A new Hungarian party has been registered in Serbia

Friday, January 22, 2010

A new Hungarian party, called Magyar Remény Mozgalom, has been registered in Serbia. Despite the hostilities surrounded the registration process, the activists of the new party managed to collect all the signatures required by the law for a party to be registered.

According to the news release, the movement “made up by young people with clean past; none of them has any association with corrupt politicians of the past that stole, mislead and lied to the people; these young men embody new moral standards and fighting for Hungarians living in Délvidék by true idealism”.

“Dear Hungarian residents of Délvidék, we don't ask newer and newer chances, only one chance, in the next general election. For us, one chance will be sufficient and we are going to act upon it. We are going to fight for Hungarian unity as lions, but we don't envision this unity with corrupt politicians; we want to unite the honest Hungarian residents that are accepting our common goals. We are going to elaborate on these goals in the coming months. The outlines of our program is up on our website, but we are going to say more on those issues, when we meet with the common people of the towns and villages”.

Among others, the new party invites everyone that can identify with the outlines of its program and didn't commit any pernicious act against Hungarians in the past, to join to the party.

The news brief is signed by

László Bálint, the president and Setyerov Zorán, the vice-president of the Magyar Remény Mozgalom

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