Jobbik wants motherhood to become a full time job

Friday, March 19, 2010

Jobbik is working on a comprehensive plan that tackles the problem of the decreasing birth rate of the country threatening the future sustainability of economic growth. Since 1980, the birth rate of Hungarian families are on the decline and so far, no government had the courage to attack the issue head on.

Because of the urgency of the problem, Jobbik formed a group called “Népesedéspolitikai Munkacsoport” made up by experts working on possible solutions of all the issues involved in the project. The plan is that by the time Jobbik gets into the parliament, the proposals should be ready to be tabled to the parliament for further discussion.

The plan foreshadows a paradigm shift in stimulating healthy population growth in Hungarian society.

There are plenty of creative ideas flying around how to encourage families to give birth to more children; one of them is making motherhood a full time job. Experts also want to make sure that such a system cannot be abused by certain groups that got used to making a living out of producing children by the truckload rather than participating in productive activities. Because of these concerns, the plan includes built in filters that exclude the potential abusers from the system.

The workgroup is proposing to provide child support payment to families, in the form of cheques or cash, only up to three children; beyond that support would be given, as tax deduction. The workgroup also proposing that social assistance to poor families should be given in the form of credit, rather than in direct payments. Special credit cards could be used only in designated stores and could be exchanged for food and other essential products a family needs; alcohol and other toxic substances could not be purchased with these cards. In a certain respect, the proposal is similar to the American system of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program based on food stamps.

In addition to the proposed changes in child support system, Jobbik also wants supporting families living in the country side by allowing working adults to pay into their parents retirement plan through tax deductions. This way, families with three or more children could expect, potentially more secure and prosperous retirement years for themselves than those with one or no children, at all.

Jobbik would find the money to finance the program by rationalizing family support system and eliminating abusers from the process.

The plan is still a work in progress and it will be released, later, when all aspects of the proposals will be hammered out. Experts are understanding that such a program won't be profitable in the short run, but investing into a comprehensive family support system worth the price, because it will pay off in the long run.

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