There is a sucker burn every minute

Friday, March 5, 2010

The following story is tragicomical, even hilarious; it demonstrates the truth of the old American saying, according to which “There is a sucker burn every minute”.

In the town of Berhida that has been located in Veszprém county, a gypsy palm reader buzzed up a 77 year old lady, offering her services. The lady let the gypsy in who then read her palm.

Upon leaving, the palm reader asked the old lady that she had cash at home because she knew a magical way of multiplying money. The old lady immediately handed over one million forints of cash to the stranger who seemingly, wrapped the bills into a newspaper and handed it back to the lady telling her to put it underneath her pillow. She also instructed the lady not to open the package for one day.

A few hours after the palm reader left, the old lady was curious and opened the package finding that the money was gone, only the newspaper remained.

She immediately notified police that are, now, looking for a 60 to 70 year old gypsy woman who is active in the area and using the same tricks deceiving people. She is driving a white Suzuki and travelling with two accomplices that stay in the car, during the operation.

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