The municipal council of Fonyód will erect a sculpture of unity

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The municipal council of Fonyód, commissioned a Turul sculpture (Turul is a falcon, the mythical bird of Hungarians) that will be set up in the town, at a later time. The site where the statue will be erected still hasn't been decided on, but it will be a central location.

The municipality provided half a million forints from the city's budget that will cover the expenses of completing the monument.

The statue of the bird will be two and half meters and will be carved from oak tree. The uniqueness of the exercise is that no one single sculptor will be commissioned to carve the sculpture but making it, will be a community effort. Any woodcarver can participate in the realization of the project. In fact, the entire adventure was conceived to be built as a community endeavour that will symbolize the unity of Hungarians. The coordinators of the project already calling it, the statue of unity.

József Hidvégi, the mayor of Fonyód invites all woodcarvers from the Carpathian basin to come and participate in realizing the project. He said the municipality would count the number of woodcarvers participated in the undertaking.

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