Forsense: Jobbik support is growing by leaps and bounds

Thursday, March 4, 2010

According to the latest poll by Forsense, in 2008 only 8 percent of the population knew about Jobbik, in 2010 this number jumped to 61 percent.

Currently, Jobbik's support, among decided voters is 15 percent; a year ago, only 3 percent of voters supported the party. During this period of time, Jobbik has become a mainstream political force and re-wrote the Hungarian political palette making it into a three party system.

Among younger voters, Jobbik well ahead of the socialists and among the real young, in the bracket of 18 through 24 years of age, Jobbik is way ahead of the Socialists and head to head with Fidesz. The only reason, why Jobbik is still a tad behind the Socialists, because the ex-communists still have substantial support among retirees.

The poll found that about half of Jobbik's supporters were undecided a year ago.

About 24 percent of Jobbik supporters came from the Fidesz camp, 12 percent from the Socialists and 6 percent from MIEP.

About 5 percent of Fidesz supporters are openly advocating Fidesz – Jobbik cooperation and 29 percent would like to see some form of cooperation, between the two parties. Among respondents, 20 percent indifferent and only 34 percent of them opposing a Fidesz – Jobbik alliance.

About 40 percent of Jobbik's supporters are coming from the countryside, especially, from the North-Eastern counties, where Jobbik is well ahead of the Socialists.

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