Papa, mama are gender biased terms

Monday, February 22, 2010

This is the family model that the global power hates

Teachers, church leaders and professional organizations are protesting against the new gender guidelines in kindergarten that the government introduced, sneakily, into the educational system; teachers are outraged that the bill was implemented without consultation with educational organizations.

Teacher's groups that took part in the preliminary discussions of the new law, said that government official didn't bring up the gender issue during the negotiation process, at all.

According to the bill, kindergarten teachers are obliged to use teaching methods that are discouraging children to explore their own gender identities; stereotypical gender based behaviour should be curbed.

Sister Erzsébet Bajzák said that in practise, the bill instructs kindergarten teachers to interfere with little girls' activities when playing with dolls and should orient them toward different toys, like bulldozer. Also, teachers are obliged to discourage girls wearing skirt, long hair and other gender specific styles of clothing. Using the terms of papa, mama should also be curbed.

Kornél Papp, spokesperson of the Reformed Church said the new bill was a deliberate attack on the family unit. Half of the children already grew up in broken families and the teaching profession already “feminized” so much that those facts alone might trigger gender confusion among children. Many children don't have parental models based on the traditional family unit of the opposite sexes. If we deprive young children from the remaining normalcy, they will develop identity problems in later life, said Kornél Papp.

The Ministry of Employment has been advertising the detrimental gender ideology on its website. According to ministry officials, the advertisement is part of the governments' employment equality promotion program.

However, experts remarked that promoting gender ideology among children, has nothing to do with government's effort of advocating employment equality, among the sexes.

Government officials have cited certain stereotypical behaviour patterns among children that teachers should control; for instance saying that men are goal oriented and women are family directed are wrong, these terms should be considered gender biased expressions.

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