This is hilarious: Gyurcsány will evaluate the state of the nation

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The psychopath has been invited by the “Magyar Demokratikus Charta”, a globalist agency made up by a bunch of Hungarian-haters, to evaluate the state of the nation and draw up plans for the future development of the country, reported

The “Magyar Demokratikus Charta” employs nine thousand shills, many of them ex-communists and their decedents, active during the Rakosi era.

Some of the previous guests of the “Magyar Demokratikus Charta” were Bajnai Gordon, Bauer Tamás, P. Szűcs Julianna, Vitányi Iván, Vásárhelyi Mária, Kálmán László, Ferge Zsuzsa and Fleck Zoltán.

Ferenc Gyurcsány, the treasonous ex-prime minister is solely responsible for the destruction of the Hungarian economy, government sponsored gypsy crime and corruption, just mentioning a few of the crimes his government has committed against the Hungarian nation.

In his world famous speech, he himself summed up his own contribution to Hungarian politics as follows:

''We lied in the morning, we lied in the evening...We did everything to keep that secret to the end of the electoral campaign...
We screwed up, big time...No country in Europe has been so blatant. We obviously lied through the past one and a half to two years. And meanwhile, we didn't do a thing for four years -- nothing.''

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