste. In addition to taking responsibility for the user’s overall experience, we want to delight the user with sleek graphics and visual effects enabled by new graphical technologies. We also want to make it easy for the user to focus on their current task by de-emphasizing the other tasks and using the notifications sparingly in accordance with the user’s preferences.

The first noticeable change in GNOME Shell is that the two panels of GNOME 2 are replaced by a single black panel at the top of the screen. This panel contains some familiar things like a clock and notification icons, but the menus containing applications and other options have been replaced by a single button at the upper left of the screen that takes the user to the Activities overview. Next to the Activities button, is the name of the currently used application that will eventually contain the application menu, with options such as close, open a new window, as well as application specific options. Removing the second panel and some controls on the top panel creates more space on the screen for the application windows and removes from view the options that are only used momentarily and are not related to the current application. One way the user can switch applications is the improved Alt+Tab dialog that displays all open applications.

The most important of the innovations seen in GNOME Shell is the Activities overview mode which dedicates a full screen to all the different ways in which the user can switch from doing one thing (an activity) to doing something else. It shows previews of all the windows the user has open, the user’s favorite and running applications, favorite directories and connected devices collectively called “places”, and recent documents. It also integrates search and browse functionality in case what the user wants isn’t immediately visible.

The user can get to the Activities overview by clicking the Activities button or by simply moving the mouse to the upper left corner of the screen which activates the “hot corner”. The hot corner is a fast and easy way to get to the frequently accessed overview.

Like in GNOME 2, windows can be grouped into “workspaces”, but the GNOME Shell Activities overview makes workspaces much more intuitive. The user can easily see what is on all the workspaces, drag new applications or documents to a particular workspace to open them there, and drag windows between workspaces. The default is having one workspace and the user can add or remove workspaces as needed. In addition to making workspaces more intuitive, the view of what is on all workspaces allows the user to pick a window to switch to in a single step regardless of whether it is located on the same or different workspace as the user’s previous activity. Similarly, single step switching is available in the Alt+Tab dialog which shows applications open on all workspaces.

GNOME Shell puts a bigger emphasis on applications (Firefox, Evolution, Terminal, etc.) rather than on the separate windows of the application. The application icons in the Activities overview serve as both the application launchers and the indicators of which applications are running that let the user switch to the application. This replaces the custom launchers and the task list that was shown in the bottom panel in GNOME 2. The running applications are indicated with a glow behind the application name and the glow is broken up into multiple circles if the application has multiple windows open. Clicking on the application icon opens a new window for the application if it was not running or switches to the last used window of that application if it was already running.

Consider the case of a web browser with tabs, the title and the appearance of the window will differ depending on what tab is open. By emphasizing the Firefox name and icon, we’ve provided a consistent target for switching to the application. Furthermore, right clicking on the application icon brings forward the previews of all windows of the application, which takes the guess work out when compared to clicking on the poorly identifiable targets in the GNOME 2 bottom panel before stumbling on the window you meant to restore. An option to open a new window is available from the right click menu along with the titles of the current windows. Similarly, the Alt+Tab dialog groups open windows by application and provides large previews of the windows when the application icon is selected.

For many applications, such as XChat IRC, Empathy, Evolution, Calculator, or Chess, it makes most sense to only run one instance of the application, so switching to the existing window of the application is what the user wants if the application is already running. However, in GNOME 2, the user had to know whether such application is already running before making a decision to click on a launcher to open a new window of the application. Accidentally opening a duplicate window could mean having an unnecessary extra Calculator window cluttering the desktop or signing in into IRC under a second nick. By combining the application launcher and the application switcher and making switching to the already running copy of the application the default behavior, we give the user confidence that if they just go ahead and click on the application icon, the right thing will happen.

Trying out GNOME Shell is easy. It is stable and convenient to use in its current state and many people already use it as their default desktop. Many Linux distributions have the GNOME Shell preview packages available.

On Fedora 12, you need to run ‘sudo yum install gnome-shell’ and then select GNOME Shell in the System->Preferences->Desktop Effects dialog.

On Ubuntu 9.10, you need to run ‘sudo apt-get install gnome-shell’ and then run ‘gnome-shell—replace’. You can run ‘gconftool-2—set /desktop/gnome/session/required_components/windowmanager—type string gnome-shell’ to always start GNOME Shell when you log in. You can run ‘gconftool-2—unset /desktop/gnome/session/required_components/windowmanager’ to reverse this change.

Instead of using a package, you can also build, run, and periodically update GNOME Shell yourself using these straightforward jhbuild instructions, which will allow you to stay on top of the GNOME Shell development changes. Be sure to check out the GNOME Shell cheat sheet when you start using GNOME Shell.

The current work items for GNOME Shell include adding a new message tray and notification system, improving application and document browsing, and creating an extensions system which will allow developers to create custom plug-ins for GNOME Shell. We welcome design input and development help for these and other GNOME Shell features. You can get involved by joining the GNOME Shell mailing list, hanging out on the IRC channel “gnome-shell” on, reading the design document, going over the information on the development page, adding a translation for your language, and filing or fixing bugs in Bugzilla. The best place to discuss what you want to contribute or ask for help is the IRC channel. Lurking there is also fully acceptable!
About the Author

Marina Zhurakhinskaya is a Senior Software Engineer working on the new shiny GNOME Shell code on the desktop team at Red Hat. She is particularly interested in making sure that the GNOME desktop is intuitive for the users and well-documented for the contributors. Outside of work, she likes to hang out with friends and family, travel, listen to audio books, and read reviews on Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Amazon.

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Gábor Vona: There is only one program, Jobbik's program

Some time ago, I said there was only one program, Jobbik's program. I also added, whoever forms the next government, it has two choices: either implements our program or let us do it. Many opposition members got upset about the statement, many smiled at it. Just like when I said, a while ago that the majority of Hungarians were Jobbik supporters but they didn't know it yet. Many smiled then, but less do it now. I didn't mean it to be a joke. I was dead serious in both statements. Radically.

But what does radical mean? Perhaps, that I was born with clenched hands and with foaming mouth? That in the kindergarten, my sign was the Molotov cocktail? Radicalism is not an idea but an approach. If an accident victim would be slapped by the doctor or give him an aspirin, both approaches would be wrong. In the past couple of decades, not one car but a dozen train ran over Hungary, yet the country was treated by slaps and painkillers. The left wing parties are slapping, kicking and the beautiful souls of right wingers are deluding the people. Let's spell it out: Hungary has been deliberately ruined. We need a radical treatment—according to the analogy above, a surgical operation, rather than slaps or painkillers. Only Jobbik has the recipe for that cocktail. We have to touch areas that neither the left nor the right wing parties dared, wanted or being allowed to tackle. What they know are slapping or administering painkillers.

Besides us, nobody dares to take up the issue of indebtedness and the need to renegotiate national debt. Nobody dares to spell out that the business of the Hungarian National Bank needs to be reorganized to reflect national interests. Who would dare to speak abut taxing international corporations? Certainly not the parties that are financed by the very same multinational corporations with Judas money...Also nobody is too eager to tackle one of the biggest scandals, the private pension plan that will explode in our face in the next couple of years. And of course, nobody is raising the need of re-channelling private pension funds into state owned accounts.

I am not even surprised that no one in the parliament has spoken out against the selling out Hungarian land to foreigners. This plan could be prevented by modifying the landownership act with a simple majority vote in the parliament. Probably, we'll have to tackle this issue as well; likewise, the elimination of the exemption law, the stockpiling of positions by members of parliament and the possibility of abrogating the mandate of members of parliament. We are supporting the proposal of halving the number of seats in parliament but the real question is not this, because if we reduce the number of seats from 386 to 200, we still end up with close to 200 freeloaders.

Nobody has any idea how to solve the gypsy question. Sajóbábony proved, there are civil war like conditions in many parts of the country. The left wing parties don't acknowledge the problem at all and the opposition only frowning. But in this situation only drastic measures have chances to succeed. We need to introduce social work and debit cards—in other words, work rather than baby business oriented mentality and family support. For the Hungarian Guard and the gendarmerie need a legal framework. We need a situation where the gypsies can return to the world of work and education. Those, who are not willing to take up the offer have two choices: either, they leave the country by taking advantage of the rights of free movements established by the European Union or jail that won't be wellness institution, rather inmates will have to work to earn the expenses of their own confinement, because nobody will tolerate parasitic and criminal lifestyle anymore.

And finally, who would dare, besides us to raise the question of restoring the historical constitution based on the “Szent Korona tan”. The left wing parties understandably would like to stick with the Stalinist “patchwork” constitution and the opposition once again offering aspirin. Or opening the secret archives that include the business dealings of the past twenty years? Can anyone expect from any parties in the parliament to bring the political criminals responsible for the privatization and re-privatization projects of the previous years to justice?

In this article, we haven't even talked about education, culture and media related issues--all sides have appalling approaches toward these issues. Who will dare taking up the issue of suspending the rights of private television stations, who will throw out the Bologna educational system and who will designate July 4 a national holiday? Who will rebuild the national defence. Who will defend the interest of the railway and the bus companies against the multinational lobby interested in building more freeways? Who knows how many more ideas, I left off from the list that only Jobbik has the credibility, the skill and the strength to realize.

So, I say it one more time, without bragging and concentrating only on facts, so that everyone can understand: the next government, either implements the program of Jobbik or let Jobbik do it. Anything else is bad choice...

(Note: The original title of the article is “Pofon és Algopyrin”)


Translated by poppyseed

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Felszabadult Budapest! Tormay Cecile beszéde

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Katonák! Testvéreink!

Hajnal van ma! Ti hoztátok - és mi, asszonyok, mint kétezer év előtt a szentírás reggelén, a Golgotha tövében, eljöttünk, hogy köszöntsük a feltámadást.

Magyar hajnal és keresztény feltámadás a Ti hazatéréstek egy szörnyű véres Kálvária után, melyben Károlyi, a magyar Iskariot és démoni cinkosai elárulták, megkínozták, kifosztották és megcsúfolták a magyar nemzetet.

Történetünk legsötétebb éjtszakája volt ez és most olyan ígéretes a reggel, mert eljöttetek. A reménységet fél esztendő óta Horthy Miklósnak hívják Magyarországon és most ő vezérelt ide benneteket, hogy visszafoglaljátok a keresztény Magyarország számára megtévedt, de bűnbánó fővárosát. És hogy az emberiség becsületében magasra emeljétek újra Szent István ezeréves koronáját.

Jelentőségteljesebb és sorsdöntőbb hazatérte még nem volt hadseregnek e világon. Ti nemcsak fővárost foglalni, országot hódítani jöttetek! Nem csupán a magyarságnak a Duna és Tisza völgyéből kisarjadt fiatal hadinépe vagytok, de Ti vagytok a Nemzeti Hadsereg, melyre négyszáz éve vár a nemzet, hogy a sír szélén érje meg és éledjen általatok. Reménységünk, jövőnk, mindenünk vagytok - még múltunk is, mert hiszen Ti vagytok azok a hősök, akiktől 1914 őszén búcsúztak el a magyar anyák, a magyar hitvesek. Akkor ment el a mi hadseregünk és azóta nem tért vissza. Jöttek rokkant hősök a csataterekről, szenvedő hadifoglyok szomorú rabságból, sőt jöttek a múlt őszön lázadó ezerek, de a magyar nemzet dicsőséges fegyveres ereje nem tért haza.

Öt év után ma jön vissza. Bennetek térnek meg Gorlice, Limanova legendás hősei, azok, akik győztek a szent Kárpátokon, az erdélyi havasokon, a Duna szerb partjain, az Adria kék vizei felett és tizenkétszer győztek az Isonzón és az Alpokon.

Nagy múltunk és nagy jövőnk, melynek élén Horthy Miklós jár, hajoljon meg előttetek minden zászló az országban, szólaljon meg minden harang. És vigye a szél magyar zászlók suhogását, keresztény harangok zúgását azokhoz, akik nincsenek itt, azokhoz is, akik messze kicsiny fakeresztek, hullámsírok alól most haza figyelnek.

Élő hősök és az elesettek megdicsőült seregei, halljátok meg! Asszonyok szólnak hozzátok a magyar főváros felszabadult földjén és hű zálogul felétek nyújtják zászlójukat. Az elmúlt rémuralom hiába ítélte halálra a nemzet büszke színeit, mint egykor a Rákóczi támogatóit hiába égette el máglyán a gyűlölet, újra feltámadtak és szárnyra keltek egy új ezerév felé.

Vegyétek ezt a zászlót és ne nyugodjatok, míg bele nem tükröztétek képét a négy folyónk vizébe, míg vissza nem emeltétek a három halmok fölé.

Vegyétek, asszonyok keze áldotta meg, szentelje fel dicsőségben a Ti férfikezetek.

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Landslide Fidesz victories in two by-elections

Fidesz candidate Máté Kocsis win 67% of the vote, in the eighth district where a bi-election was held due to the resignation of the current liberal Mayor.

The Socialists received 17% and the Liberal party 8% of the vote.

In the eighth district, Jobbik candidates didn't run for office.

In Csorna, Fidesz candidate Alpár Gyopáros received 79.71% of the vote. The second is Jobbik candidate Krisztián Takács with 10.51% and the third the Socialist candidate Csaba Balogh with 4.64% support. It is clear that the support of the Socialist party has collapsed.

The Csorna by-election was held because János Ádler resigned by winning a seat in the EU parliament during the European Parliamentary Election.


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Magdi Rúzsa's grandfather was the soldier of Miklós Horthy's National Army

Magdi Rúzsa's grandfather joined Miklós Horthy's National Army said Magdi to the ATV NÉVshowR TV show. She wanted to get her Hungarian citizenship quickly to be able to show it to her grandfather who unfortunately had died before Magdi received her citizenship. The current citizenship act makes it difficult for Hungarians living in the neigbouring countries to get citizenship without hassles, which will change as the current treasonous regime will become a bad memory, in April at the latest.

Magdi indicated several times in the past, how she felt about her Hungarian heritage. However, she could have never openly confessed her patriotic feelings because the business she is in, under the control of extreme, anti-Hungarian forces ruled by Gábor Presser, the one time member of the Locomotive rock band who is now a music business guru and known about his anti-Hungarian sentiments; he is the reincarnation of György Acél, the communist kingpin that controlled cultural activities in the Kádár era.

( –

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The Horthy march organizers are expecting police provocation (continually updated)

“Egy jobbikos szervező az alábbi kéréssel fordul a hazafiakhoz: Sziasztok! Most kaptam a tájékoztatást, hogy a Horthy emlékére rendezett felvonuláson nyílt rendőri provokáció van készülőben. Nem engedik vonulni a Gárdát, azonosítószám nélkül állnak kint, körberöhögik aki meg meri kérdezni a számukat, legyen bár jogvédő az illető, valami nagy sumákság készül”.

A kint lévők kérik, hogy aki teheti, minél gyorsabban menjen ki és erősítse az amúgy is komoly tömeget!

According to sources on the ground, hundreds of riot police surrounded the Kosztolanyi square where thousands of people are waiting for the march to start.

About 500 to 1000 members of the New Hungarian Guard is also present but police preventing them to join to the parade.

Police officers are not wearing identity signs on theirs uniform (that is required by the law).

Éva Tafferner , police spokesperson said members of the Hungarian Guard have been prevented joining to the parade because they assembled into a military formation. Members of the Guard unequivocally denied that such thing happened.

In the mean time, the parade reached the Gellért square and speakers are talking to the crowd that swelled to many thousands. Most members of the New Hungarian Guard are also arrived to the Gellért square and joined to the celebration.

According to reports, police arrested ten members of the New Hungarian Guard and have been taken to the Gyorskocsis street detention center. Judit Kun, the lawyer of the Foundation for Legal Defence of Hungarians Rights already in the detention center to help the detainees.

The commemoration service finished peacefully. People are leaving the Gellert square, but members of the New Hungarian Guard and sympathizers are going to the Gyorskocsis street detention center to show solidarity with the arrested patriots.


( - -

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Ildikó Lendvai, the sanctimonious hypocrite lying again

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ildikó Lendvai, the leader of the Socialist party, a one time censor of the Kádár era, is screaming about Jobbik's commemoration celebration saluting to Miklós Horthy's liberation of Budapest.

According to the political prostitute, the Horthy era started with “terror and ended with ghettos”. She called upon Viktor Orbán, the leader of the opposition, to openly dissociate himself from Jobbik's commemoration parade on Sunday.

This has been the week of provocations, said the butch--alluding to the Sajóbábony incident where gypsy gangs attacked the guests of a Jobbik forum.

According to her the fact that the parade starts at the Kosztolányi square already a provocation and threatens the peace of Budapest.

Lendvai, a seasoned member of the Socialist crime network, accused Sándor Pörzse, the popular talk show host, who is also member of the Hungarian Guard of assaulting a member of the socialist party. What actually happened was that in a restaurant a socialist mayor recognized him making insulting remarks. Of course, Pörzse rebutted the insult and there were some loud words exchanged but far from insult or physical violence.

The shameless Socialist want to make a case was out of this minor incident to show that the Hungarian Guard was a threat to the public.

(Note: despite the relentless provocations and attacks by the police, the Hungarian Guard has never broke the law, during its two years existence, unlike police and government criminals)


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Miklós Horthy lifted the communist siege of Budapest ninety years ago

Ninety years ago, Miklós Horthy entered Budapest riding on a white horse and ended the 133 days communist nightmare. Jobbik will commemorate to the anniversary with a colorful parade on Sunday, with the participation of horseback riders. Jobbik members and sympathizers are calling all Hungarians to come and join to the parade at the former Horthy Avenue that the communist renamed Béla Bartók avenue, after the Second World War.

The march begins at 3 pm. on the Kosztolányi square and ends at the Gellért square.

Many prominent members of Jobbik will address to the people; among others, Levente Murányi and Előd Novák, the vice-presidents of Jobbik. Robert Kiss, the captain of the New Hungarian Guard and László Bodrog, the captain of the “Nemzeti Őrsereg” will also speak.

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Another unlawful police action

Friday, November 20, 2009

Police surrounded a pub in Csepel where the New Hungarian Guard had recruiting session. According to szenkoronaradio news-portal, the police force entered into the pub and arrested three individuals, amongst them Robert Kiss, the captain of the New Hungarian Guard.

Pastor Lórant Hegedűs, Csanád Szegedi and Gábor Szabó are on their way to Csepel to get first hand information about the reckless police action.

About 200 supporters of the New Hungarian Guard waiting outside and more police have been arriving as the invasion of the pub is continuing. Meanwhile, police carry out identity checks on supporters with the obvious intention of intimidation.

The three arrested individuals have been taken to the Gyorskocsis street detention center. Lawyers representing the Foundation for Legal Defense of Hungarians Rights are in the detention center.

Csanád Szegedi released a statement. Police, under the direction of Tibor Draskovics, the Minister of Justice and Law Enforcement, proved once again that they are accomplices of gypsy criminals. There is a major offensive against patriotic Hungarians; the regime wants to intimidate ordinary Hungarians by intensifying gypsy terror. All elected parties are collaborating with this undemocratic process carried out by the regime. These intimidating measures remind Hungarians of the darkest Stalinist era. Csanád Szegedi calls all sympathizers to wear white shirt and black vest to show solidarity with the Hungarian Guard (that during its two years existence has never broke the law, unlike police and government criminals).

As a show of solidarity, Csanád Szegedi will attend the Monday session of the European Parliament in the uniform of the New Hungarian Guard.

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In broad daylight (probably) gypsies are trying to rob a man

Thursday, November 19, 2009

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Google Releasing the Chromium OS open source project

11/19/2009 10:31:00 AM
Today we are open-sourcing the project as Chromium OS. We are doing this early, a year before Google Chrome OS will be ready for users, because we are eager to engage with partners, the open source community and developers. As with the Google Chrome browser, development will be done in the open from this point on. This means the code is free, accessible to anyone and open for contributions. The Chromium OS project includes our current code base, user interface experiments and some initial designs for ongoing development. This is the initial sketch and we will color it in over the course of the next year.

Read the rest here.

A sneak peek at the new os.

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Government criminals are behind the Sajóbábony violence[VIDEO in Hungarian]

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

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Gábor Vona in Sajóbábony

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gábor Vona and Róbert Kiss are in Sajóbábony to learn what happened in the small town during the weekend. Police closed off the entire town but the movement of Jobbik's delegation is not restricted by any means.

Vona has visited the owner of the local grocery store, the lady who had been insulted by the gypsies during the weekend disturbances.

Vona also talked to a group of gypsies asking them whether they heard about Jobbik program. The gypsies have never heard about it. In the mean time, they said to Vona that during the weekend “someone spread rumors” about the the Hungarian Guard coming into town “to kill gypsies”. (Comments: this shows that the hostilities are fueled by covert force)

According to reports, Jobbik sympathizers have also arrived to town but they, by the request of police, have remained in the local gymnasium. They will meet Vona later on.

Among the attendees were Csaba Kállai, the main Gypsy Chief (oszágos cigány vajda) and the Gypsy chief of Borsod county, Attila Lakatos. Csaba Kállai said covert forces wanted inciting civil war between Hungarians and Gypsies. Both gypsy chiefs want the situation solved peacefully. Vona said polite words were not enough, gypsies have to prove, they indeed wanted solutions to these problems. Gypsies have to give up their criminal lifestyle and have to return to the world of work said Vona.

(bariká - Pictures: Hírszerző)

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