Likely police provocation on the national holiday

Sunday, March 7, 2010

March 15th, the national holiday is just around the corner and the likelihood of a major provocation during the holiday celebration is increasing. The regime would benefit from a large-scale incident because it could be used, as an excuse, to introduce measures against Jobbik, and in the worst case scenario, even ban the party from running for parliament. As a fallout, the provocation could also be used to manipulate public opinion, before the April 11 vote.

The socialist crime network might take up the case of the fictitious Magyarok Nyilai terrorist organization that has been conceived, at the first place, to manipulate the national election, to provoke an incident.

As it stands now, the messages of the socialist scare campaign haven't reached peoples' threshold level that might be due to ad fatigue, since the regime has been bombarding the population with all kinds of lies in the past eight years. To stir things up, the regime might amplify the scare campaign with a major incident.

Special interests groups behind the socialist party are panicking, as polls have been suggesting a surge of Jobbik support and plummeting approval rate for the socialist party. Voters are defecting the socialists in large numbers and joining to Jobbik that popularity is equal or already ahead of the socialists (especially, in the North-Eastern counties).

There are indications that so far, the terrorist threat hasn't produced the expected result because it was a misconceived idea, at the first place. But, as the election is getting closer, no time left to dream up new tricks that might be effective in manipulating public opinion. The regime has no other choice but to aggravate the imaginary terrorist threat. There are signs that this has already been happening.

A few days ago, police introduced the “crown witness” of their criminal investigation regarding the Magyarok Nyilai terrorist organization. The informer has leaked details about the operational structure of the terrorist group. Most of the details seemed barely believable, even for dim-witted TV viewers hardly ever use their brains for thinking. And as expected, the “new information” once again, generated no fear among the general public. This must be annoying for the schemers; especially, if we take into account the fact that the bitch media kept the story in the news for the sheeple to give them time to digest it.

By the way, this is not the first time that police showed fake evidence to prove the existence of the Magyarok Nyilai terrorist organization. A bit less then a year ago, the minister of Justice, Tibor Draskovics (alias Nasty Dwarf) introduced an explosion video in the media attributing it to the Magyarok Nyilai terrorist organization. A few hours later, the fraud was exposed; the next day, Draskovich himself admitted that the video was fake. So much about the credibility of this regime and the police force that is under the tight control of the socialist party and it functions as a private security force for the Socialist crime syndicate.

There are signs that the story will be continuing and soon, we will see the next chapter of this convoluted narrative.

It seems logical that the next major incident might happen during the national holiday, since this will be the last major social event before the national election, on April 11.

Fidesz, originally planned its commemoration service, at the Pest side of the Elisabeth bridge; but soon after, organizers changed the location and took the event to the other side of the Danube river. The original site was too close to the Deak Square, where Jobbik will hold its commemoration service. When asked about the the changes, Fidesz organizers cited threats of provocation; of course, they alluded to provocation coming from the “extremists” attending Jobbik's commemoration service. It is more likely, that the cause behind the location change was insider tips coming from the secret service. The socialists, too, changed the timing of their program; now their program too, will end before Jobbik's program begins.

If the weather will be pleasant, there will be tens of thousands of people on the streets and all probability, Jobbik's programs will attract the largest crowd among all the parties celebrating on the streets. The entire leadership of Jobbik will attend the gathering and address to the people, as well. The memorial service could be an ideal opportunity for police and the secrete service to pull off a major false flag operation.

Let's hope that Jobbik's leadership is aware of the risks and will take measures to counter any provocation, regardless where it comes from.



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