Paradigm shift in Jobbik's foreign policy

Friday, March 5, 2010

Márton Gyöngyösi, the chief of Jobbik's foreign policy cabinet outlined a notable paradigm shift, the party wants to pursue in power. According to Gyöngyösi, Jobbik will build strong relations with nations that Hungarians have common ancestry. Some of these nations include China, Russia, Kazakhstan and Turkey.

According to Gyöngyösi, under Jobbik, Hungarian foreign policy will stand on three legs. The three priorities will include alliance with Asian nations, cooperation with European and regional states important from the national perspective.

Developing a dynamic regional policy would be important for Hungarian diplomacy, because, in the case of Hungary, the country and the nation boundaries are not identical. It is essential to make people realize the tragedy of Trianon, an issue that all governments since the second world war tried to sweep under the carpet.

In accordance with those principles, Jobbik will set up a ministry that will be responsible for Hungarians living in the lost territories. The ministry will be part of the Ministry of Home Affairs rather then the Foreign Affairs. One of the priorities of Jobbik's regional policy will be to deal with violence committed against Hungarian nationals, in the neighbouring countries (particularly, in Serbia, Délvidék). Jobbik will grant citizenship and voting rights to all Hungarians living in the neighbouring countries.

Jobbik's foreign policy chief said Hungarian foreign policy has to change from a unilateral to a multi-polar strategy.

According to Gyöngyösi, the new policy is not motivated by opportunistic considerations, rather, it will be based on the dual character of Hungarians located between east and west. Hungarians have dual identities; in the one hand, they have been firmly rooted in Christian tradition, but they have eastern roots as well. Jobbik will develop friendly relations and strong cultural and economic ties with kindred nations.

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