A good morning laugh makes your day bright[UPDATED]

Friday, March 26, 2010

I've cracked up laughing early morning today when reading the latest “news leak” about Jobbik's financial contributors. I've learned that even bank robbers contributing to Jobbik's election fund. This amazing information has been leaked during a criminal trial of a gypsy bank robber. According to the gypsy's lawyer, the criminal spent part of the stolen money playing blackjack and offered the rest to Jobbik's election fund. This is not a joke.

I've also learned that Miklós Cs. wasn't an ordinary bank robber who made a living out of taking other's money, but he was a Nazi too. During the trial, the man's family showed up in the court room claiming that Miklós Cs. was a Nazi.

Watch the video about the man in action, as it was recorded by a security camera.

Another convincing story about the dangerous Jobbik party, brought to you by the socialist crime syndicate.

Gábor Szabó, Jobbik's executive director released a statement rejecting the shameless attempt by certain forces to link Jobbik to a bank robber. Jobbik officials re-examined all contributions the party received from the year 2003 up to the present and found no contributor under the name Miklos Cs.

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