An example of news manipulation by the controlled media

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

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The agenda driven mainstream media has been exposed once again. In a document obtained by Jobbik, the MTI itself (“Magyar Tavirati Iroda” the main Hungarian news agency--Hungarian Disinformation Agency would be a more fitting name) confirmed what already every sane person knew—the media is manipulating news, especially when it comes to Jobbik and other nationalist organizations.

In October of the last year, Jobbik and the Hungarian Guard had a candlelight vigil at the monument of Lajos Szögi, the professor lynched by a gypsy mob in front of his own children.

MTI's news editor attached a note to the journalist's report covering the event: “Csak akkor adunk róla, ha balhé van, egyébként egy szót sem” (Release the news only if violence is involved, otherwise not a word). Click the picture to enlarge it; you can read the quoted instructions, at the lower right corner of the document.

This is just one of the examples showing how mainstream media violating the idea of objective reporting.

This is also a warning to foreign press taking news items from MTI on the regular basis.

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