When provocateurs come in the shape of a towing truck operator

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The liberal trash media, in this case Index, published a front page news about Krisztina Morvai refusing to pay a traffic violation bill on the basis of her immunity status, as member of the European parliament. Not surprisingly, the lie was taken over by the so called nationalist news portals like Magyar Hirlap slavishly supporting Fidesz.

In an outrageous move Magyar Hirlap started a smear campaign against Jobbik politicians, among them Krisztina Morvai, focusing exclusively on their personal lives rather than discussing the program of the party.

This is all the more disgusting because, a few years ago, Krisztina Morvai, in a selfless act of solidarity called upon her supporters to subscribe to Magyar Hirlap, because the Gyurcsany regime boycotted the paper. This is the Magyar Hirlap way of saying thank you.

Today, Ms. Morvai released a statement, in which she warned the mainstream media of the consequences, if they continue spreading lies about her. As a starter, she will sue Index for the misleading story and will sue others, if they don't issue corrections.

The truth is that when she was about to pay the fine for parking in a restricted area, the towing company operator tried to convince her to refuse the fine on the basis of her immunity status, as a MEP. This was an act of provocation by the regime and those horrified by the possibility of bringing them to justice for the crimes they have committed during their tenure in office. These forces want by all means prevent Jobbik to get into the parliament. Ms. Morvai payed the fine on the spot.

Everybody knows that Jobbik and its supporters are under surveillance by the regime; it is clear that the offer of the towing truck operator didn't came as a spontaneous act of good will; rather it was a trap that Ms. Morvai didn't step into. We forecast that in the remaining weeks, provocations will increase in numbers; this is as certain as the sun will rise tomorrow.

In the mean time, Antal Rogan, the mayor of the five district, a Fidesz strong man issued a statement defending the towing tuck operator from suggestions of being a provocateur; he implied that the entire affair was Morvai's fault.

It is not surprising that the socialists and the opposition Fidesz joined forces and the two together orchestrating the sneaky smear campaign against Jobbik, the only credible force in the country.

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