Jobbik legal aid warning police to stay away from provoking peaceful citizens during the national holiday

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The lawyers of Jobbik legal aid office and the Foundation for Legal Defence of Hungarians Rights will be on the streets in full force, during the national holiday, on March 15th and going to record all attempt of provocation by the police force said the spokesperson of Jobbik legal aid, Gábor Hunyadi. The recorded evidence will, then, be used against officers participated in the disturbances, after the national election.

It is not the interest of Jobbik to bring about any disturbance during the national celebration; because of this, it will consider every attempt to cause riot or incite violence, as a police or secrete service initiative.

Jobbik calls all visitors, coming to the commemoration service, don't bring any object with them that could be even remotely considered threatening for public safety.

If anybody suffers atrocities during the celebration turn to the legal aid workers in the field or call the 0630/618-1265 telephone number.

(Note: It is well-known that the Hungarian police force function as a private security firm for the criminal socialist regime that is on the verge of collapse. The national election is a month away and the regime is desperate that makes the situations extremely perilous; the likelihood of a false flag operation, during the national holiday, is very high.)

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