Jobbik sues ATV

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jobbik will sue ATV because of slender. A few days ago, the TV channel aired a lie about Jobbik receiving 15 million from a bank robber said Előd Novák Jobbik's vice-president. Jobbik will also initiate the suspension of the licence agreement of the TV station and starts legal proceeding against any media participated in the spreading of the lie.

Jobbik already released a statement stating that the party has never received any contribution from the alleged bank robber called Miklóstól Cs.

Despite repeated calls, ATV didn't issue a correction of the false report. With this the TV channel violated the law of objective reporting said Előd Novák.

( –

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Nikolett Müller resigns from the Hungarian Guard

Nikolett Müller the beleaguered member of the Hungarian Guard resigned from the Guard because of the controversy surrounded her past activities as a porn actress. In a letter to the chief of the Hungarian Guard, she thanked to the Guard for standing behind her when the entire media attacked and smeared her including nationalist publications.

She said her involvement in the porn business was the result of an immature girl's bad decision that was adult only in the number of her years. She wanted to start a new life that's why she joined to the Hungarian Guard.

She resigns because she wants to spare the Guard from further controversies. This decision, she called the second most painful in her life.

She said she has never commented on any news portal on articles written about her and will not do so in the future either (Note: On velvet, a National Inquirer quality trash portal a fake comment appeared that was attributed to her).

She said “Regardless of the circumstances, in spirit, I will remain forever member of the Hungarian Guard and I am happy that I could experience the friendship of a true community, whatever short this period was.”

She hopes that those smeared her in the media, one day will experience the result of a bad decision.

She finished her letter by saying that as a civilian she will continue fighting for the better future.

(Note: Everybody makes mistakes. This case shows, it is better to reserve judgement before rushing to condemn someone without knowing all the circumstances surrounding the case one has been dealing with. Nikolett Müller made a bad choice as an immature girl and realizing her mistakes she became a patriot who was willing to do something for the betterment of her country. As a show of solidarity, I've deleted all naked pictures about her, I included in my earlier post.)

The full letter:

Adjon az Isten!

Tisztelt Főkapitány Úr!

Pár évvel ezelőtt hoztam egy rossz döntést. Nem keresek rá mentségeket, rossz döntés volt. Egy fiatal lány döntése volt, aki korban felnőtt volt, észben nem. Aztán rájöttem, hogy rossz utat választottam. Szerettem volna tiszta lappal újraindulni. A Magyar Gárda soraiba jelentkeztem, és elmondtam a múltamat. Úgy éreztem, ha elmondom szépítés nélkül a múltamat, vállalom érte a felelősséget, akkor elmondhatom, hogy felnőtt lettem. Úgy éreztem, hogy esélyt adok vele magamnak. És megkaptam ezt az esélyt a Gárdától is.

Köszönöm, hogy a Gárda összezárt, és megvédett. Épp ezért hoztam meg életem második legfájóbb döntését: szeretnék kilépni a Gárda soraiból. Sajnálom, hogy a sajtó az egész Gárdát bántotta az én hibás döntésem miatt. Még a saját oldalunk sajtója is. Ezúton tenném hozzá, hogy semmilyen portálon kommentárt nem fűztem a megjelent cikkhez, és a jövőben sem fogok, a nekem tulajdonított írással pedig én magam sem értek egyet.

Ettől függetlenül lélekben örökké Gárdista maradok, és örülök, hogy- ha rövid ideig is- de igaz bajtársak között állhattam.

Remélem, hogy azok a firkászok, akik napokig az én képeimmel bíbelődtek, egyszer majd megérzik, milyen súllyal bír egy rossz döntés. Mert szerintem ez, amit velem tettek, az volt.

Bízom abban, és civil emberként is küzdeni fogok azért hogy eljöjjön a szebb jövő!

Müller Nikolett

( –

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Official notice of the event - Weight Category Knock-down Youth And Junior All Kyokushin Karate European Championship

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Oyama Dojo Sports Club – Szentes Ady E. Str.27, Hungary-6600 (member of the Hungarian Traditional Kyokushin Karate Organization, who is official member of Kyokushin-kan International Karate-do Organization)

The aim of the tournament:
To call together the Kyokushin karate styles independently of the world organizations, to evoke the friendship, the togetherness, the brotherhood and to choose the best youth and junior fighters of Europe.

Invited organizations:

Date and place of the tournament:
17th of April 2010 Szentes, Hungary Dr. Papp László Sporthall

Main judge of the tournament:
Hanshi Steve Arneil 9.dan (IFK)

Supervisor judges:
Hanshi István Adámy 8.dan (IBK), Shihan Kálmán Furkó 7.dan (Shinkyokushin) and Sensei János Horváth 4.dan (Kyokushin-kan)

Terms of competing:
Fighters who possess at least 6. kyu belt degree (yellow belt) can enter of the tournament, those who are official members one of the invited organizations and would be entered before the deadline. Furthermore they have to show the official permission from their sports physician and the approval declaration signatured by parents in original at the arrival and to pay the entry fee and to get good results of the medical examination on the scene.

Weight and age categories:
Youth male (birth age 1994-1995) : under 60 kg, under 70 kg, under 80 kg, over 80 kg
Junior male (birth age 1992-1993) : under 65 kg, under 75 kg, under 85 kg, over 85 kg
Youth female (birth age 1994-1995): under 50 kg, under 60 kg, over 60 kg
Junior female (birth age 1992-1993): under 55 kg, under 65 kg, over 65 kg

By the syllabus of MTKKSZ (youth and junior knock-down kyokushin karate fight with protectors)

Deadline of entry: 20 th of March 2010

Individually by own costs

Entry to the sporthall:
2 free entry tickets for each participant country (1 representative and 1 coach). Entry tickets: VIP tickets 10.000 Ft, adult 3.000 Ft, between 8-18 years 1.500 Ft, under 8 years free

Hotel Costs:
The organizer pay the hotel costs and meals for 2 nights (on the 16th and 17th of April) for all competitor, all invited judges and referee, one CR or one BC and for one coach from each country. The hotel costs contains breakfast, cold lunch and dinner and sayonara party. Every guests can stay at their own expense before or after this days.

Entry fee:
50 USD/person, which should be paid in cash at the registration on 16th of April on the scene.

Male fighters: suspensor (compulsory), head protector (compulsory), shin protector (compulsory), tooth defender (permissive)
Female fighters: breast protector with basket which don’t cover the solar plexus (compulsory), head protector (compulsory), shin protector (compulsory), suspensor (permissive), tooth defender (permissive)
In case of injury bandage permissive with the stamp of our doctor (doctor of the tournament)

The awards:
The first, second and two third places winner receive trophy, medal, certificate and other offering by the sponsors.

16th April-Friday
15:00-19:00 medical check, weighting, receiving of start numbers, registration in the sporthall
19:00-20:00 dinner

17th April-Saturday
06:30-08:00 breakfast
09:00-10:00 judge meeting
10:00-10:10 opening ceremony
10:10-10:30 explanation of rules
10:30 kumite qualifying matches until the best four
17:00 demonstrations
17:30 kumite quarter finals and finals
20:00 publication of the results, taking photographs and closing of the tournament
22:00 Sayonara party

I wish you good health and long life on the way of Kyokushin.


Yours in Kyokushin,

Sensei Sandor Brezovai 4.dan


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Picture of the day: Gypsy with necklace

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An example of news manipulation by the controlled media

Click the picture to enlarge

The agenda driven mainstream media has been exposed once again. In a document obtained by Jobbik, the MTI itself (“Magyar Tavirati Iroda” the main Hungarian news agency--Hungarian Disinformation Agency would be a more fitting name) confirmed what already every sane person knew—the media is manipulating news, especially when it comes to Jobbik and other nationalist organizations.

In October of the last year, Jobbik and the Hungarian Guard had a candlelight vigil at the monument of Lajos Szögi, the professor lynched by a gypsy mob in front of his own children.

MTI's news editor attached a note to the journalist's report covering the event: “Csak akkor adunk róla, ha balhé van, egyébként egy szót sem” (Release the news only if violence is involved, otherwise not a word). Click the picture to enlarge it; you can read the quoted instructions, at the lower right corner of the document.

This is just one of the examples showing how mainstream media violating the idea of objective reporting.

This is also a warning to foreign press taking news items from MTI on the regular basis.

( –

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Gábor Vona on the road

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Opposing Slovakia discriminatory policy against Hungarians

Monday, March 29, 2010

Komárom branch of Jobbik will hold a forum and a news conference, at the foot of the Erszébet bridge, on March 31, at 6 o'clock to protest against Slovakia discriminatory policy against Hungarians in Slovakia. Among the participants will be Krisztina Morvai MEP and Tamás Gaudi-Nagy, lawyer of the Foundation for Legal Defence of Hungarians Rights and Jobbik candidate in the upcoming national election.

The forum will end in North-Komárom at the Szent István statue.

(Jobbik Komarom – –

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Geely buys Volvo in biggest overseas foray

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Chairman of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Li Shufu hugs Ford's Chief Financial Officer Lewis Booth after signing the agreement on Sunday. [Xinhua]

By Li Fangfang (China Daily)

BEIJING - Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, China's No 10 automaker, sealed a binding deal on Sunday to buy ailing Swedish luxury car brand Volvo from US giant Ford for $1.8 billion.

"Today represents a milestone in the history of Geely," Geely Chairman Li Shufu told a news conference, adding that Volvo will remain a separate company with its own management team based in Sweden.

The agreement was signed between the two automakers in Goteborg, Sweden.

The deal is China's biggest overseas auto purchase and represents the most ambitious move by a homegrown auto brand, said analysts.
Ford has been trying to sell Volvo since late 2008 to focus its resources on managing its core Ford, Lincoln and Mercury brands. The sale deal is expected to free up cash for the No 2 US automaker.

Geely, an independent automaker that has struggled to raise its profile in overseas markets, has long coveted a stronger foothold in Europe.

It was chosen by Ford as the preferred bidder for its loss-making Swedish unit in October 2009.

Li is already planning a factory in Beijing which will make 300,000 Volvo cars, or as many as are now made abroad.

According to the agreement, the acquisition will offer Geely, a producer with lower-end image, access to a high-end brand and technology it needs to compete with much bigger rivals in China.

"The acquisition is a milestone in China's automobile industry, especially when Chinese automakers are considering overseas expansion," said Jia Xinguang, an independent auto analyst.

"Li Shufu has a very strategic target that can be boosted by Volvo's green technologies."

Auto analyst Zhong Shi said he believed that "the deal is worth it to get the world's leading technologies for a reasonable price. The takeover may help Geely take a step forward in competing with other homegrown brands."

As the Chinese company has promised to retain Volvo's brand and operations in Sweden after the transaction, including the headquarters, production facility and research center, Zhong said "the takeover will not have any impact on Volvo's future development and high-end brand image."

Although Geely said earlier that it has enough financial resources - from Chinese and overseas investors, and financial institutions - to execute the deal, analysts worry about its ability.

"It will face huge financial pressure to operate Volvo in

the long run," said Zhong.

According to a Bloomberg report last week citing a Volvo board member, Geely still needs $1.4 billion to revive the Volvo brand, a sum that it may find it difficult to raise.

"Integration and future operations are also key to Geely's Volvo deal. And the different culture poses another challenge," said Xu Changming, senior economist at the State Information Center.

He worries that if Geely cannot address issues such as employee welfare, "it may repeat Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp (SAIC)'s failed acquisition of Ssangyong".

In 2004, China's largest automaker paid $500 million for a 49-percent stake in South Korea's Ssangyong Motors. The latter went bankrupt this January, making SAIC's investment a total write-off. Volvo employs nearly 20,000 workers.

China raced past the United States to become the world's top auto market last year, with sales surging 46 percent to a record 13.6 million units. It is keen to move into Western markets but has so far lacked the technology and brand recognition.

The Volvo deal should help the Chinese carmaker get around some of those obstacles more quickly, analysts said.


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Member of the New Hungarian guard makes a living as a porn actress [UPDATED]

While she fought bravely with police during the last year Erzsebet Square battle, it turned out that Nikolett Muller makes a living as a porn actress causing considerable embarrassment to the New Hungarian guard.

The news about Nikolett Muller has been leaked by Velvet. The sad thing is that the economic situation in this country is so bad that young people have a hard time finding proper employment.

The New Hungarian Guard released a statement about the case of Nikolett Muller whose story the liberal media leaked three weeks before the national election, despite the fact, they knew about it long before. According to the statement, she is not in the porn business any more. The New Hungarian Guard supports her all the way and stands shoulder to shoulder by the beleaguered sister in arms. She showed courage and determination in her assignments and always stood up for her fellow comrades in need. Her superiors are satisfied with her work she does in the health unit of the New Hungarian Guard. When she applied for membership, she did not hide the fact that she worked in the porn business. Her superiors knew about her past at the time of her application.

With this statement, the New Hungarian Guard considers the matter closed and won't discuss it any further.

(Note: I find a bit strange that she was accepted into the New Hungarian Guard with a past like this, but on the other hand, everyone deserves a second chance.)

The full statement:

"Adjon az Isten!
Tudtunk arról, hogy bajtársnőnk pornószínésznőként dolgozott, hiszen azt jelentkezéskor önként, fontos tényként közölte. Azt feltétlenül ki kell emelni, hogy eskütétele óta bajtársnőnk az Új Magyar Gárda közösségén belül példás munkát végez, elöljárói mind fizikai erőnlétével, mind az egészségügyi egységben végzett munkájával, mind pedig magatartásával tökéletesen elégedettek. Meghurcolt, bántalmazott bajtársaiért minden esetben példamutatóan kiállt!

Az ügyet a továbbiakban az Új Magyar Gárda belügyeként kezeljük, arról a nagy nyilvánosság felé nyilatkozni nem kívánunk.

Ugyanakkor fontosnak tartjuk megkérdezni: az az eset, mely tavaly szeptember elején egyszer már nyilvánosságot kapott, miért csak most, két héttel a választások előtt lett a fősodratú média címlapsztorija?
Szebb jövőt!

Új Magyar Gárda
Országos Sajtóiroda"

(Pictures: –

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World War III Has Already Begun

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Some experts believe that World War III will start 100 years after the first one and will take lives of hundreds of millions of people. Some scientists think that the war is already going on, nareing the completion of its first stage.

Konstantin Sivkov, first VP of the Academy for Geopolitical Issues, developed a scientific concept of the reasons, stages and timeframes of World War II. He shared his forecast with Svobodnaya Pressa.

Sivkov believes that planet Earth has experienced a global, civilized crisis. The crisis was caused by several disproportions, namely: 1) conflicts between growth of production/consumption and available resources 2) conflicts between “poor” developing countries and “rich” industrially developed countries, between nations and transnational elite; 3) conflicts between spiritless free market with the power of money and spiritual roots of various civilizations, including Orthodox, Muslim, Buddhist and others.

“The analysis of possible solutions of these misbalances and conflicts shows that they are of antagonistic nature, and the crisis cannot be solved without significant infringement of interests of some large geopolitical subjects. This means that participation of military forces is unavoidable. Considering the global nature of the crisis, we may assume that military participation will be global as well, “Sivkov believes.

He predicts that World War III will be of coalitional nature. Countries will form coalitions based on their loyalty to one of the two models of world order.

The first model is “the world of civilized hierarchy.” Select few brutally exploit the rest of humanity. The second model is “civilized mutual support” or “civilized harmony.”

“In other words, the war will be waged to define the spiritual basis of new world order. It will either be based on individualism, selfishness and suppression, or community, domination of mutual interest to survive and develop and support each other. This is the main difference between the war to come and previous wars that were fought for economic redistribution.”

Two coalitions already exist. The first one is the alliance of the so-called industrially developed countries represented by Western civilizations. Spiritual foundations of this coalition are based on individualism and material possessions generating power of money. The coalition’s military and political core is represented by the block NATO. The second coalition involves countries of orthodox, Islamic and other civilizations based on the domination of spiritual over material. This coalition is interested in multipolar world order. Yet, these countries have not realized that they have mutual geopolitical interests, let alone a necessity in a political or military unity.

“The countries that are not a part of Western civilization are not ready for military confrontation neither in terms of organization nor technical preparedness. On the other hand, this coalition has overwhelming majority of people and control over ample natural resources and territories. This greatly increases their chances to win a long war and provides favorable circumstances for fighting the aggressor during the initial stages of war. Another potential advantage is that simultaneous attacks in all directions are practically impossible. This creates a reserve of time for consolidation of countries into an anti-imperialistic coalition. There is a possibility of supporting the countries that will become the first victims of aggressors,” Sivkov says.

The scientist is convinced that the war is already going on. So far it is in a relatively peaceful stage.

“The first stage that we may call an “attempt of peaceful crisis resolution” is nearing its completion. 20G summits fighting in the battle field right now are obviously not bringing the results. Imedi and Helsingin Sanomat provocations mark the beginning of stage two, that we may call a “threat period before the beginning of world war.” During this stage Western civilization has commenced preparation for local wars and armed conflicts for resources.

The main actions at this stage are information operations and actions in economic area that may take various forms, from economic sanctions to terrorist attacks against industrial facilities, as well as different activities of Special Forces,” says Sivkov.

“In a few years, the third stage will commence, the stage of “limited wars,” that will later turn into a full scale world war with all types of weapons.

The only restricting factor at the moment is Russia ’ s nuclear potential . According to the forecast of the scientist, the West will try to take away Russia’s nuclear shield.

“Considering the situation in Russia, when the fifth column of the West significantly affects decisions in Russia’s defense sector, in particular, the direction Russia’s armed forces will take, we can expect the form of SNF contract that will deprive Russia of its nuclear shield. Of course, it will be presented with a beautiful wrapping of struggle for the world without nuclear weapons.

Russia may expect physical elimination of its nuclear potential during first stages of the world war (organized terrorist attacks, etc.) with further transition of neo-imperialistic coalition to unlimited use of nuclear weapons, which will bring it victory in the war,” Sivkov stated.

He believes that aggressors will not be stopped with a possibility of death of hundreds of millions of people.

“History shows that the elite of “selfish” civilization do not get stopped by human sacrifices if there is a guarantee they themselves will survive in bunkers. The analysis shows that if the new world war is waged, it will touch the majority of the world population, all continents, oceans and seas. Over 100 million people may participate in this war. Total demographic losses may exceed several hundred millions of people. Therefore, all honest people on Earth, including those who form the “selfish” coalition must do everything they can not to allow it to happen. To do this, we have to mitigate with the force of law or other methods, the greed of transnational and national tycoons of the financial sector. We have to stop their ambitious, greedy, shameless and sometimes stupid politicians. This can only be done based on international consolidation efforts,” the expert summarized.

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The birth of Jobbik, a fantastic documentary about the rise of the most impressive political force of the century

A must see documentary exploring the various stages of the development of Jobbik from the turning of the century up to the present day. The documentary is a fascinating journey through time examining the most decisive period of this decade that gave birth to the party and led up to the awakening of the Hungarian people. It shows how these young people tackled the challenges of the past eight years ruled by the most destructive socialist regime in hundreds of years.

The documentary can be downloaded in DVD format from HERE or can be watched on line HERE.

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Picture of the day: Montreal at night

Friday, March 26, 2010

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A good morning laugh makes your day bright[UPDATED]

I've cracked up laughing early morning today when reading the latest “news leak” about Jobbik's financial contributors. I've learned that even bank robbers contributing to Jobbik's election fund. This amazing information has been leaked during a criminal trial of a gypsy bank robber. According to the gypsy's lawyer, the criminal spent part of the stolen money playing blackjack and offered the rest to Jobbik's election fund. This is not a joke.

I've also learned that Miklós Cs. wasn't an ordinary bank robber who made a living out of taking other's money, but he was a Nazi too. During the trial, the man's family showed up in the court room claiming that Miklós Cs. was a Nazi.

Watch the video about the man in action, as it was recorded by a security camera.

Another convincing story about the dangerous Jobbik party, brought to you by the socialist crime syndicate.

Gábor Szabó, Jobbik's executive director released a statement rejecting the shameless attempt by certain forces to link Jobbik to a bank robber. Jobbik officials re-examined all contributions the party received from the year 2003 up to the present and found no contributor under the name Miklos Cs.

( –

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Picture of the day: Talented Gypsies

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The fish smells from the head [UPDATED]

Thursday, March 25, 2010

In Thursday morning, in the twelve district of Budapest, a police cruiser found a drunkard without shoes and socks lying on the ground and hardly able to walk. He was taken to the “Honvéd Kórház” Intoxication Ward where he was identified as police general Ernő Kiss retired from active service the last year.

This is not the first time that the bum has been caught intoxicated. In 2007, he crashed his car into parking vehicles damaging three of them. After the accident, he claimed that it was not him but an impersonator who caused the accident to ruin his reputation.

In 1998, he was caught again urinating at the wall of the police headquarters that the security camera also recorded; he excused himself by saying that he was under medication and as a result, he couldn't hold it.

Just before retiring the last year, he was caught again driving his car while heavily intoxicated. He was flagged off and his drivers licence was suspended on the spot; an hour later, he was caught again driving without drivers licence.

No wonder that the entire police force is corrupt to the core when commanded by officers like Ernő Kiss.

Today, the Minster of Justice ordered police general Ernő Kiss not to wear police uniform in public because he disgraced the police force with his inappropriate behaviour.

( –

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When provocateurs come in the shape of a towing truck operator

The liberal trash media, in this case Index, published a front page news about Krisztina Morvai refusing to pay a traffic violation bill on the basis of her immunity status, as member of the European parliament. Not surprisingly, the lie was taken over by the so called nationalist news portals like Magyar Hirlap slavishly supporting Fidesz.

In an outrageous move Magyar Hirlap started a smear campaign against Jobbik politicians, among them Krisztina Morvai, focusing exclusively on their personal lives rather than discussing the program of the party.

This is all the more disgusting because, a few years ago, Krisztina Morvai, in a selfless act of solidarity called upon her supporters to subscribe to Magyar Hirlap, because the Gyurcsany regime boycotted the paper. This is the Magyar Hirlap way of saying thank you.

Today, Ms. Morvai released a statement, in which she warned the mainstream media of the consequences, if they continue spreading lies about her. As a starter, she will sue Index for the misleading story and will sue others, if they don't issue corrections.

The truth is that when she was about to pay the fine for parking in a restricted area, the towing company operator tried to convince her to refuse the fine on the basis of her immunity status, as a MEP. This was an act of provocation by the regime and those horrified by the possibility of bringing them to justice for the crimes they have committed during their tenure in office. These forces want by all means prevent Jobbik to get into the parliament. Ms. Morvai payed the fine on the spot.

Everybody knows that Jobbik and its supporters are under surveillance by the regime; it is clear that the offer of the towing truck operator didn't came as a spontaneous act of good will; rather it was a trap that Ms. Morvai didn't step into. We forecast that in the remaining weeks, provocations will increase in numbers; this is as certain as the sun will rise tomorrow.

In the mean time, Antal Rogan, the mayor of the five district, a Fidesz strong man issued a statement defending the towing tuck operator from suggestions of being a provocateur; he implied that the entire affair was Morvai's fault.

It is not surprising that the socialists and the opposition Fidesz joined forces and the two together orchestrating the sneaky smear campaign against Jobbik, the only credible force in the country.

( –

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Hungarica concert: Special guests, Krisztina Morvai and Tamás Gaudi-Nagy

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What happened in Tényő

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tényő is a small village, in Győr-Sopron county, in North-west Hungary. A week ago, the village was shocked by a grizzly murder-suicide where a four member family was savagely slaughtered, among them two children. According to police report, in a sudden surge of rage the head of the family bludgeoned his two daughters and his wife to death using an axe, then committed suicide with a chainsaw.

What triggered the murder is unclear. Witnesses phoned to the husband just before the murder took place reported no signs of anything unusual regarding the state of mind of the father.

Husband and wife worked as interior designers and had stable finances. Villagers remember the couple as polite and friendly people. The family lived on the edge of the village, in a wooded area.

According to origo, a liberal news portal, several villagers remarked that Tényő has been changed in recent years. People don't socialize as much as before, rather they lock themselves into their houses.

Police also reported that the murderer had psychological problems and visited a psychologist, occasionally. He had the tendency of getting depressed but according to the psychologist, this was a minor disorder and unlikely that triggered the murder-suicide.

Police gave a detailed account of the incident that indeed, sounds horrifying. The man bludgeoned his four and eight year old daughters with an axe; then, he murdered his wife. He took the bodies into the bedroom and covered them with a blanket. He, then, slit his wrists and stabbed himself several times in the chest. After realizing that he is not dying, he went to the garage, fired up his chainsaw and tried to kill himself by cutting his skull, at the forehead; but this didn't work, either. At that point, using the chainsaw, he committed suicide by cutting his throat. This is the story of the murder-suicide, in a nutshell, according to police account. Does this sound realistic to you? If not, you are not alone.

Sources living in the area are reporting that the controlled mainstream media “forgot” to mention a few minor points when aired the story. Tényő and the surrounding area is a heavily gypsy infested part of Győr-Sopron county. This fact, immediately explains, why residents of Tényő keep for themselves and lock themselves in their homes. They are afraid.

Now, let's take a closer look at the incredible account of the suicide. We have a man, bleeding from several stabbing wounds in the meantime, he is fiddling with a chainsaw (take a look at the picture, this is the chainsaw, he has used killing himself, as it was reported by police in a news-conference, presenting the items as evidence). Those who ever used a chainsaw, can tell that starting a chainsaw engine is not as easy as it may seem. More than likely that firing it up takes several pulls of the engine cord. In colder weather, it might take more pulls, and this is when the engine is in good condition and not flooded by fuel that often happens with chainsaw engines. Even loggers that are experts in chainsaw usage have often hard time get them started.

It seems incredible that a man bleeding from wrists and chest wounds do engage himself in the complex task of firing up a chainsaw engine that requires quite an effort even from a healthy person. Do you see something strange about this narrative, or only me?

Anyhow, the other suspicious thing about the story is the nature of the murder-suicide itself. We know, murder-suicide is an exclusively American cultural feature based on extreme individualism and as such, completely alien from the European, especially Easter-European state of mind. When something like this happens, anywhere in the country, one should immediately get alarmed; especially, when the story comes from a notoriously corrupt and discredited police force.

Police already have proven time and time again that when it comes to covering up an atrocious crime, they are always ready to follow the orders of the criminal regime that unleashed gypsy criminals on Hungarian society, in order to make people busy surviving rather than opposing their crimes.

The procedure of terrorizing Hungarian society by gypsy criminals follows the same script that used in other European countries, like Sweden, England, France and so on and so forth; the only difference is that in those countries politicians use immigrants from third world countries to destroy local cultures and traditions; in Hungary, they use gypsies to accomplish the same thing.

Let's sum up the “facts” we have learned about the Tényő murder-suicide, from the police and media point of view.

In a small village of Tényő, located in Győr-Sopron county lives an average family husband, wife and two children. The family owns a home that has been located, on the edge of the village, surrounded by woods. Villagers keep for themselves and lock themselves in their homes. There are no signs of trouble, whatsoever, indicating that anything is wrong with the family, even minutes before the incident occurred. Out of the blue, suddenly comes a surge of rage that triggers the murder-suicide.

Sources living in the region are suggesting that this incident wasn't a murder-suicide but a murder, plain and simple; it might have been committed by gypsy criminals. There is no proof, supporting this claim (yet), however, circumstantial evidence point to this direction. Sources are also suggesting that the reason why police and the mainstream media are so desperate to cover up the crime is because we have an election is coming up in three weeks. If people would learn the truth, Jobbik support would surge in the western part of the country, as well. And the regime doesn't want that.

This scenario is a theory, at this point. Time will tell what version of the story turns out to be true, the official account or the alternative interpretation. Whatever the future might bring, we have to be conscious to the fact that the official version of the story comes from a police force that function as a private security firm for the socialist crime network and as such, have no credibility, at all.


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ELTE (Budapest University) banned Gábor Vona from participating in a round table discussion

Despite demands from students, the leadership of ELTE banned Gábor Vona to participate in a round table discussion, probably caving in to pressure coming from the government.

Instead, university officials invited politicians of Fidesz, MSZP and the two fringe party officials representing the MDF and the Liberal parties whose support, even according to the notoriously unreliable polling agencies is in the range of one or two percent.

Gábor Vona issued a short statement, in which he regretted the decision of the University, that in fact, deprives students from the possibility of getting objective information about election issues. He said this recent move by university officials shows that the current political establishment afraid of Jobbik.

( –

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Krisztina Morvai files lawsuit against officials issued permit for the Israeli spy-plane to fly over Hungary

Krisztina Morvai, took part in the parliament's defence committee discussion over the possible breach of security by officials authorizing two Israeli aircrafts to fly over Hungary, last week.

At the meeting, Ms. Morvai asked several questions from the Minister of Defence and a high ranking military officer about the authorization of the Israeli spy-plane to fly over the country.

It turned out that the Ministry of Defence didn't follow proceedings, laid down by the law. The law requires officials to consult the secret service, before issuing a permit for a foreign aircraft to enter Hungarian airspace. The minster admitted that in this case, no consultation had been made any of those agencies.

Taking into account the seriousness of incident, Ms. Morvai files a lawsuit against those responsible for the breach of security.

(jobbiktv –

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Tamás Kásás, male water polo player of the decade (2000-2009)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tamás Kásás, the three-time Olympic champion water polo player of the Hungarian National Team, has been named male water polo player of the decade (2000-2009) by FINA Aquatics World Magazine.

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Lajos Bokros and his team of experts introducing themselves

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Scandalous! Fidesz mayor ordered the removal of Jobbik campaign posters, in Esztergom

Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday morning, city workers started removing all Jobbik campaign posters from designated locations, in the city of Esztergom, which is against the law. Watch the video!


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Kedves Barátok, Ismerősök, Jóindulatú Érdeklődők!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lassan egy éve már, hogy megtörtént a hihetetlen és elfogadhatatlan szörnyűség: 28 éves gyermekemet, Magyarosi Árpád Fiúkát kegyetlen, bestiális módon kivégezték a bolíviai Santa Cruzban.

Halála borzalmas volt: az órákon át tartó agonizálás után megfulladt a tüdőlövés során légcsövébe került vértől. Előtte brutális módon megverték, összerugdalták, megkínozták. A kapott 7 lövés egyike sem volt halálos: ha elszállították volna a közeli, 200 méterre levő kórházba, az élete menthető lett volna, ehelyett azonban szándékosan megvárták, míg meghal.

Az elmúlt hónapok alatt - a történtek tekintetében - az igazság közelébe sem kerültünk, a miértekre semmiféle választ nem kaptunk. A korrupt, hatalomvágyó bolíviai kommunista kormány (a rájuk jellemző, szokásos módokon) nem létező, kreált bizonyítékokkal próbálja igazolni aljas tettét, nem riadva vissza újabb gyilkosságok elkövetésétől, vagy hazugságoktól, megfélemlítéstől, fenyegetéstől, a „koronatanúk” lefizetésétől vagy kényszerítésétől, börtönbe zárásától sem.

Az ügyben eljárást fogok kezdeményezni az Amerikaközi Emberi Jogi Bizottság előtt, előtte azonban a helyi – bolíviai – jogorvoslati lehetőségeket (a Legfelsőbb Bíróságig bezárólag) ki kell merítenem. A Bolíviában egyre erősödő diktatúra eredményeként mindeddig hiába kerestem bolíviai ügyvédet, aki Fiúka gyilkosainak kézrekerítésére Bolíviában a pert elindítja. Most mégis jelentkezett valaki, aki a kezdeti költségekre és a munkadíjára 3.000 USD-t kér. Tudom, ez nem nagy összeg pl. egy 100 milliós végkielégítéshez viszonyítva, csak nekem elérhetetlen, mivel még mindig a temetés költségeivel, a boncolás, valamint az erről készült jegyzőkönyv fordításainak költségeivel bajlódok.

Az, hogy Fiúka meggyötört, meggyalázott teste itthon nyugodhat, egy megtörtént csoda, mely jórészt a nagylelkű adományozóknak, valamint a Magyar Vöröskereszt (az adományok gyűjtésében kifejtett) hathatós segítségének köszönhető, és meg is köszönöm ismét mindenkinek.

Fiúka lelke azonban nem tud megnyugodni, mert életében az egyik dolog, ami foglalkoztatta: hogy hová lett az igazság?

Most tehát ismét egy csoda beteljesítésére kérem mindazokat, akik velem együtt szívszorongva várják, hogy az igazságra fény derüljön, és egy kisstílű, véreskezű dél-amerikai gazember, a kommunista diktátor Evo Morales – aki egy másik gazember, Hugo Chavez oldalszelében lavírozva követi el (egyelőre büntetlenül) az emberek és az emberiség elleni bűntetteit -, és gyilkos bandája felelősségre vonása elkezdődhessen.

Pénzbeli támogatást a következő számlaszámokra szíveskedjenek eljuttatni:

Belföldről: OTP 11773119-00055268-00000000

Külföldről: IBAN: HU49 1177 3119 0005 5268 0000 0000

DEVIZA: IBAN: HU06117750564123801300000000

Szívesen fogadnék egyéb felajánlásokat is: értékesebb (pl. aláírt) könyvet, festményt, CD-t vagy egyéb tárgyat, melyet licitálásra bocsájtanék (e-mail címem:
Arra biztatok előadókat, együtteseket, zenekarokat, hogy (lehetőségeik szerint) szervezzenek Fiúka emlékére előadásokat, és ezek bevételének egy részét – vagy egészét – is felajánlhatnák a cél érdekében.

"A világ egy életveszélyes hely. De nem is annyira a gonoszok miatt, akik alakítják, hanem inkább azok miatt, akik tetteiket elnézik, és engednek nekik." - mondta Albert Einstein.

Kérek mindenkit, aki teheti: ne engedjen a gonoszoknak, és segítsen abban, hogy a világ mindenki számára egy jobb, biztonságosabb és igazságosabb hely legyen.


Budapest, 2010. március 20. Magyarosi Árpád (Fiúka) anyukája, Tóth Mária

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Budaházy's nomination forms have been rejected

The election committee rejected György Budaházy's nomination forms, effectively banning him to run for office in the national election.

According to the law, each candidate must hand in, at least 750 nomination forms collected from citizens during the pre-election campaign, to be able to run for office. Budaházy's team managed to collect 861 nomination forms; however, the election committee found only 640 valid forms, among the 861 handed in that are less than required by the law.

Budaházy's campaign team was shocked by the decision of the committee. The strangest thing about the case is that before handing in the forms, legal experts examined each nomination slip and found no formal error, in any of them.

Most of the rejected forms, seemed to be filled out intentionally erroneously, as the majority of the errors involved wrong addresses, misspelled names and identification numbers. These kinds of errors are so unique that they are raising the question of potential interference into the nomination process by an outside force.

It is unlikely, that hundreds of people misspelling their own names or addresses, unless, they are doing so, intentionally.

According to leaked reports, Fidesz might have been behind the scheme. Budaházy's campaign team said that there were indications that an organized group of fidesz supporters handed in the erroneously filled nomination forms, in order to prevent Budaházy from running for office.

Probably, we will never know the truth in this case, but one has to ask the question, “Who benefited?”. Obviously, letting Budaházy campaign during the remaining three weeks, would have been against Fidesz interests, because the patriot could have had a mobilizing effect in a certain segment of society not sympathetic to the Fidesz vision of the future preventing Fidesz's plan to get absolute majority in the next parliament.

Family members and the campaign team are stunned by the decision

Budaházy's wife, Berni

Budaházy's mother

The campaign team

The chief of the campaign team, Béla Incze

Előd Novák, Jobbik's vice-president and Berni Budaházy

( –

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Court released seven gypsy criminals took part in the murder of Marian Cozma

Court released seven gypsy criminals took part in the killing of Marian Cozma, the star player of Veszprém handball club. According to reports, the town of Enying (Enying is headquarters of the gypsy crime families) is flooded by police officers because the relatives of the culprits threw a big party for the convicts. According to the corrupt police, the security operation is part of a plan aiming at preventing retaliatory measures against the criminals.

The freed criminals have been charged with disorderly conduct.

As a result of the grizzly murder, twenty five gypsies have been charged, three of them with murder; fifteen have been taken into custody after the incident.

The criminals have been convicted 53 times before, for various offences.

( –

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All-in-One-PC from Shuttle gets a huge makeover

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Elmshorn, Germany, 16th March 2010. Shuttle Inc., a leading developer and manufacturer of multi-form-factor solutions such as the world-famous XPC Mini-PC Barebones, is announcing the sales launch of a new All-in-One-PC. The second version of the X50 promises impressive, improved features and additional functions.

Almost one year after its successful introduction, the X50V2 Barebone is now being launched and will also be offered in future as a complete system, with a choice of Windows 7 or Linux

Lower energy consumption is just one of the many advantages of the successor to the original. For the X50V2 Barebone, Shuttle has chosen the new Intel Atom platform with D510 Dual Core Processor (2x 1.66 GHz) and NM10 Express Chipset. The new version of the X50V2 is, for the first time, completely passively cooled and therefore extremely quiet. The energy consumption of the only 3.6 cm wide PC has also been reduced by around 50 % at the same time. The size of the supported RAM has been increased to 4 GB. New features include one parallel and two serial interfaces on the back of the X50V2, which make it considerably more attractive for special applications. The practical webcam, integrated stereo loudspeakers, WLAN (N), card reader and stand, which can be turned into a carrying handle, are also available with it. The standardised VESA mounting interface allows it to be fitted to monitor arms and wall mounts for freely suspended use of the device.

The new Shuttle X50V2 Barebone is available in black or white and is on sale now. Shuttle's recommended retail price is 353 euros (without VAT).

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Picture of the day: Gyurcsány holding the loot

Friday, March 19, 2010

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Jobbik wants motherhood to become a full time job

Jobbik is working on a comprehensive plan that tackles the problem of the decreasing birth rate of the country threatening the future sustainability of economic growth. Since 1980, the birth rate of Hungarian families are on the decline and so far, no government had the courage to attack the issue head on.

Because of the urgency of the problem, Jobbik formed a group called “Népesedéspolitikai Munkacsoport” made up by experts working on possible solutions of all the issues involved in the project. The plan is that by the time Jobbik gets into the parliament, the proposals should be ready to be tabled to the parliament for further discussion.

The plan foreshadows a paradigm shift in stimulating healthy population growth in Hungarian society.

There are plenty of creative ideas flying around how to encourage families to give birth to more children; one of them is making motherhood a full time job. Experts also want to make sure that such a system cannot be abused by certain groups that got used to making a living out of producing children by the truckload rather than participating in productive activities. Because of these concerns, the plan includes built in filters that exclude the potential abusers from the system.

The workgroup is proposing to provide child support payment to families, in the form of cheques or cash, only up to three children; beyond that support would be given, as tax deduction. The workgroup also proposing that social assistance to poor families should be given in the form of credit, rather than in direct payments. Special credit cards could be used only in designated stores and could be exchanged for food and other essential products a family needs; alcohol and other toxic substances could not be purchased with these cards. In a certain respect, the proposal is similar to the American system of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program based on food stamps.

In addition to the proposed changes in child support system, Jobbik also wants supporting families living in the country side by allowing working adults to pay into their parents retirement plan through tax deductions. This way, families with three or more children could expect, potentially more secure and prosperous retirement years for themselves than those with one or no children, at all.

Jobbik would find the money to finance the program by rationalizing family support system and eliminating abusers from the process.

The plan is still a work in progress and it will be released, later, when all aspects of the proposals will be hammered out. Experts are understanding that such a program won't be profitable in the short run, but investing into a comprehensive family support system worth the price, because it will pay off in the long run.

( –

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'Israeli spy planes flew over Budapest'

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Reports about Israeli spy planes entering Hungary follow mysterious killing of Syrian in Budapest

By Attila Somfalvi

Two Israeli aircraft appearing to be spy planes flew near Budapest's international airport last week but did not land there, Hungarian media reported Thursday.

According to the reports, the planes were on a "spy mission" that may be connected to the assassination of a Syrian national in his vehicle Wednesday in the Hungarian capital.

The two Gulfstream planes, reportedly equipped with the IDF's finest intelligence means, flew through Turkey, Bulgaria, and Romania before entering Hungary's airspace, the media outlets said. The aircraft were said to leave Hungary after completing their mission, without ever landing in the country.

Responding to media questions, a spokesman for the Hungarian Defense Ministry said that the Israeli planes were on a diplomatic mission.

Meanwhile, the Hungarian Foreign Ministry said that air traffic in the country is under the jurisdiction of the local aviation authority. The Ministry refused to address questions regarding the nature of the mission that prompted the Israeli planes to arrive in Hungary.

The identity of the Syrian national assassinated in Budapest had not yet been published. Hungarian police officials said an unknown assassin shot the 52-year-old Syrian while he was driving his car. The shooter grabbed a black briefcase from the vehicle before fleeing the scene of the attack, police said.

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András Király resigned as spokesperson of Jobbik

Photos showing Király smoking marijuana and posing with homosexuals at the Canadian Gay Pride parade forced him to step down as the spokesperson of Jobbik. The images were made years ago and uploaded to the Internet by a former friend.

According to Király, Jobbik didn't know about the images; he has resigned to spare the party from further attacks by the opposition.

( – -

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Magdi Rúzsa was shocked by police brutality, in 2006

Magdi will vote, for the first time in national election after getting her Hungarian citizenship, a few months ago. Now, she can freely voice her opinion about national issues and indeed, in her first public statement, she unequivocally denounced the extreme brutality, by which the criminal Gyurcsany regime cracked down on peaceful protesters, in the fall of 2006.

Magdi also found it outrageous that the regime campaigned against giving citizenship for Hungarians living in the lost territories, during the referendum, in 2005.

Magdi was the winner of Megastar song contest and represented Hungary at the Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki, Finnland.

According to Magdi, giving Hungarian citizenship to residents, in the lost territories is an emotional issue. They don't want to take advantage of the Hungarian social system but for them, the citizenship represents the feeling of belonging together.

The treasonous Gyurcsany regime knew this very well, that's why it campaigned so viscously against the motion of the citizenship act. The aim of the Gyurcsany regime was to disrupt this spiritual bond and create divisions between Hungarians living in the lost territories and those living in Hungary.

Despite the fact that Magdi comes from a Hungarian family living in Serbia, she had to go through humiliating procedures to get her Hungarian citizenship. She had to prove that she went Hungarian school and even her grandfather's birth certificate was rejected by authorities, at one point.

Let's hope, she knows which party is behind the issues important to her when casting her first vote, on April 11.

( –

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Install “Rovás” fonts on your computer

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Now, you can download and install ancient Hungarian “Rovás” fonts on your computer and start learning it. If you use the Windows operating system visit this site and follow the instructions.

If you use Linux operating system installing the fonts even easier. Go to this site and take a look at the available fonts and the various designs. Chose the one you like, or download all if you want them all by clicking the arrows next to each font set.

On your desktop, unzip the archive, then drag and drop the .ttf font sets in your /.fonts directory in your Home directory. And you are done.

If by any chance, you don't have /.fonts (dot files are hidden files) directory create one. In your file manager navigate to your home directory, turn on the “Show hidden files” and create the .fonts directory.

Open office or any other text editor picks up the fonts and you can start using them like any other type face.

About “Rovásírás”

“Rovásírás” or the cuneiform alphabet was used by ancient Hungarians before coming to the Carpathian basin. In ancient times, the alphabet was carved in wood and was written from left to right. After, Hungarians settled in the Carpathian basin the ancient characters were replaced by the Latin alphabet, as a result of pressure from the Church; the Church considered the ancient alphabet, as being part of the pagan symbolism and by all means wanted to eradicate it. This interference with the ancient Hungarian heritage was echoed in the laws of St. Istvan, the first, Christian king of Hungary.

"A régi magyar betűk és vésetek, a jobbról balra való pogány írás megszüntetődjék és helyébe latin betűk használtassanak… A beadott iratok és vésetek tűzzel-vassal pusztíttassanak el, hogy ezek kiirtásával a pogány vallásra emlékezés, visszavágyódás megszüntetődjék".

Despite the efforts to eradicate the “symbols of Satan”, “Rovásírás” lived on. The proof of this can be traced back in the decree of King Mathias, in 1478: "a falusi bírák kötelesek minden vármegyében a rovásnyeleket lajstromokban a megye elé terjeszteni".

The effort to completely wipe out, even the memory of the ancient Hungarian alphabet sped up during the Habsburg era. The Habsburgs to break the spirit of the country, sent foreign agents, camouflaged as linguists to Hungary to argue against the existence of the ancient script.

However, archaeological sites kept turning up fresh evidences about the existence of “Rovásírás”; even the most sinister efforts by the Habsburgs and later the communists couldn't brake the spirit of determined linguists and archaeologists that worked parallel to the “official directives” and continued researching the subject that still going on. Among the most respected experts of the field are: Bakay Kornél, Németh Gyula, Ferenczi Géza, Vékony Gábor, Forrai Sándor and Varga Géza.

After the fall of communism, globalist forces and their local agents continued their efforts to silence the ever increasing number of experts devoted to the research of “Rovásírás”. For globalists the very existence of the ancient script posing a threat that goes against their efforts to falsify history. The goal is to eliminate nation states and produce engineered human beings without identity and sense of history; individuals without roots can be controlled and enslaved with no effort, for the benefit of a small elite maintaining the finances of the world.

However, people are awakening and getting engaged in the study of history that has been misrepresented so many times in the past. A new generation has grown up in the wake of the pioneers that worked day and night to codify the rules of the ancient alphabet. Equipped with this new knowledge, supporters of “Rovásírás” started transliterating the most popular novels and poems into the ancient script. Today, more and more children learning the ancient characters and the number of people getting familiar with “Rovásírás” are growing.

Jobbik made clear that in power, the party will implement “Rovásírás” in the curriculum of elementary schools and make the subject mandatory for every students.

It seems that neither the Church, nor the Habsburgs or the communists could stop researchers to uncover the true history of the nation and challenge the lies that foreigners and their local agents introduced into national conciseness.

From this point of view, things look good. The globalists made a mistake; they tried to jam lies down the throat of people that backfired. People are waking up to the truth and realizing the lies and the deceit of manufactured history. Lies need time to work their magic in the substance they are introduced into. Indoctrination takes time and subtlety. The popularity of “Rovásírás” benefited from the misconceived effort to silence Rovás' supporters. The case proved once again that “The Lord works in mysterious ways”.

( -

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National holiday in Kézdivásárhely

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Gábor Vona on campaign tour

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Nézőpont poll suggests, Jobbik lead over socialists

In a recent survey by Nézőpont, among decided voters Jobbik increased its support by 4 percent and currently enjoys 12 percent approval rate, which is 1 percent lead over the socialists. MSZP support hasn't changed and its support is still 11 percent.

Fidesz too has increased its support by 5 percent and its current approval rate is 45 percent.

The survey was conducted between March 12-14.

( –

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Poland and Hungary should join forces and fight for minority rights in the region

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Andzelika Borys, the leader of the Polish community in Belarus (Union of Poles in Belarus) said the situation of the Polish minority in Belarus and the Hungarian minorities in the neighbouring countries have certain similarities and it would be important that the two governments join forces in solving minority issues in the region.

In an interview with Magyar Hirlap, Ms. Borys outlined the situation of the Polish minority in Belarus. The Union of Poles in Belarus (Polish: Związek Polaków na Białorusi) has a membership of 20,000 representing the Polish minority numbering about 400,000, as per official data (and much higher according to unofficial estimates).

Under the dictatorial regime of Alexander Lukashenko, the Polish minority is under tremendous pressure and recently, the Belorussian regime cracked down on the organization calling Ms. Borys a radical.

After the second world war, the eastern border of Poland was changed and a significant number of her former citizens became residents of the Soviet Union. The number of people of Polish ancestry living in Belarus are roughly the same as the size of Hungarian minority in Slovakia.

According to Ms. Borys, people of Polish descent living in Belarus are considered second class citizens; her organization is prosecuted because the group identified itself, as an independent organization. The main goal of her group is to maintain Polish culture and tradition, in Belarus; they are operating, in accord with the Belorussian constitution.

Unlike the treasonous Gyurcsany – Bajnai regime that never helped the Hungarian minority fighting for its constitutional rights in the neighbouring countries, the Polish government stood up against the oppressive Belorussian regime trying to ban the Union of Poles in Belarus. According to Ms. Borys, without this support her organization would not have survived.

She said the Belorussian regime afraid of making minority issues an international affair. She is hoping that the European Union will put pressure on the Belorussian government because this is the only approach the regime understands.

She said it would be important that the Hungarian government support the Polish government in defending minority rights, in the region because the situation of the Polish minority in Belarus and the Hungarian minorities in the neighbouring countries are in many respects similar. (Note: Obviously, under the criminal Gyurcsany – Bajnai regime this kind of cooperation between the two governments have zero chance, but changes are coming; theres is reason to be optimistic)

Poland has sizable minorities (250,000) living in Lithuania, and 150,000 in Ukraine; however, unofficially, more than a million Ukrainian citizens have Polish ancestry. The Polish minority in Ukraine suffers from the same linguistic restrictions like the Hungarian minority, as the Ukrainian government curbed the use of mother tongue, in educational institutions.

( –

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Politically motivated charges against Balázs Sziva, the lead singer of Hungarica rock band

The Hungarian police, the private security guard of the socialist crime network, accusing Balázs Sziva, the lead singer of Hungarica and Romantikus Erőszak rock bands with disorderly conduct.

Today, police questioned the singer for four hours and charged with disorderly conduct, without presenting any evidence against him. The accusations are based on the testimony of an individual whose identity can't be released.

Tamás Gaudi-Nagy, Sziva's lawyer said the charges are politically motivated and have no bases whatsoever.

Balázs Sziva and his band is extremely popular among young people and he is a regular participant of patriotic events. He has been actively supporting the release of political prisoners and helping to raise money for the Foundation for Legal Defence of Hungarians Rights, an organization helping the defense of political prisoners.

Hungarica next concert will be held in the Petőfi Sportcsarnok, on March 20.

( –

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National holiday, March 15--live broadcast[Pictures]

Monday, March 15, 2010


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