The fish smells from the head [UPDATED]

Thursday, March 25, 2010

In Thursday morning, in the twelve district of Budapest, a police cruiser found a drunkard without shoes and socks lying on the ground and hardly able to walk. He was taken to the “Honvéd Kórház” Intoxication Ward where he was identified as police general Ernő Kiss retired from active service the last year.

This is not the first time that the bum has been caught intoxicated. In 2007, he crashed his car into parking vehicles damaging three of them. After the accident, he claimed that it was not him but an impersonator who caused the accident to ruin his reputation.

In 1998, he was caught again urinating at the wall of the police headquarters that the security camera also recorded; he excused himself by saying that he was under medication and as a result, he couldn't hold it.

Just before retiring the last year, he was caught again driving his car while heavily intoxicated. He was flagged off and his drivers licence was suspended on the spot; an hour later, he was caught again driving without drivers licence.

No wonder that the entire police force is corrupt to the core when commanded by officers like Ernő Kiss.

Today, the Minster of Justice ordered police general Ernő Kiss not to wear police uniform in public because he disgraced the police force with his inappropriate behaviour.

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