Politically motivated charges against Balázs Sziva, the lead singer of Hungarica rock band

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Hungarian police, the private security guard of the socialist crime network, accusing Balázs Sziva, the lead singer of Hungarica and Romantikus Erőszak rock bands with disorderly conduct.

Today, police questioned the singer for four hours and charged with disorderly conduct, without presenting any evidence against him. The accusations are based on the testimony of an individual whose identity can't be released.

Tamás Gaudi-Nagy, Sziva's lawyer said the charges are politically motivated and have no bases whatsoever.

Balázs Sziva and his band is extremely popular among young people and he is a regular participant of patriotic events. He has been actively supporting the release of political prisoners and helping to raise money for the Foundation for Legal Defence of Hungarians Rights, an organization helping the defense of political prisoners.

Hungarica next concert will be held in the Petőfi Sportcsarnok, on March 20.

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