What happened in Tényő

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tényő is a small village, in Győr-Sopron county, in North-west Hungary. A week ago, the village was shocked by a grizzly murder-suicide where a four member family was savagely slaughtered, among them two children. According to police report, in a sudden surge of rage the head of the family bludgeoned his two daughters and his wife to death using an axe, then committed suicide with a chainsaw.

What triggered the murder is unclear. Witnesses phoned to the husband just before the murder took place reported no signs of anything unusual regarding the state of mind of the father.

Husband and wife worked as interior designers and had stable finances. Villagers remember the couple as polite and friendly people. The family lived on the edge of the village, in a wooded area.

According to origo, a liberal news portal, several villagers remarked that Tényő has been changed in recent years. People don't socialize as much as before, rather they lock themselves into their houses.

Police also reported that the murderer had psychological problems and visited a psychologist, occasionally. He had the tendency of getting depressed but according to the psychologist, this was a minor disorder and unlikely that triggered the murder-suicide.

Police gave a detailed account of the incident that indeed, sounds horrifying. The man bludgeoned his four and eight year old daughters with an axe; then, he murdered his wife. He took the bodies into the bedroom and covered them with a blanket. He, then, slit his wrists and stabbed himself several times in the chest. After realizing that he is not dying, he went to the garage, fired up his chainsaw and tried to kill himself by cutting his skull, at the forehead; but this didn't work, either. At that point, using the chainsaw, he committed suicide by cutting his throat. This is the story of the murder-suicide, in a nutshell, according to police account. Does this sound realistic to you? If not, you are not alone.

Sources living in the area are reporting that the controlled mainstream media “forgot” to mention a few minor points when aired the story. Tényő and the surrounding area is a heavily gypsy infested part of Győr-Sopron county. This fact, immediately explains, why residents of Tényő keep for themselves and lock themselves in their homes. They are afraid.

Now, let's take a closer look at the incredible account of the suicide. We have a man, bleeding from several stabbing wounds in the meantime, he is fiddling with a chainsaw (take a look at the picture, this is the chainsaw, he has used killing himself, as it was reported by police in a news-conference, presenting the items as evidence). Those who ever used a chainsaw, can tell that starting a chainsaw engine is not as easy as it may seem. More than likely that firing it up takes several pulls of the engine cord. In colder weather, it might take more pulls, and this is when the engine is in good condition and not flooded by fuel that often happens with chainsaw engines. Even loggers that are experts in chainsaw usage have often hard time get them started.

It seems incredible that a man bleeding from wrists and chest wounds do engage himself in the complex task of firing up a chainsaw engine that requires quite an effort even from a healthy person. Do you see something strange about this narrative, or only me?

Anyhow, the other suspicious thing about the story is the nature of the murder-suicide itself. We know, murder-suicide is an exclusively American cultural feature based on extreme individualism and as such, completely alien from the European, especially Easter-European state of mind. When something like this happens, anywhere in the country, one should immediately get alarmed; especially, when the story comes from a notoriously corrupt and discredited police force.

Police already have proven time and time again that when it comes to covering up an atrocious crime, they are always ready to follow the orders of the criminal regime that unleashed gypsy criminals on Hungarian society, in order to make people busy surviving rather than opposing their crimes.

The procedure of terrorizing Hungarian society by gypsy criminals follows the same script that used in other European countries, like Sweden, England, France and so on and so forth; the only difference is that in those countries politicians use immigrants from third world countries to destroy local cultures and traditions; in Hungary, they use gypsies to accomplish the same thing.

Let's sum up the “facts” we have learned about the Tényő murder-suicide, from the police and media point of view.

In a small village of Tényő, located in Győr-Sopron county lives an average family husband, wife and two children. The family owns a home that has been located, on the edge of the village, surrounded by woods. Villagers keep for themselves and lock themselves in their homes. There are no signs of trouble, whatsoever, indicating that anything is wrong with the family, even minutes before the incident occurred. Out of the blue, suddenly comes a surge of rage that triggers the murder-suicide.

Sources living in the region are suggesting that this incident wasn't a murder-suicide but a murder, plain and simple; it might have been committed by gypsy criminals. There is no proof, supporting this claim (yet), however, circumstantial evidence point to this direction. Sources are also suggesting that the reason why police and the mainstream media are so desperate to cover up the crime is because we have an election is coming up in three weeks. If people would learn the truth, Jobbik support would surge in the western part of the country, as well. And the regime doesn't want that.

This scenario is a theory, at this point. Time will tell what version of the story turns out to be true, the official account or the alternative interpretation. Whatever the future might bring, we have to be conscious to the fact that the official version of the story comes from a police force that function as a private security firm for the socialist crime network and as such, have no credibility, at all.



Anonymous said...

If external killers were involved, the ritual murder or the maffia scenario could be more credible. Amok gypsies wouldn`t probably have covered the bodies of the children before leaving the house and they would have probably chosen the night hours to do the job rather than the morning.

Anonymous said...

Maffia is known to be efficient killers; i wonder what would have caused them to chose such a grizzly form of murder. Indeed, something is fishy about the police account.

Anonymous said...

"Maffia is known to be efficient killers; i wonder what would have caused them to chose such a grizzly form of murder. Indeed, something is fishy about the police account."

It happens all over the world that a maffia murder is committed in a bloody and cruel way that to serve as a deterrence. As a psychologist, in my opinion the Tényő murder could have been a schizophrenic murder by the father (but not a depressive "extended suicide" as said by the police) or by somebody else but it could have been also a maffia "deterrent" murder or some kind of ritual murder. Satanism (in various forms and under various labels) is after all flourishing nowadays...

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