Budaházy's nomination forms have been rejected

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The election committee rejected György Budaházy's nomination forms, effectively banning him to run for office in the national election.

According to the law, each candidate must hand in, at least 750 nomination forms collected from citizens during the pre-election campaign, to be able to run for office. Budaházy's team managed to collect 861 nomination forms; however, the election committee found only 640 valid forms, among the 861 handed in that are less than required by the law.

Budaházy's campaign team was shocked by the decision of the committee. The strangest thing about the case is that before handing in the forms, legal experts examined each nomination slip and found no formal error, in any of them.

Most of the rejected forms, seemed to be filled out intentionally erroneously, as the majority of the errors involved wrong addresses, misspelled names and identification numbers. These kinds of errors are so unique that they are raising the question of potential interference into the nomination process by an outside force.

It is unlikely, that hundreds of people misspelling their own names or addresses, unless, they are doing so, intentionally.

According to leaked reports, Fidesz might have been behind the scheme. Budaházy's campaign team said that there were indications that an organized group of fidesz supporters handed in the erroneously filled nomination forms, in order to prevent Budaházy from running for office.

Probably, we will never know the truth in this case, but one has to ask the question, “Who benefited?”. Obviously, letting Budaházy campaign during the remaining three weeks, would have been against Fidesz interests, because the patriot could have had a mobilizing effect in a certain segment of society not sympathetic to the Fidesz vision of the future preventing Fidesz's plan to get absolute majority in the next parliament.

Family members and the campaign team are stunned by the decision

Budaházy's wife, Berni

Budaházy's mother

The campaign team

The chief of the campaign team, Béla Incze

Előd Novák, Jobbik's vice-president and Berni Budaházy

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