Another savage gypsy attack

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Having heard his dogs barking, Béla Karácsonyi has gone to see why the dogs were barking when spotted gypsies on his property. When he asked them to leave the property, the gypsies attacked and beat him unconscious.

He suffered a broken cheekbones and the retina of one of his eyes fractured, so that he lost his eyesight.

During the assault, Ildikó Lendvai, the leader of the Socialist party, lectured on terrorism, in television; she called for the resignation of Krisztina Morvai as she has been supporting György Budaházy that the regime considers terrorist and keeps him in jail, on fabricated charges. Lendvai didn't mention that her cabinet colleague, Tibor Draskovics (alias Nasty Dwarf) has already been exposed for introducing fake evidence against the imprisoned patriot.

As the election campaign heats up, the regime and the shadowy forces promoting gypsy crime are intensifying their attacks on Hungarian society to the point of open warfare. The goal is to incite clashes between gypsies and Hungarians so that a tragic event like this could divert people's attention from the treachery of the regime that indebted the country and sold the National Wealth to foreigners leaving the population poverty stricken.

The socialist crime network and their backers hiding in the shadow are dead set against Jobbik getting into the parliament, as the party would expose their crimes and prevent them from escaping accountability.

As the election campaign enters into the final stretch, we can expect a surge of criminal attacks against elderly people that are easy targets for the gypsy criminals.

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