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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Now, you can download and install ancient Hungarian “Rovás” fonts on your computer and start learning it. If you use the Windows operating system visit this site and follow the instructions.

If you use Linux operating system installing the fonts even easier. Go to this site and take a look at the available fonts and the various designs. Chose the one you like, or download all if you want them all by clicking the arrows next to each font set.

On your desktop, unzip the archive, then drag and drop the .ttf font sets in your /.fonts directory in your Home directory. And you are done.

If by any chance, you don't have /.fonts (dot files are hidden files) directory create one. In your file manager navigate to your home directory, turn on the “Show hidden files” and create the .fonts directory.

Open office or any other text editor picks up the fonts and you can start using them like any other type face.

About “Rovásírás”

“Rovásírás” or the cuneiform alphabet was used by ancient Hungarians before coming to the Carpathian basin. In ancient times, the alphabet was carved in wood and was written from left to right. After, Hungarians settled in the Carpathian basin the ancient characters were replaced by the Latin alphabet, as a result of pressure from the Church; the Church considered the ancient alphabet, as being part of the pagan symbolism and by all means wanted to eradicate it. This interference with the ancient Hungarian heritage was echoed in the laws of St. Istvan, the first, Christian king of Hungary.

"A régi magyar betűk és vésetek, a jobbról balra való pogány írás megszüntetődjék és helyébe latin betűk használtassanak… A beadott iratok és vésetek tűzzel-vassal pusztíttassanak el, hogy ezek kiirtásával a pogány vallásra emlékezés, visszavágyódás megszüntetődjék".

Despite the efforts to eradicate the “symbols of Satan”, “Rovásírás” lived on. The proof of this can be traced back in the decree of King Mathias, in 1478: "a falusi bírák kötelesek minden vármegyében a rovásnyeleket lajstromokban a megye elé terjeszteni".

The effort to completely wipe out, even the memory of the ancient Hungarian alphabet sped up during the Habsburg era. The Habsburgs to break the spirit of the country, sent foreign agents, camouflaged as linguists to Hungary to argue against the existence of the ancient script.

However, archaeological sites kept turning up fresh evidences about the existence of “Rovásírás”; even the most sinister efforts by the Habsburgs and later the communists couldn't brake the spirit of determined linguists and archaeologists that worked parallel to the “official directives” and continued researching the subject that still going on. Among the most respected experts of the field are: Bakay Kornél, Németh Gyula, Ferenczi Géza, Vékony Gábor, Forrai Sándor and Varga Géza.

After the fall of communism, globalist forces and their local agents continued their efforts to silence the ever increasing number of experts devoted to the research of “Rovásírás”. For globalists the very existence of the ancient script posing a threat that goes against their efforts to falsify history. The goal is to eliminate nation states and produce engineered human beings without identity and sense of history; individuals without roots can be controlled and enslaved with no effort, for the benefit of a small elite maintaining the finances of the world.

However, people are awakening and getting engaged in the study of history that has been misrepresented so many times in the past. A new generation has grown up in the wake of the pioneers that worked day and night to codify the rules of the ancient alphabet. Equipped with this new knowledge, supporters of “Rovásírás” started transliterating the most popular novels and poems into the ancient script. Today, more and more children learning the ancient characters and the number of people getting familiar with “Rovásírás” are growing.

Jobbik made clear that in power, the party will implement “Rovásírás” in the curriculum of elementary schools and make the subject mandatory for every students.

It seems that neither the Church, nor the Habsburgs or the communists could stop researchers to uncover the true history of the nation and challenge the lies that foreigners and their local agents introduced into national conciseness.

From this point of view, things look good. The globalists made a mistake; they tried to jam lies down the throat of people that backfired. People are waking up to the truth and realizing the lies and the deceit of manufactured history. Lies need time to work their magic in the substance they are introduced into. Indoctrination takes time and subtlety. The popularity of “Rovásírás” benefited from the misconceived effort to silence Rovás' supporters. The case proved once again that “The Lord works in mysterious ways”.

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László Tamás Kovács said...

"the alphabet was carved in wood and was written from left to right."
No, it was (and still it is :)) written from right to left.

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