Official notice of the event - Weight Category Knock-down Youth And Junior All Kyokushin Karate European Championship

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Oyama Dojo Sports Club – Szentes Ady E. Str.27, Hungary-6600 (member of the Hungarian Traditional Kyokushin Karate Organization, who is official member of Kyokushin-kan International Karate-do Organization)

The aim of the tournament:
To call together the Kyokushin karate styles independently of the world organizations, to evoke the friendship, the togetherness, the brotherhood and to choose the best youth and junior fighters of Europe.

Invited organizations:

Date and place of the tournament:
17th of April 2010 Szentes, Hungary Dr. Papp László Sporthall

Main judge of the tournament:
Hanshi Steve Arneil 9.dan (IFK)

Supervisor judges:
Hanshi István Adámy 8.dan (IBK), Shihan Kálmán Furkó 7.dan (Shinkyokushin) and Sensei János Horváth 4.dan (Kyokushin-kan)

Terms of competing:
Fighters who possess at least 6. kyu belt degree (yellow belt) can enter of the tournament, those who are official members one of the invited organizations and would be entered before the deadline. Furthermore they have to show the official permission from their sports physician and the approval declaration signatured by parents in original at the arrival and to pay the entry fee and to get good results of the medical examination on the scene.

Weight and age categories:
Youth male (birth age 1994-1995) : under 60 kg, under 70 kg, under 80 kg, over 80 kg
Junior male (birth age 1992-1993) : under 65 kg, under 75 kg, under 85 kg, over 85 kg
Youth female (birth age 1994-1995): under 50 kg, under 60 kg, over 60 kg
Junior female (birth age 1992-1993): under 55 kg, under 65 kg, over 65 kg

By the syllabus of MTKKSZ (youth and junior knock-down kyokushin karate fight with protectors)

Deadline of entry: 20 th of March 2010

Individually by own costs

Entry to the sporthall:
2 free entry tickets for each participant country (1 representative and 1 coach). Entry tickets: VIP tickets 10.000 Ft, adult 3.000 Ft, between 8-18 years 1.500 Ft, under 8 years free

Hotel Costs:
The organizer pay the hotel costs and meals for 2 nights (on the 16th and 17th of April) for all competitor, all invited judges and referee, one CR or one BC and for one coach from each country. The hotel costs contains breakfast, cold lunch and dinner and sayonara party. Every guests can stay at their own expense before or after this days.

Entry fee:
50 USD/person, which should be paid in cash at the registration on 16th of April on the scene.

Male fighters: suspensor (compulsory), head protector (compulsory), shin protector (compulsory), tooth defender (permissive)
Female fighters: breast protector with basket which don’t cover the solar plexus (compulsory), head protector (compulsory), shin protector (compulsory), suspensor (permissive), tooth defender (permissive)
In case of injury bandage permissive with the stamp of our doctor (doctor of the tournament)

The awards:
The first, second and two third places winner receive trophy, medal, certificate and other offering by the sponsors.

16th April-Friday
15:00-19:00 medical check, weighting, receiving of start numbers, registration in the sporthall
19:00-20:00 dinner

17th April-Saturday
06:30-08:00 breakfast
09:00-10:00 judge meeting
10:00-10:10 opening ceremony
10:10-10:30 explanation of rules
10:30 kumite qualifying matches until the best four
17:00 demonstrations
17:30 kumite quarter finals and finals
20:00 publication of the results, taking photographs and closing of the tournament
22:00 Sayonara party

I wish you good health and long life on the way of Kyokushin.


Yours in Kyokushin,

Sensei Sandor Brezovai 4.dan



Roman said...

The President Of West Ukrainian Kyokushin-kan Organization, Mukachevo (Igor Petrovich Kapura 2 dan).

Kapura Igor Petrovich and Troshchak Victor Ivanovich thanks the Oyama Dojo Sports Club and Hungarian Kyokushin organization for the remarkably organized European Tournament.

Anonymous said...

This is the best tournament I ever was in!!! I won the first place!!!

From Silent Samurai.

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