This year, Katalin Szvorák, folk singer receives the alternative Kossuth prize

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Katalin Szvorák was born in Losonc, Felvidék. She spent her “childhood years in the fabulous folktale lands of the Ipoly region playing violin and singing modern light music”.

She won two awards at Slovakian Hungarians' Folk Song Competition.

“Kati Szvorák has been following her own independent way in a folk singer's career for almost twenty years now. Winner at several international contests, she owns a great variety of precious and distinguishing titles. Not being the representative of large movements, she is a beloved and always welcome guest of small communities in Hungary, and in many foreign countries as well. During the past 15 years she has given more than 2000 concerts in 27 countries on three continents. Her twenty-third independent production, a CD entitled Éneklő Egyház and containing religion hymns, appeared a few months ago”.

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